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    Samsung 870 EVO 2TB/4TB, 980 Pro 1TB/2TB QA issues manufactured in 2021? Other models too?

    Just wanted to update this - do you think its worth it seeing if I can get Samsung to RMA these unopened 2021 made drives rather than roll the dice and try to monitor, then if it goes poorly have to dump all the data off before sennding them in? I'm planning to put these into new systems...
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    Hi-Fi RUSH

    It has proven to be a very, very popular title with Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam! Tango makes some wacky stuff with heavy variation between genres but they do a good job with it overall (ie The Evil Within series was a fantastic take if you liked Resident Evil 4/5/6 style play)...
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    Intel 1226-V 2.5GbE Ethernet Chipset Showing Connection Drop Issues (Chipset Used on most Raptor Lake Motherboards)

    This is disappointing. I have been thinking of finally updating my wired networking from the ancient 1gig that has served me well to likely 10gig if it can be done properly. Intel having a crappy chipset is really disappointing as even on new mobos its prevalent, was thought of to be a...
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    Microsoft will stop selling Windows 10 licenses in a few days

    I remember quite some time ago Windows 10 was supposed to be "the last one", with perpetual service packs and updates instead adding new features and the like; guess we see how long that lasted! I've not used Win11 yet and I'm very skeptical because of the integration with TPM2.0 as a...
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    Seasonic Vertex Series

    Thanks again for posting. . Around that time, are you planning to have to stock at Amazon or other stores (Microcenter?) in the US? If it is at all possible, it would be nice to have multiple options aside from just Newegg.
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    Seasonic Vertex Series

    I'm also curious to know. I'm guessing that its in between Prime (ultra) and Focus perhaps. It comes with a 10 year warranty not a 12 year one like the highest Prime options but its features and components are more like a Prime than a Focus series? Of course, there hasn't been any...
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    Seasonic Vertex Series

    Thanks for the headsup! Man they're jacking the price though; the MSRP listed on Seasonic's own announcement is $230 for the GX-1200; the backordered option on Newegg is $290! Is that what you two paid or was there a discount code somewhere?
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    hey mice people, what's your take on Pointer Instruments $270 mouse?

    As far as the Pointer Instruments mouse goes, I can appreciate what appears to the quality materials, design, and attention to detail. The ability to repair, upgrade and the like seems pretty well thought out and they report that hand stitching, polishing, and assembly is used in its...
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    Creative founder Sim Wong Hoo, the man behind Sound Blaster, has died.

    Raising a SoundBlaster AWE32 in salute! I can remember the days in the 90s of having to select "SoundBlaster compatible" in a DOS or Win95's games settings to get the "good sound"; how the difference in hardware at the time could mean either no sound at all, MIDI only beeps and bloops, or...
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    AMD at CES 2023: 7950X3D, 7900X3D, 7800X3D - VCache Party In Here

    This is what bothered me. Ever since i read about (and probably more than once from you discussing it in previous threads) this limitation with the 5800X3D, the idea was that they didn't launch the 7000 series 3D until they have a fix that wouldn't require the compromises of the previous...
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    Samsung 870 EVO 2TB/4TB, 980 Pro 1TB/2TB QA issues manufactured in 2021? Other models too?

    I'm not entirely sure but, assuming you're seeing those on CrystalDiskInfo I think you're okay. I see those 100s too but if you look at the raw value its probably all 00000000's right? And the "threshold" is 10? I could be wrong but this seems a lot like a "you're currently at 100%...
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    Samsung 870 EVO 2TB/4TB, 980 Pro 1TB/2TB QA issues manufactured in 2021? Other models too?

    I've recently been informed that there are some potential major issues with certain Samsung SSDs, perhaps determined by manufacturer date! Where users have been looking at one-off issues and Samsung seems to be good about RMAing, a pattern seems to be forming that is of concern. Here is a...
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    AMD at CES 2023: 7950X3D, 7900X3D, 7800X3D - VCache Party In Here

    Not sure if its exactly what you're seeking, but this seems to differ by motherboard. The Asus ROG Crosshair X670E Extreme says this about the PCI-E slots (and M.2 for that matter. Besides regular M.2 slots, the Extreme also comes with a custom slot andGEN-Z2 mount resembling a RAM...
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    AMD at CES 2023: 7950X3D, 7900X3D, 7800X3D - VCache Party In Here

    I'm prepared to take my holiday acquired 7950X back now that a 7950X3D has been confirmed AND its showing up in February. - actual Q1 release? Not "the last day of March", not "pushed until the last day of Q2" or "midsummer"... but ACTUALLY Q1?! I'm liking this return to form, first both...
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    Major flaw detected with AMD 7900 XTX vapor chamber cooler

    Clearly this is an issue that just needs to be handled properly even if its just a very small percentage of affected users. AMD can handle this properly by just RMAing anyone who's reference unit is suspected of this behavior and use that to investigate further and retain happy customers -...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Since early this year, Subscriber flair items have been dropping in game. These are the items that were originally added as part of the backer subscriptions and since early this year with 3.17 they started dropping in game - " As we’ve mentioned in the past, our goal is to make most...
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    CASELABS Resurrected

    The new owner seems really conscious of this. As far as baseline prices, back in 2019 they got quotes from a local fab in Sweden that basically said they'd be able to keep to the same prices as CaseLabs Cali, but of course a lot has happened with supply lines since then so they're going to...
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    CASELABS Resurrected

    The new owner has been moving forward (after illness and other issues apparently; hope he feels better) and I'm pleased that the new website is UP, appropriately listed as - ! Get on their mail list and they have some other social media connections too, plus a chat...
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    Case selection = SAD!

