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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    Anyone on here playing on PS3?
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    Styx: Master of Shadows. An overlooked gem in the stealth genre? Thief fans in here!!

    This game looks really good, reminds me of Dishonored.
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    They should add in an expansion pack completely separate from the game with the FF7 remake.
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    Wow not going to lie this update looks amazing. Looks like the game will actually be "beatable" and I'm liking the new expert aka hardcore mode. Looks better than even Starbound. Anyone want to add me on Steam and teamup playing Expert mode and try to beat the game?
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    Steam 2015 summer sale is here! runs from June 11th to June 22th!

    Some examples would be a combat flight sim game I paid literally $1.49 for called Wings Over Europe. It is amazing and a true hidden gem on Steam. It is not too technical and not too arcady, the graphics and gameplay are excellent, really makes you feel as though you are a pilot fighting in...
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    Humble Bundle - Borderlands

    The Bundle is not worth it at the current price. BL2 with all the DLC including the current Humble $15 Vault Hunter DLC has been $5-7 recently.
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    Steam 2015 summer sale is here! runs from June 11th to June 22th!

    There were some really hidden gems in this sale. Ended up spending less than $15 but managed to get around 5 games all of which I would consider and most consider to be extremely high quality games in their genre. There were a lot of hidden gems in this sale for $1-4. Some of the games that...
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    Tweets Send Man To Prison For 10 Years

    We still live in a country where debt jail exists though.
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    Hopefully the combat is good. The combat in #1 and #2 sucked and was too easy/arcadey. There were too many fetch quests as well. They can have a world 5X bigger than the latest GTA but it means nothing if the gameplay and quests suck.
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    Humble Origin Bundle 2

    Mass effect 2 seems amazing, shame I couldn't get into ME1 due to all of the boring mining side missions.
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    Humble Bundle Strategy Bundle #2 Comes with 3 great games for a $1 Frozen Synapse Prime Shattered Planet Skulls of the Shogun Pay more than the average of $3.10 to unlock! CastleStorm Bloodsports.TV Pay $12 or more to unlock Endless Space® - Emperor Edition
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    Humble Origin Bundle 2

    That was a mistype. I m,eant to write I only managed to get halfway through ME1. Thanks for your input though! How are the moral choices in ME2? Are there a ton of meaningful choices to be made? I've been getting bored with most modern RPG's because most of the dialog choices are not...
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    Humble Origin Bundle 2

    Is a complete play through of ME1 necessary to enjoy ME2? I only got to the halfway mark in ME2 before getting bored but loved the demo of ME2 and all of the choices that you could make.
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    NASA Promises 'Definitive Evidence' of Alien Life by 2025

    All the best to you as well but Buddhism is not a religion, more of a philosophy. I don't have a problem with the big bang just a problem with the fact that it tries to say that something came out of nothing.
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    NASA Promises 'Definitive Evidence' of Alien Life by 2025

    No need to try to insult me. My interpretation is far from unusual. Look into the book My Big ToE written by a NASA physicist and the philosophy of Buddhism specifically Zen. If one has an open mind they might be able to go to a place beyond the 5 senses in the here and the now. You...
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    NASA Promises 'Definitive Evidence' of Alien Life by 2025

    The laws and behavior of the universe according to how our minds create them through the 5 senses :) The burden of proof is another man made concept so who's to say that the burden of proof is even proper in a situation like this? I personally feel as though the burden of proof is on those...
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    NASA Promises 'Definitive Evidence' of Alien Life by 2025

    First off, I never heard of simulation theory relying only on what math is like outside of our reality. How would we even know that math exists outside of our reality? Also, I don't see how the "rules" changing means that we can''t live in a simulation. You can do anything you want in a...
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    NASA Promises 'Definitive Evidence' of Alien Life by 2025

    The universe is only that way if you view it as being that way. I see the universe and my life as a very peaceful thing, and live in as much of a relaxed setting with as much of an optimistic view as possible. You create your own heaven and hell's, here, in this life. Also, the creators...
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    NASA Promises 'Definitive Evidence' of Alien Life by 2025

    Also programs can just create themselves if they are programmed to do so. In this case it would be consciousness creating the program.
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    NASA Promises 'Definitive Evidence' of Alien Life by 2025

