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    Cord-Cutters Hitting Satellite TV Hard

    After years of not doing it, I am finally getting ready to drop cable TV. Time Warner cable use to be ok, you just had to call them up every year when they decided to raise your bill. Now with Spectrum, if I want to change something, I am going to have to pay more for less due to having to move...
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    25% Off Orders at FrozenCPU for President's Day

    Years ago while I was still very much active in the modding community and Mark was operating out of his apartment, I ordered some stuff from him and picked it up. I dont remember the exact conversation, but after a short talk about the community, i left his apartment never wanting to do business...
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    Rogue IT Admin Goes Off The Rails And Shuts Down Train Switches

    Even before that, why did he have access while under suspension? Maybe you don't disable all his accounts, but at least have him turn in his hardware and disable any accounts that let him work remotely. This was a failure on so many levels.
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    Domino's, Ford to Test Pizza Delivery via Driverless Cars

    Driverless cars provide Last Mile, someone will figure out how to automate the Last Foot. I think drones are the in thing, but honestly a combination of driverless car and then a smaller robot will be the solution.
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    Domino's, Ford to Test Pizza Delivery via Driverless Cars

    This is what scares me the most about US politics. We really need to start working on ways to handle a county where most jobs are completed with very little human labor.
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    ARK: Survival Evolved Faces An Unexpected Delay

    double? I think the two copies I purchased on Steam were $10 or $12. It is a buggy mess, but on the right server, it can be a fun buggy mess.
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    Amazon Ends Its Unlimited Cloud Storage Plan

    Now just annotate that encrypted data onto some JPGs and upload them to your unlimited photo storage with amazon prime.
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    Own A Drone? You May Need An FAA Drone Pilot Certificate

    So I have one of these. Since I fly it FPV, I need a Drone pilot's license ? :) crazy ...
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    The Best PC Games (You Should Be Playing)

    It nails the casual positive feedback loop. I purchased it because I am a sucker for small indie projects. I did enjoy it for a while, but it isn't really the type of game I normally play. The game is simply amazing especially when you consider everything was created by one guy. His love for...
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    Hollywood Hospital Paid $17,000 Ransom To Hackers

    .. when it is a legitimate attack, systems have a way to just shut that down. The truth is that Security is an ever changing battle and the bad guys tend to win in the end. Traditional protections are not as effective as they use to be. Sure firewalls and Antivirus software might stop...
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    Inexpensive ZFS or BTRFS build

    I agree with Dizzy as well. I do believe there is/was cases were you can mix ECC and non-ECC. However, doing so means you would be operating without ECC. There are also some cases where you can use ECC memory in a system but the memory controller does not support it so you don't get...
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    Advice for NAS solution

    This is correct. with ZFS (which is what FreeNAS uses) you do not want your drives setup as a RAID on the controller. This is also a big reason why ECC memory is so important to FreeNAS. While you can get FreeNAS to work with a lot of hardware and configurations, that does not mean you should if...
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    Advice for NAS solution

    If you really want to go FreeNAS I suggest lots of reading the forums for hardware recommendations.
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    Microsoft Office 2016 PC/Mac for $9.95 (for Qualified School/Work Emails)

    Not all the Office 365 plans include office. I know the E3 plan includes 5 installations of office for each user. I don't actually tell my users they can install it at home, but they could. An administrator can also deactivate an install at will, so I would suggest asking if it acceptable first...
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    SSD Benchmark (ATTO) weirdness

    It was a fresh laptop from Dell and outside of benchmarking the drive performance was good. I did a fresh install of the OS and the benchmarks look normal now.
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    SSD Benchmark (ATTO) weirdness

    I have two Dell Laptops I am looking at which both have 256 SED SSDs in them. I ran the ATTO Disk benchmark and got some weird results from one of them on higher transfer sizes. With the default disk queue length of 4, the drives performance drops once the transfer size gets over 1024KB...
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    Java Primary Cause of 91 Percent of Attacks

    It is Friday so therefore I hate Java ... ADP etime is horrible and only HR people like it. I hate knowingly compromising security of user systems just so they can get paid.... It is the first time I have seen something break because Win7 UAC was turned off !
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    Steam Machine Scores High In iFixit's Teardown

    that was my thought as well ... it looks like the work of someone who had no idea what they were doing.
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    Does Mayonnaise Last As A Thermal Compound?

