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    Can't enable SLI with NVidia Surround

    I can confirm that the leaked 320.39 drivers fix this problem :)
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    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 ROG Motherboard Giveaway! Week 2

    For BIOS options you go to frequently I really like the new ability to save your Favorites! My last ROG motherboard was the RE (original) :eek:
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    Can't enable SLI with NVidia Surround

    I went to today and did a Live Chat with their support. I can confirm they acknowledged it's a known issue and said it'll be fixed in upcoming driver releases. No confirmation for the next version of the driver release date or if it'll be fixed in the next release.
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    Z87 Chipset and NVidia Surround with SLI

    Duplicate issue:
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    Can't enable SLI with NVidia Surround

    Same problem here, 3 ASUS GTX680-DC2-4GD5, ASUS Maximus VI Extreme with i7-4770k CPU. With 3 cards can enable single monitor 3-way SLI, but Surround can only enable 2-Way SLI. Remove a card and can do 2-way SLI single monitor, can't enable SLI for Surround. Posting on too...
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    ASRock Z68 Extreme 7 Gen 3

    The release of Ivy Bridge and PCIe-3.0 GPUs is near, but what about now you say? Z68 is a great cost effective platform, upgradeable to Ivy Bridge in the future. Are you doing Eyefinity? multi GPU rig now? If so great!, use this board now and just wait for the dual GPU 7990 PCI-e 3.0 board...
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    Anyone with 2GB VRAM+ get microstuttering in BF3 with 4x MSAA?

    3 ASUS EAH6970 in Tri-Fire and Battlefield 3 using 3 Dell U2412M LCD panels in Eyefinity configuration. i7-2600K, 16gb Mushkin redline, ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3. I went weeks hoping to get smooth graphics, driver updates, game updates, and I used MSCONFIG to remove all non-essential programs...
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    Can you fit a 6970 into a midtower case?

    The Antec 900 (and 902) are very nice cases, It was annoying when I figured out I needed a new case for my build. I agree, 2 HD6970 plus 4 3.5" disks (and perhaps even a couple of 2.5" SSD) would fit, but it's a tight mid-tower if you want to try to use all it's internal bays and squeeze in a...
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    Can you fit a 6970 into a midtower case?

    I had an ANTEC 900 (similar to 902), while you can fit the card, you will need to have one internal drive bay empty per video card. Perhaps you could fit some disk types, I'm not sure, but this is true for 3.5" sata disks. I have a 6 drive raid 10 array, and in the Antec 900 I had just enough...