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    CBS Offers "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2 Premiere for Free on YouTube

    just use the KODI plug in Yoda and download this shit. CBS can kiss my ass. Shit gets canceled because of free downloading? Oh well. TV shows are replaceable. So far the first 2 episodes are actually pretty good. First season was shit.
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    Disney Is Resetting the Star Wars Franchise

    a lot of people complained that SW never had anything new just relied on the same old shit. When they actually do something new it's piss poor and people hate it. Even the God awful prequels did something new. People fucking hated it. It's a lose lose situation. Do you want George to make...
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    "Fresh Prince" Star Sues Fortnite for Stealing Carlton Dance

    isn't dancing a form of moving your arms and legs in a certain fashion? I'm going to copyright walking as a dance. Guess what, anybody that walks I'm going to sue because I invented the walking dance. Pay me.
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    Nintendo Switch Outsells All Other Current Generation Consoles

    If it were easier to hack i'd buy one.
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    Nintendo Warns It Won't Make More Retro NES and SNES Consoles

    I have my stash of mini's... 10 or 15 years from now they might be worth something. I have my everdrives and modded Nintendo/Sega/Dreamcast/etc consoles to keep me busy for a long time. The switch is a piece of shit. Old shit is so much better.
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    Amazon Is Kicking All Unauthorized Apple Refurbishers off Amazon Marketplace

    the only thing of Apple i will ever own is my apple ][ plus, Apple //c, Apple //e. Otherwise fuck apple and their bullshit tactics.
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    Most Americans Find the Cost of Cable TV Is Too Darn High

    And also some Americans have found corn in their own shit... Mind Blown.
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    Images of the Nintendo 64 Classic May Have Leaked

    I predict that you will purchase one.
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    Images of the Nintendo 64 Classic May Have Leaked

    I have an Ultra-HDMI N64 /w everdrive.... But I will probably pick this up like all other mini consoles that these companies are pumping out. I'm a sucker for this shit...
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    Financial Info Leaked in Newegg Data Breach

    My only purchase of the year was on Aug 9. Still going to call the CC company. They have reissued my CC 9 times. They must love me by now.
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    Google Assistant Is Now Bilingual and New Smart Home Devices Are Available

    does bilingual mean Jive, common black folks (what the fuck are they saying slang, etc) vs. New Yorkers?
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    Microsoft Boosts Office 2019 Price by 10%

    My KMS server was free. All my Win 10/8/7/Server 2012 machine licences were free. My Office license was free. Might want to look into this. Free is good.
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    Apple's New iPhone X May Require Authenticated Chargers for Fast Charging

    If you buy chargers from Dollar Tree then you deserve your phone to get fucked up.
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    Nintendo Asks GitHub to Shut Down Game Boy Emulator

    I'm waiting for Nintendo to go after Hakchi... Even though no roms are involved but it does affect SNES/NES mini. To be honest Nintendo should pay the authors of Hakchi because with out them the SNES/NES probably would not of sold like it did. Even here in Sparks, NV it's very hard to find those...
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    Commodore 64 Mini Coming to North America on October 9

    I still use my c64 for wardialing. google voice is great for that.
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    Nintendo Sues Console ROM Sites for “Mass” Copyright Infringement

    This is such bullshit. If nintendo is on the warpath then explain why the released NES classic is still hackable? Same with the SNES. I'm pretty sure they are aware of such a thing. To make it unhackable all they had to do was change the power input instead of making it a USB data/power input. I...
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    Voltron: Defender of the Universe LEGO Coming Soon

    I guess we won't see this shit at Toys R' Us...
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    Voltron: Defender of the Universe LEGO Coming Soon

    still have mine... lion/vehicle/3 robots.. Most of the rubber on the tires are gone but yeah matchbox ruled back in the day. Even have my Robotech SDF-1... It's dirty and yellowed but still works.
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    “Star Wars”: Boba Fett Movie in the Works with James Mangold

    When are we going to get a Lobot Spin Off??? Or a Gonk Bot movie. Or how the force was discovered... Shit like that.
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    Rumor: Sony Could Be Considering a PlayStation Classic

