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    Patch alert: Microsoft Acknowledges Printer Bug; Forced 1709 Upgrades Continue

    You can Powershell pretty much every builtin app out of Windows 10 even if there isn't an official uninstaller app for it. I know, "But I shouldn't have to do it that way!" Cry me a fucking river.
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    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaign is About 5-7 Hours Long

    It's better than 30+ hours for a game you'll never finish because something else will catch your attention before you get to the end. The Battlefield 1 "campaign" was maybe 10 hours long an broken into stories that ran about 2 hours a piece. Two of those stories were extremely memorable and...
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    Microsoft Adds Four Halo Games to Xbox One Backward Compatibility

    If you happen to be someone with the 360 discs who didn't buy the MC collection this will probably do you fine. Granted you can get the MC collection pretty cheap now but still. I probably wouldn't have bought or played Halo 3, 4 or 5 if the XBox One S I bought hadn't come with them. Perfectly...
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    Microsoft Adds Four Halo Games to Xbox One Backward Compatibility

    So Halo, Halo 3 and Halo 4 but no Halo 2 or Reach? Or were those playable before?
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    Netflix Pulls Episode of Children’s Cartoon with Penis Drawing

    Yeah, aren't parents who are actually involved in what their kids are staring at all day just the worst? Drug them with NyQuil and drink some wine in the middle of the day like the rest of us!
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    J.J. Abrams to Write and Direct Star Wars: Episode IX

    So basically what I'm getting from Lucasfilm is "We don't want anything original with the Star Wars movies just the same stuff we've already made." That'll get old fast. I'm sure Disney is fine with it though. They've already made more than they paid for it all so they could give two fucks if it...
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    "No Man’s Sky" Gets Basic Multiplayer a Year after Debut

    While most of the planets did seem largely the same there were plenty of planets that had wildly different stuff from all the samey same ones. And as for inventory, that was part of the game: to manage and find the modules to expand it through exploring. I eventually maxed my inventory out on...
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    "No Man’s Sky" Gets Basic Multiplayer a Year after Debut

    I actually really liked this game when it first came out. They certainly oversold it but it was a totally chill exploration game. I did find it a little odd how you were going to alien planets as an explorer and then naming all the shit that was there when there were alien outposts on the...
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    New Zealand Tourist Dies After Being Hit by Jet Blast

    But then I won't have anything to put on YouTube! Seriously though, why does anyone care? Why are we constantly trying to save stupid people from themselves? This is just natural selection in action. But some whiny "all human life is sacred" dipshit will get them to block off the beach because...
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    Amazon Announces Third Annual Prime Day

    Ah, the annual spectacle when Amazon unloads all the crap they couldn't sell the rest of the year because nobody really wants any of it under the guise of an epic sale!
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    Inside VR: HTC Vive 101

    As long as the lighthouses are at the proper 30-45 degree angle and they can see each other the orientation doesn't matter as they send out their own identification flash on start up and the system orients itself to where they are. So yes, you can hang them from the ceiling or put them up...
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    Fallout 3: Original Game Soundtrack - Exclusive Vinyl LP

    No one plays records anymore. 90% of vinyl records sold today are bought as "collectibles" despite what all the audiophiles say. Since almost all music today is digitally recorded and digitally mixed the end format doesn't really make a difference anyway.
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    PREY with Denuvo Cracked in 10 Days

    ID Software removed once it was cracked because they had to per their contract with Denuvo or pay for protection they were no longer receiving it had nothing to do with the experience. You should know by now game companies don't care about you. They just want your money.
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    PREY with Denuvo Cracked in 10 Days

    I honestly don't have any problem with Denuvo. It protects the game during the initial launch window which drives sales, it doesn't fuck with the game when you're actually playing it and developers tend to patch it out after the launch window is up (I have no idea if they do this themselves or...
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    Comcast to Expand Streaming Service Amid Cord-Cutting Trend

    Can someone just cobble together an offering that drops sports channels? I don't need or want ESPN or any other sports bullshit but it seems to be tacked onto every streaming package option as if everybody wants it. And that's part of what made people hate cable in the first place (besides the...
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    Quake Champions Closed Beta Needs You

    The world could definitely use more co-op games like Borderlands 2 & Splinter Cell Blacklist. But I have to imagine it's harder to do that kind of thing than it is to throw two teams of people into a confined space with overpowered weapons.
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    SteamVR Beta on Linux Feels More like an Early Alpha

    If the support is barely there why would anyone expect the catalog of VR games to be any bigger than it is? You have to start somewhere. I'm sure this will be something that moves at a pretty rapid pace.
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    VR Evangelist Claims That Apple AR Headset Will Arrive This Year

    How would creating a product that already exists be "revolutionary"? Is it the Apple logo? Is that what it takes to qualify a product as "revolutionary"? Or does Apple just create evolutionary products and then stick the "r" on the front like they used to do with "i" on everything?
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    Hololens Portal in AR/VR is Going to be the Bomb

    I'd like to see games do AR HUDs while I'm playing the game on the actual computer screen while wearing the Hololens. Of course I thought a lot more games would do that sort of thing on the second monitor when multiple screens became a prevalent thing and very few ever did. Is a detailed...
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    Hololens Portal in AR/VR is Going to be the Bomb

    Not to mention that Portal kind of requires a lot of spatial awareness and the FOV of the actual AR part of the Hololens is pretty narrow from what I understand. I like it as a demo, in much the same way I liked their Minecraft demo but I can't see either as really "playable". The Hololens is...
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    How Deep a Toilet Can You Drop Your Phone Into?

