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    The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix

    Chestnut is the English translation but it's not exact, she's supposed to have red hair like my wife does. It's brown in the dark, and has a red glow in the sun. That's still a ginger in my book. lol
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    The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix

    I was on-board with everything except the casting for Triss. I didn't even realize she was in the trailer until I read an article about it. Proves they aren't really committed to the lore, which is red flag. Gingers in media are already a minority, I don't know why they felt it was necessary...
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    Geforce Experience security hole

    I'm not going to spend time hunting for your talking points. Even if I factor in the hiccups I experienced with Shadowplay in it's early years of development, it still pales in comparison to the performance drops offered by the software based recording most consumers used prior. If you want to...
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    Geforce Experience security hole

    Performance issues compared to what? As far as I can tell GFE just sits there in a smidgen of memory causing me no grief at all, and provide massive utility through Shadowplay. If you don't want to hassle yourself with an external method of video capture, or the cost, I don't see anything that...
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    EU passes the "link tax"

    No, it's not. The majority tend to be easily swayed and short sighted, which is why we are a republic, not a democracy. There are plenty of countries that are not republics you can move to though, should this one not be to your liking. It sounds like what you really want however is limited...
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    EU passes the "link tax"

    Spoken like someone who's fully aware that 18 of the EU countries have so little representation that they're effectively vassal states, and really likes the idea of using large cities with bad ideas to rule over everyone else. Your assertion the EU is more representative is laughable, 4...
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    RTX 2080 Ti RMA Rate "Under 0.01%," GTX 1080 Ti Stock Almost Gone

    0.01% is 100% accurate, but that's because 99% of them sit on the shelves at that horrific MSRP. Can't break em if you don't buy em.
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    Evga 1070 ti $350 atfer instant coupon

    Refurb cards have inferior warranties and no free games, I'm not sure they're as good a deal as the numbers make them out to be. I mean they say they're restored to be as good as new, but they obviously don't believe that if they don't warranty them equally. Nov just started, I'd be surprised...
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    Evga 1070 ti $350 atfer instant coupon

    Mighty tempting, but I'm still holding out for a quiet model at that price point. Never been a fan of blower fan designs.
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    Windows 10 October Update is Losing User Data

    August/September - Microsoft gets butchered in the Windows 10 admin surveys. October - Microsoft tries to delete all your user data for revenge. Seems legit.
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    "Total War: Rome II" Developers on Female Generals: "Don’t Like It? Don’t Play It"

    They could avoid all the controversy by just making it an in game option to toggle between "representative" and "realistic" unit compositions. Same thing with Battlefield, all they needed was an option to toggle the female avatars into men client side.
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    WD My Cloud NAS Hack Discovered

    This is why you never make these devices directly accessible from the web. VPN forever.
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    Netflix’s “The Witcher”: Henry Cavill Cast as Geralt, Minority Sought for Ciri

    To think this is anything more than a political play is to ignore the lore ramifications. Now they have to address her parents, their respective kingdoms, etc. The director said she would keep her politics out of it, but now we're looking at a retcon of entire races or kingdoms to allow...
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    Hunt: Showdown - Free Weekend - 20% Off - Game Key Raffle

    I was on the fence thinking it might be better to wait until it's a bit more finished, but I'll try anything for free.
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    Youtube Making Sure You Youtube Correctly

    Literally none of them if they decide for you whether something is true or not. That's the difference between news now vs then, it used to be they just gathered the facts, presented them, and allowed you to arrive at your own conclusion. Instead you have verdict renderers now, especially in...
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    Microsoft Quietly Cuts Off Windows 7 Support for Older Intel Computers

    The amount of excuses people have to make for 10 not being a flop is a testament to it's poor conception and execution. It's never how all these changes are improvements on the previous system, it's always proclamations about how people just don't like change. That is 100% true, when you...
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    EA on Women in Battlefield V: Accept It, or Don’t Buy the Game

    This should be easy to fix. Seems like it should be really easy to allow a historical front-line graphics toggle, where you hit a button and all the female characters are switched to male graphics. Odds are they're already going to use male mannequins for all characters so hit boxes aren't...
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    Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy Rumored to Step Down This Fall

    Even my wife, who saw Star Wars for the first time 3 years ago, was more than capable of presenting a solid case for why TLJ was a mess. I actually liked TFA a lot, but they needed a logical development behind Rey's uncanny affinity, Luke's hiding totally in contradiction to his established...
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    “Solo” Box Office a Historic Failure for “Star Wars”

    People screaming SJW online are the least of their problems. Empowering people who think pandering to protected class groups is all you need to make a great movie always leads to series failure. They got away with it in TFA because people thought the lack of continuity would be explained in...
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    Cortana Not Going Away Whether You Like it or Not

