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    Linux vs. Windows

    I play AA and UT2004 under Linux with no issues. Sure I get more fps out of Windows (not Linux' fault but ATI's drivers), but the games are definitely just as playable.
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    users and ntfs?

    No I don't have write support. That is extremely experimental. You can corrupt your partitions very easily. Everyone advises against it in its current state.
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    best gaming distro

    I am not saying you can't play games. I play UT2K4 and AA, but both run extremely better under Windows. What kind of games are you looking to play?
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    best gaming distro

    I don't think one distro is better than the other as far as gaming is concerned. The big question is do you have an ATI or a Nvidia card? If you have an ATI, then no distro will probably be good for gaming because the drivers are lacking on the linux side.
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    users and ntfs?

    /dev/hda1 /mnt/winc ntfs noauto,ro,user,umask=0 0 0 /dev/hda5 /mnt/wind ntfs noauto,ro,user,umask=0 0 0 you can take the noauto parameter out if you want it to mount at boot. HTH
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    Screen shots in Gnome?

    I usually use Gimp and do File -> Aquire -> Screenshot. I set to to capture the whole screen in 5 seconds and then minimize it. Of course, that might be the difficult way :).
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    KDE -vs Gnome?

    Ditto :D
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    Post a screenshot of your linux!

    Where did you get that wallpaper? Here is mine: Gentoo / XFCE4 / Gkrellm / Aquafont
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    Calling on yours and Kyle's support

    Kyle, Any update from ATI on this?
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    help analyse my task manager for spyware.

    WToolsS TeaTimer WToolsA WSup (not sure about this one)
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    Linux DVD buring software.

    Try K3B for burning DVD's. I use it to burn cd's, but I have tried it for DVDs (it does have the option to burn them though). As far as your USB nic, I don't have a clue.
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    HELP with viruses!!!

    Personally with that much infection, I would do a reinstall. No telling what is left over (files/backdoors) that weren't cleaned or detected.
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    Calling on yours and Kyle's support

    I have heard the same BillLeeLee. Other forums are stating the same problems. I know drivers just don't come out working like a charm from scratch. I think people just want to know updates, timelines, and issues being worked on. This was a great start by Terry showing up and showing...
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    Calling on yours and Kyle's support

    First off thank you Terry for responding. I want to say that I am pleased with my ATI card and would love to continue that trend. I just want to know why the performance under LInux as far as 3D goes is subpar to the windows counterpart? I cannot comment on Nvidia performance as I haven't had...
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    Calling on yours and Kyle's support

    Don't know if Kyle would do that, but I am willing to support. The only reason I don't go full Linux is because of gaming (UT2004, AA) under Linux. It is playable, but nothing compared to Windows. Let me know what is needed if this happens.
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    Gentoo + 2.6.7 kernel + input devices

    mm2 for 2.6.7 came out yesterday if you want to try to see if that one will work. I am going to make my first dive into 2.6.7 tonight. I am running on the RC3-love2 version of 2.6.7. I am going to go with the mm2 while the love-sources are still getting finalized. I will report of any issues.
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    Gentoo + 2.6.7 kernel + input devices

    Here is a thread over at Gentoo talking about the keyboard problem I talked about above. I know it isn't your problem, but there are 2 patches for the kernel in the thread. You might want to give it a shot as I don't have a clue about your problem. I haven't read through the whole thread, so...
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    Gentoo + 2.6.7 kernel + input devices

    It should work fine. I have been running the 2.6 kernel for 6+ months now. All different versions. I have a PS/2 keyboard and a usb mouse with no problems. I was just curious if it was the new 2.6.7 kernel. I was wondering if he could try the 2.6.6 flavor. There have been some posts on...
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    Gentoo + 2.6.7 kernel + input devices

    Sorry I haven't respone Billy. I did the dmesg also and nothing showed up on mine. I have tried various logs to find udev/hotplug in any of them. Have you tried going back to a previous kernel version? If so, does everything work in that kernel?
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    Design Inspiration