    Some people apparently spend a lot more of their time on the throne than I do. I've never even come close to dropping my phone in the toilet. I'm there to take a shit and move on with my life. Fiddling with my phone is only going to unnecessarily prolong that.
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    Nvidia Rolls Out Shield Experience 5.0.2 To Original Shield Android TV

    Depends what you use it for. If you don't care how sluggish the interface is and you can live with what streaming options Roku provides and you don't plan or want to do anything else with it, then the Roku 4 is a fine choice (and cheaper to boot). But if you want to do other things with your...
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    Nvidia Rolls Out Shield Experience 5.0.2 To Original Shield Android TV

    The Shield TV is easily one of the best buys I've ever made. Nvidia supports it like mad, pushing updates to the thing out every couple months and now that doesn't look like it's going to stop for a long while. I really, really want Nvidia to take a swing at a Shield phone.
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    Apple Releases “Find My AirPods” Feature For Locating Lost Earbuds

    Bah! You're an Apple fan! That means you're loaded with money! That's why you spent $160 on something you could have had for $20 that would've come attached to a "security wire" so you wouldn't lose just one of them. What's another $65 for a replacement to likes of you? That's pocket change.
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    Microsoft's DirectX Shader Compiler Now Open Source

    I'm not sure why this is surprising to anyone. Ever since Nadella took over the CEO role at Microsoft he's been pushing the idea of Microsoft being more open and sharing with it's technologies. And I don't think they're doing it because they fear anything, they're doing it because they see the...
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    Totaling The Hidden Costs Of Owning A Nintendo Switch

    To be completely fair you don't need all the shit they have listed there to play with the Switch. The console and a game for $360 + tax is really all that's a requirement. The rest of it is "nice to have" and you don't have to buy it all at once anyway. And even that is only for day one...
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    3D and Curved Screen TVs Fade Away

    The 34" and 38" curved ultrawide monitors are good for folks that can only have or only need one monitor. I wouldn't say the curved screen on them is a "gimmick" but I wouldn't call it a necessity either. I have a feeling most people could work and play just as well on a flat ultrawide. Now for...
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    Zenimax v Oculus Raging with Carmack

    It's a bit of stretch to go from "he took some files that he had access to while he worked for us" to "Oculus owes us everything! We're the rightful owners of VR! Pay us $2 billion!" ZeniMax is butt hurt that they were too shortsighted to see the potential in VR and that shortsightedness cost...
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    Netflix Is “Killing” DVD Sales, Research Finds

    I would assume most people who are cord cutters in the US have at the very least Amazon Prime video, Netflix and Hulu. Between the three (and maybe Crackle's free service) you can cover most older TV shows and all the original "streaming only" content they provide. If you were hell bent on...
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    Netflix Is “Killing” DVD Sales, Research Finds

    Until the owner of the content only lets it be on the less convenient platform. That's the Netflix problem in a nutshell. They don't own most of the content so it can disappear at the whim of the owner. Which is supremely inconvenient if you happen to be in the middle of a TV series when it...
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    Gabe Newell Is Doing An AMA Today

    Tell that to everyone who shit on No Man's Sky. I think I only finished Half-Life 2 and it's "episodes" because they were decently short. That said I've never had the slightest desire to play them again. I've never finished the first game despite owning 3 different iterations of it now (by the...
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    Gabe Newell Is Doing An AMA Today

    I honestly could give two fucks about Half-Life 3. Whatever they could possibly produce would never live up to expectations at this point. I am far more interested in a Portal 3, or maybe a TeamFortress 3, or even a Left 4 Dead 3. I think I see a pattern emerging here.
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    Microsoft Reveals Upcoming Gaming Features And Enhancements For Xbox One And PC

    How does that not count? I can buy a game and play it on my PC or XBox One. I don't have to pay for it on both systems. That's fucking awesome (and yeah, Valve did it first but at least Microsoft is catching up). You're still living in the Steve Ballmer Microsoft era of half-hearted promises...
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    Samsung Likely To Unveil Foldable Phones In Q3

    I thought Samsung already released a cumbersome Gear Dick Tracy-esque watch/phone that did that. At any rate, I'm really not in the market for a foldable smartphone at this point though. And I certainly wouldn't want a first gen one.
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    Microsoft Sued By Employees Who Developed PTSD After Reviewing Disturbing Content

    I'm perplexed as to why these two wouldn't simply quit the job that was causing them so much stress? We don't live in North Korea. No one can force you to do a job you don't want to do. You have the option to walk away. Unless you live in the US where personal responsibility is apparently not...
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    GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Rumored For March Release

    I'm guessing "Whatever price AMD releases their high end Vega for"? There is shaping up to be some actual competition in the CPU and GPU market in 2017! Thank god. I really hope AMD can at least pull some sort of parity with Nvidia and Intel instead of "well we didn't want to play in the high...
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    Carmack Hard Drive Contains Proof Of Factual Inaccuracies In Oculus Lawsuit

    This is just corporate bullshit. Zenimax is trying to claim that everything Carmack worked on while in their employ (even projects he took on in his spare time) belong to them. If Armadillo Aerospace had become SpaceX I have no doubt they'd be claiming they owned part of that too. I can't...
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    Robots WILL Kill Us All

    Our drones will blot the sun from the sky!
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    Tech FAIL of the Day

    Whenever I'm watching YouTube and someone says "OK Google" into their phone in a video my Google Home responds. Seems like something of a design flaw that you can't set your own personal trigger words. Hell, Alexa can even control connected door locks. Seems like a boon to a potential burglar...
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    New Grand Theft Auto Online Mode

    Who pissed in your Cheerios? Most of the new stuff added to GTA Online has been pretty substantial (Heists, motorcycle gangs, the ability to run your own crime empire). The type of new game content Ubisoft and EA love to stick in DLC packs to squeeze more money from you after you already paid...