    The likelihood of having something you need rendered out of service by Windows updates is probably much higher now than the odds of a security intrusion. Maybe I was late to the party, we still had XP on the majority of systems in 2010, but I don't recall that ever being the scenario when we...
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    Bitcoin Slide Continues Towards $8K

    You seem to be confused, at no point did I say I hate them or would care if someone loses their life savings to this. I just think it's hilarious how hard people try to explain why it's as legitimate as other goods and services, when it's clearly a digital scarcity pyramid scheme that wastes a...
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    Bitcoin Slide Continues Towards $8K

    Ironic, someone could just as easily say get a real job and make real products instead of creating fake money out of what is essentially a giant pyramid scheme.
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    Mark Zuckerberg Calls for Universal Basic Income in Harvard Commencement Speech

    That is patently false. Natural resources are finite, which means the human population consuming them cannot be infinite. UBI is a band-aid for a problem that cannot be solved by subsidization. Of course it shows immediate benefit in studies, it instantly erases overhead. Long term though it...
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    11 States Now Considering Bills to Protect Your Right to Repair

    Henry Ford didn't have to compete with globalization and robots. If Clinton had made him compete with Mexico he wouldn't have given them anything.
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    Bad News for Microsoft: Windows 10 Loses Market Share Again

    Could there be anything worse than finding out your mom is [H]arder than you are?
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    World of Tanks MMO

    Not sure how CW2.0 could have improved things for top clans, all it did was improve things for clans that could never win land by adding lower tier areas for them.
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    Warhammer: Dawn of War III

    It looks like they took the Warcraft 3 approach to graphics. I also agree if they put in that war spoils garbage from COH2 they might as well just set the game on fire now and save us all the trouble.
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    Windows 10 Now On 300 Million Active Devices

    Off the top of my head, the GUI is still a joke, the way updates are handled is retarded, and windows rot on machines that have driver hiccups is atrocious. The list of limitations with enterprise use is far larger than that of home use, but I don't imagine most people have things like 50...
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    In the middle of building my new VR rig and I come across this Craigslist ad.

    I agree, whole thing is almost as fishy as a van with free candy written on the side of it. It might be nothing, might be something, but I'd meet in a very public place. Some police stations will let you do transactions on their premises, you might look into that.
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    Windows 10 64-Bit Dethrones Windows 7 64-bit On Steam

    You can ask him that question a thousand times and it won't make his comment any less accurate.
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    Hacker Exposed Thousands Of Insecure Desktops

    Wait, wait, wait.... VNC is still a thing?
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    Sticking With Windows 7? The Forecast Calls For Pain

    This is why network imaging was created. I don't have to care that it takes 20 minutes to install, because I only have to spent 30 seconds pushing the go button. It would probably take me far less time to create a slip-streamed image for 7 than chase down the annoying crap in 10 every time...
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    FedEx Says Retailers Should Be Paying More for Web Delivery

    Hasn't Fedex always been more expensive than all the rest to begin with? Not sure how this helps them, especially since USPS has a real tracking system as part of delivery confirmation now.
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    Is Paying For Antivirus A Waste Of Money?

    I hate paying for it because usually the companies that charge for it have such ghastly bloated software it cripples your machine more than a virus would. I'm pretty sure if you install McAfee, Norton and Kaspersky on the same box it will freeze the progression of time in the area immediately...
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda editor exits BioWare, games industry

    I disagree, to me it seemed like they phoned in about half that game, people were just so outraged at the vomit of an ending the rest looks amazing by comparison. Good god how many fly here, hit a button, fly back and deliver item quests were there? Traversing the universe was like a sad...
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    This tends to be what happens when someone opens the Pandora's Box of "you can't do that, because realism!" argument about a game that is already unrealistic. lol The discussion was supposed to be about how the world could be more populated, dangerous, and exciting. I think they've got a good...
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    Because Raven Shield was chock full of area effect healing spells? Clearly you haven't played many Tom Clancy games if you don't notice the difference in universe realism after UBI bought the rights to put his name on everything. It doesn't address my point any regardless. They made the array...
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    Oh I'm sure they'll sell a lot of copies. I'm not talking about a bomb from a money standpoint, I'm talking about from a user satisfaction standpoint. It'll get slaughtered by the users once they play it and see it's as empty on release as it was during the test. You think a gun that shoots...
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    The Division - officially announced for PC!

    I don't think I get to give them feedback. I heard the PC players don't get a survey to fill out. It shouldn't be terribly hard to make it into something great, but with 2 weeks til release it feels way too empty to not be a day 1 bomb. I kept expecting I would run into something dark and...