    There is scientific evidence that we live in a simulation and that our reality is not much different than from a programmed game such as WoW. Our consciousness creates everything around us in the simulation that we live in. This all goes into quantum physics though and is still being...
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    NASA Promises 'Definitive Evidence' of Alien Life by 2025

    The universe has been programmed to let the building blocks of life to come together and create life. Finding other forms of life is inevitable. Finding other forms of intelligent life might not be possible if our universe was programmed in a way to make traversing from one planet that has...
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    Guild Wars 2 for $10.00

    If you expect this game to be anything like GW1, don't waste your money on it. I bought the game a few months ago when it was on sale for $10 and I regret buying it as they absically turned the game feels more like WoW now with the boring fetch quests that goes on and on until you reach the end...
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    Pillars of Eternity - *Official Discussion Thread*

    I agree. I bought the game and gave it a go and regret buying it. The storyline feels too generic and the characters/storyline just don't pull me in like the older Infinite Engine games pulled me in. It doesn't have that mysterious feel to it. I still think that Shadowrun Dragonfall...
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    This game is amazing, I loved the different moral decisions that could be made and the clever ways that they were set up. I couldn't get through the DLC though as it started to feel repetitive and too easy. I wish that they made the game a bit more difficult and expanded on the world when...
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    Guns of Icarus Online + 9 other multiplayer steam games for $2 / BundleStars

    BundleStars has Guns of Icarus Online + 9 other multiplayer steam games for $2. Not a bad deal at all especially considering Guns Of Icarus is really good. Feel free to pm me your steam ID if you're looking for someone to play some of...
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    I think I've reached an odd point in my gaming hobby.

    Try getting into sims, I'd look into flight sims personally. It's gaming but then it's not gaming. It's also highly rewarding and can be used in the real world.
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    Pillars of Eternity - *Official Discussion Thread*

    Tried the game at a friends house and didn't like it. Too much dialogue and most of the *unique* dialog options end up giving the same result in conversation as the other choices anyways. Also don't like the fact that you don't level up from combat.
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    Many Tech Workers Are Being Bullied at Work

    Honestly if I were being bullied at work I'd just leave and become a monk living off the grid completely without needing or handling money. Who the hell wants to work a 9-5 or worse for a corporation only to hope that you make it until a late age in life and then retire at a point in life where...
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    Many Tech Workers Are Being Bullied at Work

    They need to learn to let the bullying go becoming more zen like and ignoring the bullying and learning to laugh at it befriending it.
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    Old Games That NEED a Next Gen Remix

    Earthbound Clockwork Knight with steam achievements and added levels
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    Virtual Reality Has A Long Way To Go

    Ha, I'll be doing the same just with Farmville instead of Alien :cool:
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    How Steam killed piracy for me.

    Achievements are worth the cost of the game not to mention how Steam keeps your stats :P. I do agree though that demos should be more abundant like how it used to be about a decade ago. Most of the games being released are complete junk and have no demos.
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    new nintendo 3ds - february 13

    Interesting. Would you consider it strategic at all at certain points and is it harder than Dark Souls? I only came to my conclusion after playing the demo, it felt too easy (I've heard that the starting characters are OP though in the demo to make it easy.).
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    new nintendo 3ds - february 13

    I know people keep mentioning that the new 3DS will make newer games look better (for the most part) but I've looked up comparison videos and images and can hardly see the difference. It's like comparing PS2 graphics to XBOX graphics, very very minor especially considering the console already...
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    new nintendo 3ds - february 13

    I doubt there will be that many other exclusives considering that publishers will be taking a huge hit if they just cater to those that bought the updated 3DS. Also considering the fact the DSi only had a few exclusives over the DS (only ended up being 5 games, all of which are meh.)
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    new nintendo 3ds - february 13

    The new 3DS just seems like a minor update and a quick cash grab by Nintendo to me. They should be working on a new console or releasing a new console instead of one with such minor upgrades. Personally I never had a problem with the 3D on the original 3DSXL, the nub looks like a cheap...
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    The Official Guild Wars 2 thread

    I regret buying this game. I had a ton of fun with Guild Wars 1 especially the end game runs such as UW/FoW and dungeons that actually took skill and teamwork. This game just feels like everything is scattered around and it is way too easy.