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    Steam Winter Sale

    The reviews are really lol.
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    Internet Freedom Is Actively Dissolving in America

    I was going to say from what I've read it's not just the USA. Sadly so many of the children/young adults will go happily along with all this since they don't know what it was once like. Never thought I'd get old enough to say something like that. We have long been leaving the world of...
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    NASA Accepting Applications For Missions To Mars

    What did Mars ever do to you that you should wish such a vile thing on it?
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    J.J. Abrams Talks Starkiller Base And General Hux In The Force Awakens

    Except Voyager is great more exploring like in the original good characters and a strong sense of what Roddenberry tried to do make future worth time traveling too. The first two seasons of Enterprise were good too though they did rehash a lot of stuff but from an earlier perspective...
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    First Major Update For Windows 10 Available Today

    Thanks for the clarification, guess I'll have to upgrade now. Still seems weird they would do that in the swipe menu I mean what possible reason is there for reducing it (if they changed the type of control maybe but to loose functionality and still have a slider is strange)? Is it easier on...
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    Police Pulled Over Google's Self-Driving Car

    In CA you are required by law to pull over and let cars pass if there are 5 or more cars behind you (when it is safe to pull over of course). The story I read said there was "a line of cars behind" it and was doing 25mph in a 35 zone: if it was 5 or more he should indeed have pulled it over and...
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    Xbox One Sees 81 Percent Growth Over Last Year

    Well when I bought the PS4 last year, it seemed much less reliant on an internet connection than the Xbox 1. At least everything I read seemed to indicate a good experience on it needed a good internet connection and I wasn't thrilled by the subscription fees either. I've really only found one...
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    First Major Update For Windows 10 Available Today

    Does it restore the functionality of the brightness slider on a SurfacePro? I'd upgrade my SP to Win10 as I'm going to need to test my programs on it eventually (won't upgrade my desktop), but not if I can't get decent control of the brightness, I mostly use it in the very dim range as it hurts...
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    Xbox One Sees 81 Percent Growth Over Last Year

    As my internet speeds in the day now often drop to 25Kbps I'm more glad than ever I didn't get an Xbox 1. Glad so many people can get good internet. My PS4 just gathers dust though, guess I'm just not the console type. Of course when the desktop dies out I guess I'll have to get with the...
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    iPad Pro Performs Poorly In Teardown Report

    I've given up and now my only concern is the battery. I simply will no longer buy a battery operated device in which I can't easily replace the battery. It would be nice if these types of devices were built to be easily serviced but given the way things are these days, the best I can hope for...
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    Tim Cook Declares The End Of The PC

    No I didn't get this from a TV show if you had bothered to read what I wrote you would know this. The mention of the ideas from 1900 was an example of how predictions can go right and wrong. Your blanket statement of predictions made in the 1970's is just plain wrong and rather silly.
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    Tim Cook Declares The End Of The PC

    You must not have been reading a lot of sci-fi books--if you consider them future speculations they were all over the place, from 'not much a future' to 'gee wiz space stuff' to 'robots and computers do everything' and everything in between. While there was some hype about Skylab and stuff...
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    Is Windows 10 Telemetry A Threat To Your Personal Privacy?

    And once again I'll point out privacy or no if you have crappy internet service to begin with it will go to unusable when windows decides to transfer it's data (Windows, in my experience, invariably chooses to do updates during peak hours which is why I have them turned off in 8.1 so I can...
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    Carmakers Can't Use The DMCA To Make Working On Your Car Illegal

    Dang I was going to tell you to keep your sword away from my Ford. Sure it wasn't a Freudian slip? Well expect maybe today when like John Cleese I wanted to thrash the thing since, while the aircon works fine, the heater only blows cold, of course I find that out a few days before it's...
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    UPS Expects To Ship 630M Packages This Holiday Season

    And even more useless when Amazon mails them instead since the post office doesn't deliver in this area (10 mile round trip to pick them up at the post office). I'd rather deal with UPS occasionally being a day late (one time I got a package two weeks late, that was the post office though)...
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    You Can Now Buy Drone Insurance

    I'd like to get a drone for hunting season. Chase a away the deer and therefore, hopefully, the hunters (who tend to violate the 150 yard rule). So does this cover liability if they sue me for accidently running into them? I'm not too worried about them shooting it down, maybe if the were...
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    97-Year-Old Tech Fan Gets Her Wish To Visit Google

    I don't know who I'd want to visit in another 40+ years but I sure hope it's someone/someplace. Right now, well I'd probably go to a museum, like the Smithsonian or the Victoria and Albert, but hey to each his/her own...I'm looking back she's looking forward. She's ahead of my grandmother who...
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    Facebook Goes Slooow With '2G Tuesdays'

    I don't use, need or want Facebook, but I'm not sure where all this hate is coming from. If used as a development tool it could well help pinpoint bottle necks in the user experience, even if you have a fast internet connection it could help especially with all the programs these days...
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    Space Elevator Patented By Canadian Company

    They need to hire Nelix. For that matter skip the elevator and just get out those Heisenberg compensators and beam me up.
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    If it's any help this is the cable that works for me: Six+ weeks now and no problems (it's hooked up to a Panasonic 4k TV). Interesting note about pin 20 I've always been meaning to try and cut pin...
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    Social Media Making Millennials Less Social

    Aren't computer part of the "real world?"
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    Video Games Aren't Just For Antisocial Nerds!