    Thanks everyone. I will check those sites out tonight. I appreciate your help.
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    Design Inspiration

    Ok, I want to make a website for my buddies computer business, but I have no imagination. I can code (can't anyone :)), but I can't even start because I don't know what I want. Is there some websites/hint/something that helps you get an idea about the overall design of your site? Thanks.
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    Logon / Logoff Script

    I would say VB Script since it has more power/features to it than a regular bat file. I used to use bat files for our login scripts, but have since converted them. I now map drives based on group membership, retrieve registry settings and computer information all via login script.
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    Gentoo + 2.6.7 kernel + input devices

    Are you using udev or devfs? If you are using udev, after you boot up type "dmesg | grep hotplug" and "dmesg | grep udev" and see if there are any errors.
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    "borrowing" a WiFi connection

    From the rules.
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    I will have to try that because I have been bitten a couple of time from etc-update and not paying attention. Thanks.
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    I just made the switch from XFree to Xorg under Gentoo. I didn't have any problems installing it or running it. I don't notice any benefits or speed increases, but from the post above at least I am ready for updates :D. Here is what I did to install it. 1. Made a backup of...
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    Win2K Server Replication/Syncing

    I have users at multiple locations that need to share data efficiently with each other. The problem is that the WAN is setup poorly, so mapping a drive and using the data off of remote locations will not work. Due to the WAN, emailing the file is also inefficient. What is available to...
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    What was OS/2?

    it was similar to Windows 3.1, but it was more advanced. I think it had the ability of long filenames etc. I don't know the exact specifics on it. We used it at work about 9 years ago for a Token-Ring network monitoring program. I never really delt with the OS itself, just the program that...
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    gentoo question

    Did you extract the stage1 tarball? The instructions show the example with the stage3 filename. If so, have you ran an emerge sync successfully? If you have done those, pm me with your email and I can email you the from my system. Of course, I don't know what else might be...
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    removing virus

    It sounds like msblast. If you computer pops up the shutdown screen, then go to the dos prompt and type "shutdown -a" That will abort the shutdown (this is assuming you are running XP because I don't know if that works under 2000). Here is the link for the removal tool.
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    Installing Gentoo.....

    Ditto.... From a stage 1 for me it took about 2 days. Of course, some of it was set to run overnight. I don't know how long it will take me now, since I don't use KDE anymore, but XFCE4. It seems to compile alot faster. I didn't really like fluxbox. I don't know why, but I just couldn't...
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    Linux App Questions.

    I use xfce4 also and I know what you mean about xffm. I am used to it now, but I do most of my moves/copies from the command line. I have heard good about Rox, but haven't tried it myself.
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    Show that desktop NOW ! :D

    Don't ask me why, I just liked it for some reason :D.
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    Gentoo Linux Installation?

    Definitely do a stage 3 install to get you confortable with linux. You will still learn quite a bit from that. After you feel comfortable, then move to a stage 1 install. Just a warning on a stage1, be very patient :D. It took my 2400+ with a NF7-S a full weekend to get it up and running.
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    autoexec.bat and config.sys corrupted?

    Just delete them. The only autoexec/config that are ever used is %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\autoexec.nt (config.nt). These are only used if you have an old program that requires the old buffers and files setup.
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    can't read ntfs partition in linux

    add umask=0 to the parameters also. That will allow your users to read it. So make it users,umask=0,ro
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    can't read ntfs partition in linux

    I am assuming /dev/hdb1 and /dev/hdb5 are getting mounted. The reason the others aren't is because of the "noauto" parameter. That tell linux not to auto mount at boot. Take that out and it should mount at boot.
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    Who here has upgraded to the 2.6 Linux kernel?

    I have gcc 3.2.3-r3 on my system. I am running the 2.6.2_rc3-love4 sources. This patch set included the mm patch set plus others. I have had great luck with this. There are some people that have had issues, so you as your own risk ;).
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    linux based firewall -questions