    It was really bad. I think they need to do the test again with better coverage and maybe add some ham, provolone, lettuce and tomato.
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    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 Motherboard Giveaway! Week 1

    waste it on something productive ...
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    Why Best Buy Checks Your Receipt

    I am the type of guy that ends up with cameras on him in almost every store. Even a store where my sister was a manager and the head of the loss prevention was introduced to me by said sister on more than one occasion (because he was following me around). Still .. I don't understand the rage...
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    Warm: Microcenter WD Green 1.5TB $59.99 instore

    BTW - There are tons of reports on these drives being DOA.
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    Homebrew System With 70TB of Storage Space they used 1.5 TB drives.
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    Hacker Group Promises More Attacks

    I don't know .. they did manage to get lucky with ACS:Law
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    Multiplicity Professional Half-Price on Stardock

    I like Input director more than Multiplicity and it is free ;)
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    Doom III: Project Mars City (Comments Thread)

    .... hey someone I remember !
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    MATX micro tower Case $19.99 shipped - Newegg

    Very cheap case .. I have two. Both have issues with the front switches. for $20 you don't expect much
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    Windows 7 RC Is Out

    Getting sustained transfer rate of over 3MB a sec. The download servers are working fine :)
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    Antec Sonata III + AMD 64 x2 5400+ black $129 - 50 MIR

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+ Brisbane 2.8GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket AM2 65W Dual-Core black edition Processor - Retail with Antec Sonata III 500 Black 0.8mm cold rolled steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 500W Power Supply - Retail There is a combo deal with $77 off which brings the total to...
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    Dremel... is broken?

    I dont have an XPR so I cant really tell you how to do it :) ... and it might not be possible with the XPR. It looks to me that the control is a knob and not a slider like the older models. This means they could be using an encased the rheostat now.
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    Dremel... is broken?

    Common problem with all but the digitals... You need to rip it apart and clean the contacts of the speed control. That or you could also send it in for warranty. Honestly I am kind of upset that they have not found a way around this yet (aside from the digitals). I use to have this problem...
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    Which Dremel do you recommend?

    Best I have used is the old Digital Dremel ... Damn thing is great and was the last dremel I got. I am not sure you can still get them, but they are still on the dremel website. Best part is that they dont suffer from the problem describe below. Since I dont have an XPR, I do not know what...
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    Need help designing fan grills.....

    hehe .. I think I have some of my old grill designs someplace .. but unless you are really good with a dremel, I dont think they would end up looking too well ;) The case looks fairly plain so I would keep the design simple.
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    Teaching a Modding Workshop

    One note ... No matter what you are teaching at the time .. try to make sure people understand there are always other methods to do the same thing .. example - Dremels are great all around tools and can do amazing things. However there are countless other ways to cut metal. Jigsaw/Scroll...
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    Battlefield 2: Snipers

    Ok ... I mostly play sniper class with the m95 .. here is something I have found that seems to be true, but could be totaly wrong. The base deviation does not seem to be calculated each shot (each shot will go exactly the same spot as the last). This could be due to some seed value or maybe...
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    spinner grills

    This thread reminds me of the old days of [H] .. And they were not good days either. OK .. So you dont like the design .. stop reading the damn thread ! Personally I hate spinners .. I hate the whole Ricer look .. Still .. If that is what this guys is looking for who am I to say anything.
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    So what bits do you all use when cutting with a dremel?

    My guide Umm .. I havent touched that site in a long time .. so :)
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    Cool thing with dremel

    Dremels are not good for acrylic. If you really have to do it that way .. use a high speed cutter at 5k RPM. You could also get a 3" saw blade for a dremel. I have used them on acrylic rod but never attempted to cut sheet with them. Best bet would be a jigsaw or scrollsaw with a fine tooth...
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    Cool thing with dremel

    Nope .. First off, the standard wheels are thinner than the reinforced, this means they are doing less work. They still wear down faster, but they are much cheaper and cost per inch is much less. This is provided you dont break the wheels. By only using them for cutting straight lines, you...
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    Cool thing with dremel

    Widget Supply has decent prices for online retailers. One great way to save money is to buy bit sets. Use the standard wheels to do most cutting and the reinforced for shaping.