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    FS: NIB Asus x570 and ASRock B550 MBs ; MSI GTX-1080

    Hi. Is the x370 Taichi still available? If so, does it come with backplate and original packaging? Any problems with the BIOS v6.61, specifically, do all the parts still work correctly (Sata ports, M2's, usb, PCIE slots, etc)? If all is good, I'll take it.
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    WTB - Lian-Li PC-C60 HDD Cages Or Whole Case

    Looking for the hdd cages for this case, Lian-Li PC-C60, or the whole case. Shoot me a reasonable price.
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    Are the Z77 motherboard and 980 Ti compatable?

    I just pulled an Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe w/3770k and G. Skill Ares F3-1866C10D-16GAB from my HTPC. Not sure what to do with it yet.
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    Windows 10 Continues to Close In on Windows 7, Will Overtake It Soon

    I don't believe any of it. Just more of Microsoft paying someone else to do their bidding by lying.
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    Storage oriented case?

    I've been using the Fractal Design Arc Midi for a number of years with 10 drives for storage. The cooling is perfect with updated fans. I think I saw Arc Midi R2's (updated version) for about $85.00 on eBay.
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    WTS- Intel 3570K

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    Stop Calling Everything A "Hack"

    To the linguistically challenged of the world: To the Internet media- not everything needs to be described as "hacked". Try using a dictionary of synonyms. To the Valley Girl wannabes and hipsters of the world- try NOT using the word "like" in every sentence you speak, you dimwits. Try using...
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    Has anyone actually damaged components by cleaning dust with an air compressor?

    I've used my air compressor to clean my computer for a couple decades. I don't just use the air straight out of the tank though. I have an inline filter for oil, water and foreign particles, and I don't use more than 40psi@18" or more distance. In other words, I just use common sense.
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    New Build - Strange Behaviour

    Sounds like you know what you're doing and have tested appropriately. I bought a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H awhile back that would do the same thing. No rhyme or reason, just did. I've got 2 other of those boards that I bought and have had no problem with them at all. I guess what I'm saying is...
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    Fractal Design

    I put in to get a new USB external ports part for my Arc Midi this last Friday evening. By Monday morning Fractal had issued me a free replacement part without question or cost. Very pleasant emails and quick response to my needs. To me, Fractal Design represents all that other companies...
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    FS: Core i7 2600K, Z77X-UD5H, 16GB DDR3

    Bump for great seller.
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    FS: Core i7 2600K, Z77X-UD5H, 16GB DDR3

    I'll take the Gigabyte MB.
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    Gigabyte Z77 Mobo Sata ports not working, help

    The Sata ports are as follows: Ports 0-5 are the Intel ports with 5 being the M2/Sata port. Ports 6-9 are Marvell ports with 6-7 on one Marvell controller and 8-9 on the other Marvell controller (There are 2 separate Marvell controllers onboard). Port 9 is the eSata port on the backplane. -Did...
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    Gigabyte Z77 Mobo Sata ports not working, help

    Good info above from the others. I have the same MB and have no problems. I've read of problems running optical drives on the Marvell ports from others. Also, if you are using the Marvell drivers, uninstall them and use the generic MS/Windows drivers loaded at initial install. I tried the...
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    High Res 360 Degree View of SR-71 'Blackbird' Cockpit

    The front seat is the pilot, and the rear seat is the RSO officer (controls cameras)
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    High Res 360 Degree View of SR-71 'Blackbird' Cockpit

    Repair and Reclamation. Repair of all major air frame and hydraulic systems, and recovery of downed aircraft (recovered 3 in my 5 years).
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    High Res 360 Degree View of SR-71 'Blackbird' Cockpit

    I was with the 9th SRW for five years in the early 70's at Beale. I was an R&R specialist on the SR-71. Traveled the world working on it. At that time, nothing else compared to it. Miserable to work on, but watching it take off and fly was amazing. It set many speed records that have never...
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    noob question.... how do I remove tubing from rad?