    Given that over the last year or so there have been exemptions on tariffs for many computing related components so hopefully that will help. They were even renewed for 2023 which for awhile was uncertain, with some questioning if GPUs, Mobos and the like would jump 20%+ like they did the...
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    AIO newbie here- what stores or websites have good reviews?

    Thanks,, I'm just trying to sort out any differences in design and overall capability. I'm likely to pick up a 360mm rad version and thankfully my cases are capable of such a thing without any problem. I'm just looking at any developments in the AIO sphere over the last year and...
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    AIO newbie here- what stores or websites have good reviews?

    Thought this was a good thread - last I checked that the vast majority of AIOs are more or less rebrands of the same (Asetek?) cooler thanks to patents, with different fans, RGB or lack thereof, and controller software. NZXT, Corsair, BeQuiet, EKWB, etc... pretty much every 'standard...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    What I'm offering is at cost and some things (like the RAF ) don't have a cost at all. I don't make a cent on these transactions
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Welcome aboard, BassTek! Anyone who is thinking about grabbing the game, let me know. In addition to the discounted holiday starter packages, if you're new to the game (ie have not activated a game package with a Star Citizen key on your account - Free Fly events and whatnot are fine...
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    Seasonic Vertex Series

    I saw an (unconfirmed) post on another site mentioning that a customer service rep for Seasonic Vertex PX series, the Platinum versions, may not arrive until LATE Q2 2023!? What exactly is going on here that...
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    Death Stranding (first title from Kojima Productions)

    Not at all a fan of Epic Store, but an excellent game if you're into its design - the first true "walking sim" where walking is an actual mechanic! The in-depth traversal/balance/inventory, stealth, combat, and asynchronous collaborative building all come together in an excellent way. . If...
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    Any news on when the ATX 3.0 PSU's will arrive?

    I too am interested in Spectre's take on this, especially as it appears that the Seasonic Vertex line have been delayed into January 2023! While concerns for early-adopter issues and knowledge that just latest standard compatibility will not necessarily mean a high-tier unit, I find it...
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    Seasonic Vertex Series

    That's massively disappointing, but still good to know. I had heard that there were some of the Platinum (PX-1200 was looking as the option for my next build perhaps ) already in proper reviewer hands so I hoped they'd be in stores this month. I'm also very curious to see how they stand up...
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    A fresh new Firefox is here

    Its important to consider not just that such "phoning home" can be disabled, but for what reason its there in the first place, what it contains, and who the recipient of that information is going to be. A non-profit foundation using telemetry to improve usage has different vested interests...
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    Not in my mind or with my wallet . Though it does offer the side benefit of allowing some games to be acquired via other means and at least on the PC platform, I have intense objection to Epic's business practices and policies since the arrival of Fortnite and the EGS so I cannot bring myself...
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    AMD 7900XT and 7900 XTX Reviews

    Generally I think the 7900XTX (not sure about the regular XT, it wouldn't be the card for me if I was going to buy one it would be the top of the line especially with such a small difference in price between them MSRP) seems to make a pretty strong showing. In general use and rasterized gaming...
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    Thank you, I didn't realize it was updated properly and just saw the date awhile ago.
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    Anyone have an up to date tutorial for setting up the LG OLED 42" C2 Evo for monitor use? Mine got here a few days ago and I just was able to get it out and swap it with my 48" CX. I've not gone through any real settings/updating stuff for monitor use but it seems there are some small but...
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    GPU Tariff Exemption Expires December 31, Could Spell Higher Graphics Card Prices

    The last thing we need is the resumption of a tariff on tech goods. Without going too far into the political aspect, it was an absolutely moronic move for the last administration to implement such a policy as it did and even worse given the economic conditions of the time. The current...
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    AMD's Radeon RX 7900-series Highlights

    I wonder if AMD will either A) release reference cards in sufficient number or B) strangle the AIBs to only have a minor increase in prices this time around. Last gen with all the crazy shit back then everything was up in the air, but if these $899 and $999 cards are going to thrive (lets...
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    Fosshost shutting down

    Apparently some of the more competent people behind it are starting a successor to provide similar services - . Best of luck to them!
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    Steam On Linux Usage Climbs Higher Thanks To The Steam Deck

    I think its very, very dependent on your particular combination of PC hardware, Linux distro, gaming software (including Steam, Proton / Wine versions, any other launchers both official or unofficial etc), drivers and the like. When using the Steam Deck, it is on another level of...
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    ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 Intel AMD AIO CPU Water Cooler PC B-Stock $54.99 EBAY

    Seems it would work in most anything. Does anyone happen to know if the Arctic LF2 AIO (assuming at least 240 or 280, but in my case 360mm+) is still the best performance AIO around? It used to be that it was better than many of the others that were typical Asetek rebrands (ie corsair...
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    Any news on when the ATX 3.0 PSU's will arrive?

    Nice to see that, curious that they're not also adding the THOR 2 series Platinums (notably one was part of their Asus X Evangelion collab, which I can appreciate. When doing anime collaborations that are likely to be niche and potentially expensive, I don't mind if they offer mid level...
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    Deck Accessories? Skins\Shells\Docks\etc tell us what we must have and post what you have. Likes\Dislikes etc.

    I would have the same concern about dimming/clarity issues with the screen. Is the DBrand one (or many others) matte? I thought most of the tempered glass ones were focused on clarity and/or oleophobic protection, not specifically antiglare/matte coating additional layers or whatever that...