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    Samsung UN43KU7500 43" Curved 4K - $449 - BACK ONE DAY ONLY on 5/13

    Back in stock at Best Buy, I just grabbed one. Thanks guys for updating this thread, I didn't pull the trigger on the BJs or Sam's deal (not a member) and missed the first Best Buy sale. Time to FINALLY replace my fossilized Westinghouse LVM-37w1!!
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    G.SKILL Ares Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 2133 for $60 shipped.

    Sorry for the nub question here, but why is this RAM not such a hot deal? I just recently picked up a very similar set. (GSkill 16GB 2133 10-12-12-31 1.6v, but it was Ripjaws X series instead of Ares) