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    Your GPU progression?

    Unknown Vid cards from 92-97ish. Voodoo2 in 97 2nd voodoo2 in 98 Voodoo3 when it came out Some kind of ATI card Kyro2 Vid card think in 2004 ish? Radeon 9800 PRO 1550 radeon radeon 19xx card I think. Twin Frozer2 I think 1600ti I think? forget what this new one is.
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    ASUS Dual Series GeForce GTX Giveaway @ [H]ardOCP

    My PC. :D Currently playing Overwatch, looking forward to Quake Champions the most. Prey after that. But Quake will soak up almost all my time I think :D
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    I looked through what I thought I had and this was all I had left. 1x x1550PCIE256 ATI AMD Radeon 1550 Diamond Stealth PCIE BIOstar M7VIG-PRO Socket A MB has a AMD proc on it SOYO SY-K7V Dragon Plus Radeon 9800 PRO 128MB Soundblaster Live Sound card. Thought I had more stashed away some...
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    I will look at my hardware vault when Iget home and see what I have that you are looking for. Know I have a bunch, but not all that I have. Was talking to a co-worker yesterday about taking it all in for recycling too so glad I checked here first :D
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    How big of a reservoir do I need?

    Awesome. Thanks for the quick reply. I am going to have a big res, and didnt want it to affect my system. On a side note, are you the Zarathustra who made all the quake 2 vid's? Like Father Frags Best? (one of the best ever!!!)
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    How big of a reservoir do I need?

    I am planning my water cooling setup now for when I build my new PC. I decided to water cool this one since i have not done that in 15 years or so. I know what I want to use for my reservoir, but not sure how much volume of liquid I will need. I am only planning on cooling the CPU, GPU, and...
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    Iceland Wants to Ban Internet Porn

    Porn is bad, yet Bjork is OK for the kids? What kind of messed up thinking do they have over there!! Must be the whole northern lights things messing them up.
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    Coolermaster Hyper212 EVO install Q

    awse. Then I am powering up! Thanks for the replies :D
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    Coolermaster Hyper212 EVO install Q

    Its been a long time since I have built my own PC, and I just got done building a new one. I went with this HS and am a bit concerned that it is not tightened down enough. If I grab the top of the heatsink I can move it. I am used to heat sinks not moving at all when installed. Should I...
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    MSI Barebone System Give-Away

    No need for aftermarket fan to cool down the fan when overclocking.
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    3 Enermax SpineRex Chassis Up for Grabs

    Grommets for watercooling, thumbscrews for the cards, and the cutouts for cable management make for a win!
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    Galaxy Final Week of Christmas Give-Aways!
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    because back in 2000 I was able to go on their site and put my MB info in and get memory that I knew was able to work in my system. This is why its the only memory that goes into my system!
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    Galaxy 6th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    I come looking for deals I can show my wife hoping that she might say Yes when I ask her to buy something !!
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    Klinkman's for sale thread

    Wow. wish my wife would let me buy that hard drive. Good luck !
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    Project: Ingraham

    Wow. That is frickin impressive. That is incredibly detailed and immaculatly done. Great job !!
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    The most immersive game for you?

    System Shock 2. I can still remember hearing the ghosts and then seeing the ghost the first time. Shocked my heart into skipping a beat. To me they did everything perfect on this game. music, story, and gameplay. The original COD single player. I remembered the joy looking at everything...
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    Best AGP card for about 100 bucks

    title says it all. I need to get an AGP video card, and my allowable budget from the wife is 100 bucks. what is good to get?
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    Split a JBOD array, data gone. :(

    you can try connecting it back the way it was and pray. The original config might work to get the data accessible. Good Luck ! did you have it in raid 0, 1 or 5 ?
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    Tape Problems?

    worm media? write once read many ? this is mainly for LTO 3 media tho. Not sure if it is avail for DDS or DLT. BUt even then you would be able to read the media in any drive. It might be a problem with the media I would think if it only lets you read it in one drive.
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    Best RAID 5 Card For Socket 939 Opty?