    Those were fairly popular long ago. I think Asetek used them in some of their kits. Simply unscrew the nut and pull the tubing off. If the nut doesn't come off fairly easy, use some lubricant on it and let it stand overnight, then try to take it off. Good luck
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    Intel Could Bring ‘Kill Switches’ to Laptops

    Sounds like just another way for the government to screw with people.
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    FCC Demands States Get Out of the Way of Municipal Broadband

    First, if the FCC wasn't aware of this situation before the recent media attention, they need to pull their heads out of whoever's money bag they are in. Next, this is typical of government. After media attention, make noise as though they are just finding out about this, show indignation as...
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    low-noise, reliable, enterprisey HDD 4TB

    Seagate 4tb NAS drive
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    Buying new 4TB hard drive. couple of questions

    Ditto on Jeffman's response. Just to clarify, if you plug it into your eSATA port, you'll also need to supply power to the HD. You can't just use the eSATA alone as it won't supply enough power to run the drive.
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    Low Profile Mobo for Lian Li C60B?

    I use the Gigabyte z77 UD5H, which is a similar layout to the Gigabyte z87 UD5H, in my Lian Li C60b. I have installed: 3-140mm fans (sides) Antec 620 CPU cooler (i7-3770) 9-4tb Seagate HD's (got 2 more HD cages from another person) 1-Slim DVD writer (hooked up to USB) 1- SSD (for OS) 1-Corsair...
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    Best way to protect cables going through rack top hole?

    I would highly suggest either a rubber or plastic grommet. I don't know about you, but my local Ace Hardware carries both up to 2" diameter.
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    Sleeving Options If you're any kind of handy, you should be able to sleeve. Check out the link above and watch a few of the video guides. It will help you in your decision.
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    Any good HDD deals?

    OK. So open it up gently, take it out of the case and use it as internal drive. I do it all the time. It's the same drive as what you get here: just cheaper. And if it breaks, put it back in the case and warranty it. If...
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    Any good HDD deals?

    $140.00 Fairly good deal. The drive within is supposed to be a ST4000DM000.
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    How to buy..TV's? What to look for?

    a good place to start would be AVSForum. Prepare to do a lot of reading.
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    SATA connectors vs channels?

    I'm assuming you're talking about the MB in your sig. If so, you have 8 Sata ports on board, 6 by Intel and 2 by Asmedia. As far as I know, there should only be 1 channel per port. As far as changing ports, each time you change drives on ports, each drive is registered on that particular port...
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    Windows XP reinstall: Which driver to install 1st

    chipset, video, audio, network
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    Info about my harddrive

    Ditto on what drescherjm said. If it were me, I'd be looking for a new HD to purchase.
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    PSU sleeving - removing 2 in 1 cables on single rail

    I wouldn't suggest it. Manufacturer put it there for a reason. Sleeving FAQ Sleeving Guides
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    Would you trust a HD after this kind of shipping?

    That is really bad packaging. What was the seller thinking..... I too quit buying HD's from Newegg at least 6 years ago because of their pathetic packaging, but worse was their attitude on RMAing the bad drives. Well, I found a really great deal on 2 HD's from them lately, and was surprised...
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    Smallest Case for Dual Antec 920 or H80 CLC

    The Bitfenix Prodigy Mitx case would do it, but it does have the front and top/bottom handles plastic.
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    h100i water cooler-- installed wrong?

    Glad to see you've found your mistake installing. Really important to pay attention. The USB cable IS for the Corsair link software monitoring. It is not mandatory to use the USB cable and software for the cooler to work, although I DO recommend using it to monitor your temps and such...
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    h100i water cooler-- installed wrong?

    I have the same MB, CPU and cooler. Make sure that you are using the correct parts for the cooler hold down. The backplate is notched to miss 2 screws on the CPU backplate. Are you using all 4 studs that screw into backplate the same length? I don't use any of the supplied washers in the...