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    Dual Independent Networks and intelligent failover

    shameless bump.... does anybody know how to force a 'net connection through one nic/connection vs. the other?
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    Replace ball with optical sensor?

    You may want to change your thinking, to how to replace the housing on an msoptical with the housing you like. That may be an easier task... though I have no experience. Post pics when you finish! :D @ DeathFromBelow, just because you don't like 'em doesn't make the question invalid
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    One Static IP to many IP's

    Yup, any run of the mill router will do what you need just fine.
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    Dual Independent Networks and intelligent failover

    I am at a remote site, with two satellite connections to the 'net, running on two different corporate networks (don't ask). Both will connect to the internet, one is behind a vpn to a proxy down south, the other is direct. The problem is when running dual-nic, one plugged into each network, all...
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    Should I upgrade?

    If you want to buy, buy. But it's not smart. Going into debt just so you can play games at the 'best' resolution? I can think of better ways to spend my money. :rolleyes: Save, then buy a system. With the same money you will have a better system, and you will not go into debt doing it.
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    In Canada where is the best places to order stuff?

    ncix is good
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    Compy dying - suggestions?

    Check your fans. Are they running properly? Are the heatsinks clogged with dust? You're saying your CPU is the oldest thing in the box. Have you ever removed the hsf and washed it out? Load up your box with something heavy (choose a benchmarking program or cpuburn ) and see what how much...
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    Thermal Probe..between HSF and IHS?

    In a word, "no" Anything between the heatsink and the processor will impede heat transfer. Including thermal paste. You just use thermal paste because it's better than air. *edit* You may get a better reading if you can get the thermal probe under the cpu, but it's never going to be as...
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    What do you think? (dial up warning)

    memtest iso. Cable management, please! Then push your RAM timings as suggested above. And yes, if your RAM is unstable, you will notice it. Usually at the worst time. Plus, if you're only doing everyday computing.. why o/c? Leave it all stock, then just...
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    Incoming Traffic analysis on D-Link Router

    Alright, I'll put my foil hat away for another day. :D Thanks for the help!
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    Incoming Traffic analysis on D-Link Router

    D'oh. Forgot about that. I always thought that the shared traffic was filtered out at the modem level, but I guess I thought wrong. :) Thanks for the help! *edit* I thought about it some more, and the issue isn't that the modem light is blinking, it's that it's passing the traffic...
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    Incoming Traffic analysis on D-Link Router

    I am currently at my parent's place, and I noticed that they have massive amounts of incoming traffic, which is all being filtered out by the D-Link 604 router (yes, it's not the greatest, but it works) Is there anyway I can see what's in these packets? Just so you have some numbers to...
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    Laptop skipping what do i do?

    You have a driver issue somewhere, Did you upgrade BIOS/Video Driver/Sound Driver just before it started skipping? Make sure you have the newest drivers if the upgrade wasn't the problem.
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    An Annoying Problem

    If your heatsink is blistering hot, you have a serious cooling problem. It's hot, which is good in a way, because you know it's taking heat away from the processor. How's your case airflow though? The fan on top, no matter how powerful, can only blow in hot air. You need ot let it breathe!
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    Whut to do with all my stuff when college comes?

    1. Your electric bills are due to the ac, not your computers. I don't feel like proving it, but I know there are numerous threads on computer power consumption. Living in the dorms, even for just one year, is really worth it. Are you really gonna sit inside with your 5 (or however many)...
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    1GB free email space from Rediff.

    I hate to call you on it, but is the newest version of pgtgm (Pop goes the Gmail), which was discontinued. Gpopper will be released to the public (free) on September 10th, if you want the beta you have to donate. Pgtgm worked great to grab e-mail to Outlook...
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    Windows XP + SP2 + IE

    Actually, it made my system unstable, didn't notice much improvement to ie, and I hate software firewalls. But for the average user, it might do some good, esp. the popup blocking, but I wish there were more active controls against malware... that's the biggest PITA.
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    Burnt CPU. does it effect the temp when in use?

    Is the system stable? If Yes, then don't worry about it. If no, worry. :D My cpu runs ~60C 24/7 for 3 years now. I can't stand the noise, and i'm too cheap for watercooling.
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    changing resolution in xp

    I'm not sure I remember VGA mode, but you can boot into Safe Mode. It'll boot at 800x600. Go into the settings, and select 800x600 again. sounds wierd, but that should fix it. If you still have trouble, go into safemode and uninstall your video card driver. Then you can boot normally, and...
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    Win98 and Network crashes

    Your first clue, WinXP won't install. Check your ram (It's a bootable disk/cd)
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    Typing in a different lan g?

    Control Panel -> Regional and Language options. Dig around in there, you can change the system language, keyboard layouts etc.
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    computer locks up after i took it apart to clean it

    Sounds like something is overheating, Like Eigtball mentioned
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    Looking for monitor switcher

    hmm.. not sure about that. Ultramon is good multi-mon software (If you don't have it, get it but that doesn't give you the capability to switch out of games like you describe. I haven't found anything that does that yet. -edit- Who told you? Ask them...
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    Larger playlists in winamp 5?

    iTunes 4400 songs. Real-time searching, smart playlists etc. ;)
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    QT vs. DivX (pic)

    I was under the impression that QT was just a wrapper, just like avi. I've had QT files encoded as MPEG-4. You can get comparable quality in both file sizes. ;)
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    Happy Birthday!!!!

    <groan> :D
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    Hard Drive die?

    Does the hard drive get recognized by the BIOS?
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    Logitech MX700 Problem

    is the reciever next to a point of interference, or does your neighbor have a cb radio?
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    IDE cable backwards?

    80 pin (ATA 66 and 100) cables are wired slightly differently. They have a wire cut not too far up from the motherboard connector. This line tells the system that the drive on the end of the cable is slave, and the middle one is master. (Or the end is master, middle is slave, I can't remember)...
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    How do movies become mpegs?

    LOL. :D Most movies these days are digital already. They take the footage out of the camera and turn it into uncompressed video, for post production, which is done in the digital studio. Makes cutting/pasting scenes, transitions, etc.. much faster than old style. So they already have a...
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    configuring Outlook 2003 to allow multiple outgoing accounts?

    Just add another pop3 account w/ a fake e-mail server. Name the account SMTP2 or whatever, so you know what it is.. Then remove it from send/recieve so that it doesn't try to check it. Then you can send mail from it from the different network. :)
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    I am building a piece of junk...

    Umm... what? Why wouldn't the CPU run at 1.3? Any video card will work (As long as the board supports the card) though maybe not work well (as in you'll be wasting your money by putting in a card that's too powerful, and not being used to it's full potnetial.)
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    internet explorer

    You can't remove IE. It's integrated. Do you have popups, or message boxes. (Text, and you click "ok" to get rid of 'em) If you have message boxes, turn off messenger service. start|run type "services.msc" scroll down until you see "Messenger" double clik on it, and select...
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    app to Change/mask Ip?

    only way to do it is to get another IP from your ISP. Most will give you two on a high speed connection, but you have to come out from behind the router.
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    PC to cell phone has tons of cell phone information. :)
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    borders -- black or white?

    It's all personal preference. I don't really know any specific 'rules', though somebody else might have better suggestions.
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    borders -- black or white?

    Sometimes black looks better. Sometimes white. It depends on the picture. (Very helpful huh?) :p
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    Now all you need to do is build an index page. Just fire up your favorite editor, and make some links to the individual index pages.