    Here is a Mobo that you might look at : I have personally been a fan of Tyan since my old Dual P3 system.
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    Corrupt Master File Table

    I did a google search and found this article. that might help. Here is another link that I found that really has a good description of their failure and how they fixed it. I really hope you are able to get...
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    How to setup my eSATA enclosure?

    have you checked disk management? Are the disks appearing there? Can you check anything via the bios and see if you can recognize the disks? Have you done a bios update? Have you gone to their site and looked at their KB?
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    Question about Oldware/Abandonware

    man , this is an awesome question, cause I have been trying to find Tie Fighter for a long time now . I miss that game .
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    Backing up a TB

    Tape is a very reliable solution as long as you take care to protect your tapes. people say to backup to disk and stuff , but after a few monthes, that space will fill up, and then you are back to where you started from . Get a single disk LTO3 tape drive like a Dell PV110T, not an...
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    Delete Please.

    since it is just a JBOD, you should be able to upgrade the drives at a later time with no problems. You should be able to upgrade the drives one at a time. The storage system would only see the size that was there originally, so you wouldnt get the added space yet. That is my experience in...
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    FPS games - what is your all time favorite weapon?

    q2 Railgun . I think everyone who played this game can recognize this fact. After this, I would say the UZI from SHOGO. That was awesome . I really liked all the guns from Shogo honestly. The rail from Red Faction was good too. I really liked the plasma gun from UT, doing the combo's kicked...
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    Q3 rocket arena menu

    I got tired of trying to get it working, I used to love RA3, but now I cant even play it . Oh Well . RA2 is still being played :D
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    Mouse problem.

    try different usb ports ? someone elses system? see if it happens there ?
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    FS/FT: Compaq Laptop - Bunch of Stuff !!!

    howdy . I have the cash in paypal now . Please contact me @ swatchie@junglemate . com and I will get the money to you
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    FS/FT: Compaq Laptop - Bunch of Stuff !!!

    I want that matrox card, but it might be a few for my paypal to get the money in the acct before I can send to you .
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    WTB: PCI Video card

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    WTB: PCI Video card

    I want either a TNT or old radeon . Something where I can go on ATI or nvidia's site and download drivers and have them work. I have spent a bit o time and money trying to find drivers for 3 cards now and tired of hte hassle. Looking to spend about 20 shipped . max . Since I am buying , I...
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    Need new cooler for 9800 pro

    I need a new cooler for my 9800 pro. Are there any packages out there that have the cooler and sinks for the ram ? if not , what do yall recomend ?
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    Not getting a video output

    disconnect everything and remove all cards. only have cpu, ram and video. see if you can find the bios then . If so , slowly start adding equipment again. like the HDD, and then cdrom or whatever. find out when it dies if this works. Try another PSU if you need to .
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    Frickin ATI support

    I am thankful for the freebie , but thats not the point. I am wanting the warranty service since I paid for it . When something goes wrong with my car, and its under warranty , I take it for warranty service rather than do the repair myself. Thats why I pay for it . I can do it , easily ...
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    Frickin ATI support

    Im only guessing as to how it happened , but I am assuming its cause the fan was spinning at a high rate of speed, creating potential energy, and when it was spinning, it came off. With all the potential energy built up, and now released, now becoming kinetic energy and since it was at a high...
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    Frickin ATI support

    Im saying its their fault cause there is no where that I can access any kind of warranty info . I have already registered my acct, and when I try to login it doesnt accept my email address cause I guess its too long. I am not worried about replacing the HSF. I need to know if my card is...
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    Frickin ATI support

    Yes they are bastards . As we are still 4 days away from the holidays , and seeing as how I dont know the exact date is for my 1 year mark , and seeing as how i cant let someone know that i need warranty work , they are bastards . I doubt they need to give their reps in india 10 days off. I...