    If the thing can be hacked the NES/SNES they will make $$$. Personally never Liked the PS. I have one never play it. I like my classic 8 bit stuff.
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    Classic NES Makes its Way Back Again

    I have two Hi-DEF NES's with Everdrives. They were not cheap but well worth it. When I can play VS Super Mario Bros (via Patch) on an NES in 1080p /w an NES Advantage life rocks.
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    DISH Pays Up for Telemarketing

    I'm getting $$$$!!!!!
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    “Avengers: Infinity War” Posts All-Time Record Opening of $250M

    they already have a cam version of it on KODI... Movie is to damn long. after an hour and 1/2 got bored... the first Avenger's movie was better.
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    Nighthawk x6 issues

    buy a ubiquity... anything made by belkin or netgear is pure shit. Asus is ok but I use ubiquity. It's a pain in the ass to setup but it never crashes, reboots or gives me shit. Oh and it's a linux box....
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    Sega Genesis Mini (aka Mega Drive Mini) Announced

    I personally have my genesis hooked to my framemeiser and get awesome RGB on a 55 inch 1080p samsung with an Everdrive. No emulation/lag there. RGB is the way to go. Who needs some shitty console from at games. fuck'em.
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    Microsoft Bans Use of "Offensive Language" On Xbox Live and Others

    are you fucking me? What 14 year old (unless he's mormon) is not going to swear... I sense a South Park episode here...
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    Facebook on Data Collection: You Agreed To It

    if you use facebook then you deserve what you get. Fuck them. Like skateboarding, social media really needs to be banned. But yeah i know in the minority on this one.
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    The First PlayStation 4 Emulator Is Currently under Development

    It's amazing how far a person will go to play free games.
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    Amazon Patents Drone Able to Understand Speech and React to Gestures

    Lets see if it can detect the Finger...
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    Toys R Us Is Closing All Its U.S Stores

    I can remember when my local Toys R' Us burned down.That was not a good day. Van Nuys, Ca. But they rebuilt it to be the present day dump it has become. I miss the place. Bought my first NES, Commodore 64 there and other dumb toys. It's sad to see them go but most kids these days don't give a...
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    Best Buy Closing 250 Small-Format Mobile Phone Stores

    good... such a waste... shitty service from people who just don't give a fuck.
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    UK Government Teaches 7-Year-Olds That Piracy Is Stealing

    Great animation. I would be more entertained if South Park would do a PSA for this bullshit. It's only illegal if you get caught.
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    Musician’s White Noise YouTube Video Hit with Copyright Complaints

    If I record an Am Penatonic on my Les Paul, loop it for 10 hrs I can copyright that shit? Then, If any artist that uses the Am Penatonic or notes from it in any song I can claim Copyright Infringement? Such bullshit.
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    Nintendo Switch Is The Fastest-Selling Video Game Console Ever In The US

    I call bullshit on this. I have had my unopened switch on ebay for a couple of months hasn't even sold... fuck this.
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    Detroit: Become Human under Fire for Controversial Domestic Abuse Scene

    this is fucking awesome. Some shrink is going to get rich off this.
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    Voyager 1 Fires Up Thrusters after 37 Years

    yes i was being an asshole about Voyager, but I believe than we are a freak of nature and people can't deal. Besides do you really believe if we were visited by an intelligent race what do you think most people would do? L.A. riots x 1,000,000. No thanx. If Aliens show up great if not who cares...
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    Voyager 1 Fires Up Thrusters after 37 Years

    amazing in 40 years the damn thing has found NOTHING.... Assuming NASA even has it out there... I'm surprised an asteroid hasn't hit the damn thing, again assuming it even exists.
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    Wi-Fi Network Named “Bomb on Board” Causes Flight to Be Diverted

    there must be Sum Ting Wong with that...
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    Nintendo Survey Reveals Millennials Biggest Switch Buyers

    If these consoles are so popular then why am i seeing them collecting dust on store shelves? Hell i have one on ebay for around $345 just sitting there. If they had more than 5 games for it i might play the thing but I prefer my hi-def nes's and emulators.