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    FS: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 digital code

    Bump for a great movie
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    FS: 7820x and Prime Deluxe Combo

    Bump for a very nice and tempting combo.
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    Diving into my first custom loop setup

    If your case can house it, run two loops. Would look very cool with two res/pumps using different colored coolants and would also perform great.
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    Blizzard Games @ Best Buy: D3 $20, SC2 $10 Xpacs also same price

    Nice find. I was hoping these would drop in price again at BB Went ahead and picked up HoS, RoS with an extra 20% off with GCU.
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    FS: Evga GTX 680 FTW, 2x Evga GTX 680, 2x Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti

    Both the P4-2680-KR GTX 680s have been sold.
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    FS: Evga GTX 680 FTW, 2x Evga GTX 680, 2x Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti

    Selling my video cards. Each card is in excellent condition and works perfectly. Never OC'ed. Adult owned and cared for in a pet free, smoke free home. Payment via Chase QuickPay (preferred), or Paypal. Will ship promptly. Heatware/ebay under vegasr 1 Evga GTX 680 FTW w/Backplate...
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    FS: BNIB Asus Titan Xs

    Bump for a quality seller!!!
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    bump for looking
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    WTB: EVGA 680 2gb Model

    PM Sent.
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    Steam Starwars Sale

    Just got Starwars Empire at War Gold Pack. Loved that game.
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    PSN still down? I still cant login this morning.

    Same thing with me but they are wanting to play LBP3 though. I'm gonna use this down time to upgrade the HD today. :D
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    PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade

    Going to buy a HD today for my PS4 today. Not going with a SSD so looks like the 1TB Seagate SSHD is what's recommended, which I can pick up at BB today ($105 price matching Amazon) Any other last minute suggestions? Thanks
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    Planetside 2 PS4 closed beta, sign up!

    Damn happy I'm getting my kids the PS4 this year for xmas :D Just signed up.
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    Origin Sale

    If I remember correctly, Amazon had the best sale last year.
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    Origin Sale

    Like the vanilla Sim City isn't <$10 yet, or any version for that matter.
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    28" SAMSUNG 4K 350$

    90 day warranty is a little scary
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    FS: Dell UP2414Q no dead pixels +retail packaging (used but perfect!) 4k 60hz ips =)

    Bump for a quality seller, and killer monitor.
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    CoD:AW preorder

    I like it a lot! BB had their trade in special; $20 for Ghosts plus another $10 if pre order AW zero edition. Not bad and very cool playing it today plus it looks and plays great (XB1)
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    Arkham Origins $3.99 Digital Download

    MKK or Injustice Ult Edition??? Of course MK is awesome but wonder how Injustice is.
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    NVIDIA Releasing Three GTX 800 Graphics Cards In October?

    This. I'll probably wait till next summer whenever they release the 880 deluxe/ultra/plus etc. If I get the itch the to upgrade I'll just pick up a third gtx680 for cheap.
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    Should I buy a PlayStation 4?

    A reason for a revision would be to fix some issues, but don't ever loose sight of a manf would also want to cut costs of production to be more profitable by using cheaper parts and or cutting things out.
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    FS: Fast 780Ti Classified / 4K Monitor / Fast DDR3 / Prices lowered

    bump for always having great stuff
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    You ever sold a old console and reget it later?

    I guess it would be nice to have kept them all, but I've always sold what I had to help pay for it's next gen.
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    Sim City 15 bucks @MS store

    +1 I'll bite at $5, maybe $10 if I'm drunk at the time of purchase.
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    Now that dust has settled, are you playing your new consoles?

    Went ahead and opened up my Day One Edition Xbox One ( was going to wait for xmas but sold my 360 at a great price) so been playing NFS Rivals, Marvel Super Heroes and Ghosts. I like it a lot.