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    Relocating and need ISP advice

    Hey thanks for the reply. I checked out Qwest and Cox. I can't get the fiber optic option from Qwest in my area. I looked at the Cox website and the 12mb deal looks like the one I will be shooting for. 12mb is fine for my needs and it's faster than my current Comcast connection so I'm happy...
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    Relocating and need ISP advice

    I am going to be moving to Mesa, Arizona in the next week. I was just wondering if anyone from the area could give me any advise on which cable/internet service to use or avoid. I will be needing basic service for the TV but more importantly, high speed internet for the computer. I'm mostly...
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    Age of Conan

    I would say go for it. The first levels are designed to help you to learn the controls and how things work so I don't think you should have much trouble getting the hang of it. ;)
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    Age of Conan

    AoC will be THE game for me this year. I have been following it for a long time and I can't wait to play. Might as well uninstall everything
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    What you gonna be in AoC?

    Barbarian as my first character. Not sure from there. Most likely casting dps of some sort.
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    Anyone planning on getting Age of Conan?

    I will be playing AoC. I have the CE preordered. Most likely go with the standard barbarian as my first toon. Looks to be a great game but time will tell. C'mon May 20th!!!
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    Ugrading to Visata 64bit, what issues should I expect from games

    I have had zero gaming issues on Vista 64 so far.
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    Boxhead, Zombie hunter!! Fun game!

    yeah i like it......pretty fun.
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    NVIDIA To Launch 9900GTX, 9900GX2 In July?

    I was just about ready to step-up to the GX2 but this info makes me want to wait.
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    What I learned today about Vista

    lol......yeah i have had computer classes like that before. I can never decide if i should just laugh and shrug it off or stand up and scream, "WTF!!!!" :D
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    anyone have a 8800 ultra?

    :D Well put sir.
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    Thinking of buying 2 8800Ultras. Is it worth it?

    ;) Upgrade your cpu and stick with one 8800GTX.
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    Best Overclocking software

    I looked up "dword coolbits" and came up with this: I run SLi on my rig so I used the "1A" setting. So far it is working very well. Thanks for that info. ;)
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    Convert NTSC to PAL?

    Thank you for the replies. I am actually going to send a couple copies of our wedding video to my wifes family in Bulgaria. As far as i know, their DVD players can only use the PAL format. I asked them if this was the case but none of them are tech savy at all and they didn't have a clue...
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    Convert NTSC to PAL?

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    Convert NTSC to PAL?

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    Convert NTSC to PAL?

    Can anyone suggest the best free app for converting a DVD in NTSC format to the PAL format? Only thing I could find was a trial version of something that left a watermark on the video until you buy the full version. Any help would be great. Thank You.
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    Changing the DPI setting in desktop.....

    Anyone else have input on this???
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    Changing the DPI setting in desktop.....

    Bump.... Because I was wondering the same thing. :D
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    AMD blindsided?

    I don't think AMD was blindsided. AMD knows what Intel is doing and vice versa. It's just how the industry works. Intel will be King for a while and then it will be AMD's turn again. :p
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    Apparently.. AM3 will work with AM2.. Or is it the other way around...?

    I was really tempted to go AM2 when it first came out. Glad I waited. Still.... it is nice for people who did go with AM3. I'm sure I will jump on AM3......just need to see a few benchies first. :D
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    LCD mounts?

    Thanks for the linky. I was interested in the wall mounts too. ;)
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    Viewsonic VX2025wm that doesn't have the backlight bleed?

    Mine has it. Only notice it if the screen is completely black. Never notice it during gaming or anything. I am very happy with this LCD.
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    the Unoffical legend of ares thread FREE MMO!!!

    Looks pretty cool. The fact it's free makes it even better. :D
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    Oblivion Multiplayer Mod in the works (PC only, obviously)

    Sounds very cool. Count me in.
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    2 GB: Needless or Necessity?

    2 gigs is a must these days!! :D
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    GRAW patch out, now with AA

    yes yes. Please post comparison pics. I too am waiting to see what happens with this before I buy the game.
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    How do I run 2 instances of prime95?

    yep this is correct.
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    BF2 FPS etc.

    This is about the best guide for overclocking cpu's and ram. It is pretty much a must read in my opinion. For setting your ram timings you will want to specifically look at this link. It like a picture by picture guide...
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    DFI Expert Keeps On Shutting Down On It's OWN!

    Just so you know, Speedfan is not compatible with the Expert mobo. I had the same problem when i first got this board. I am now using MBM 5. (Mother Board Monitor 5) It is a big change from speedfan but I like it much better now. There is a thread on dfi-street about how to setup...
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    BF2 FPS etc.

    I would agree you should pull out those 512 sticks of ram. Then make sure you are running your ram in 1T. Just run with 2 megs and it is more than plenty. I also noticed when you stated: "Total on the memory tab I have 3072 MBytes of ram in dual channel and @ 105.0 MHz frequency." This...
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    BF2 Post 1.3 Update

    I agree. I love my widescreen and the widescreen hack is playable but they really have no reason to not build support into the game options. I'm going to be sick if BF2142 does not support widescreen out of the box..... :(
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    I want a massively multiplayer Mechwarrior game...

    What an idea. I would be caught up in that pretty fast. Nothing beats a GOOD mech game.
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    Power User Friendly Anti-Virus

    I had Norton and hated it. Have AVG now and like it alot. After reading this thread I may give NOD32 a try. Good info guys! :D
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    LCD Screen Size Comparison

    Nice work. Good to be able to actually see the sizes overlayed on top of eachother.
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    Armored Fury is out!

    Cool!! Thank You!! I am downloading right now. ;)
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    New mod for BF2 : USI

    I like it. Worth the download for sure.
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    BF2 Lag after v1.30

    I have no lag at all but like a few others have said, just a bunch of CTD's. I have they do another little patch before before AF on Tuesday. I will go nuts if I am crashing to desktop while trying to play the insane new booster....... :D
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    Battlefeild 2 Question

    If I know it was an accident I always forgive.
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    Do you hate widescreen? Are you male?

    Sames here. :D