    And who cares what those people think? Let them keep their delusions so long as they don't try to legislate against video games. For those few who do live in basements, I hope the radon levels have been checked, even basement nerds deserve non-toxic air.
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    Need a new power supply

    My thoughts would be I've always had good luck with Seasonic power supplies, but really bad luck with Supermicro motherboards, but of course that's just my personal experience (and I haven't touched anything Supermicro for years except an old server case that I finally retired this year).
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    Best Linux distro.. "best"..

    Are you bugging my phone? Almost verbatim what I get with my mom, though at 82 I give her a lot of credit for just having two computers and using the Internet daily. She has learned (usually) to check all the cables are plugged in though first before she calls. Though last time it was: "I...
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    Windows 10 keeps turning my monitor on at night

    Only time I've seen something like that is when you also have some other device like a PS4 hooked to the monitor and it wakes up (like accidently pressing a button on the controller) and you have the monitor set to turn on when it senses such a device coming on (mine does). My suggestion: look...
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    Easiest way to avoid Win10?

    Sadly yes, I was going to download Microsoft's free development software as I wanted a cheap way to get an arbitrary integer library, until I read the part about all the data they collect with it. To me that's a price: all the data causes my internet to slow down way too much and of course a...
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    Electric Vehicle Owners Turning Against Each Other

    NEVER Mind, my mind tripped here looking at the wrong post, sorry.
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    Electric Vehicle Owners Turning Against Each Other

    Actually I know people who have 3 phase shop tools AT THEIR HOMES. It was pointed out in an earlier post that an overnight charger used what was it 40amps at 220/240. If you have a 150amp service and your are say heating your home, using your computer, have on a few lights, maybe cooking...
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    Phil Spencer: “I Don’t Know If Xbox One Can Beat PS4”

    That should be "Like I DID for Dying Light", guess I think of death when I think of that game.
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    Phil Spencer: “I Don’t Know If Xbox One Can Beat PS4”

    I really wanted to like my PS4, but after a brief period I just went back to my desktop. Sometimes I use my PS4 controller on my desktop I'm actually a little better with a controller--that was one hell of an expensive controller though. I keep thinking 'oh maybe I'll try some Laura Croft...
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    Dude Makes High Tech Replica Of Thor's Hammer

    Funny. Couldn't watch the whole vid, do they try and fool more people? Be a fun way of introducing the topic of magnetics/electro magnets in school though.
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    These Tech Giants Are the Walking Dead

    Walking dead? I didn't know corporations were alive to begin with. I never did understand the cloud anyway. Maybe because I live in a rural area and getting cut off can happen all too easily. I also never liked the term cloud makes it sound like your data it just magically floating out in...
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    Electric Vehicle Owners Turning Against Each Other

    Well some good points, but I'm at the end of rural line in a small subdivision, according to the power company the lines are well under capacity here. Main problem is 3 phase 240v service, can't do that here. If I had a second car it would probably be to keep the gas pickup for when I need one...
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    Also in the interests of being accurate my new 5GB USB 3 drive is only 50% faster on the USB card vs. motherboard ports not 100% like the older 3GB drives and this when copying large video files (which is mostly what I do with these drives) in small file copy the difference is not really...
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    And it's not like older motherboards don't have problems too. One annoying thing on my old Sandybridge for example was any time I switched monitor input or turned it off I'd lose sound and have to go into the sound manager every time (always meant to, but never got around to, fixing the cable...
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    Electric Vehicle Owners Turning Against Each Other

    Not sure why so many here are opposed to breathing cleaner air. Personally I'd like an electric vehicle but it would need a 200 mile range because of where I live and would also need to be 4x4 since this is a heavy snow area (well if the drought ever ends). The real problem might be charging...
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    Yeah, rather than "some" I should have said "a few." I didn't go into details above, but I tried HDMI 2.0 with a high speed HDMI cable (not a HDMI 2) cable, it worked for a few days then suddenly the computer wouldn't boot at all, so I switched back to the display port cable, the old one, and...
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    Scientists Suggest New Twist On The Demise Of The Dinosaurs

    I always like the old Gary Larson cartoon titled "The real reason dinosaurs became extinct" which showed a bunch of dinosaurs smoking cigarettes. I've seen this multi-event theory before (though for various causes). When you consider how long the extinctions took it makes some sense.
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    Just FYI I had some odd boot problems on my Rampage V, about every 6 boots or so it would give some damn qcode (usually but not always in the 60's) and I'd have to cut power until the mother board lights went out then it would boot normally. I went through all the usual 'it must be the USB'...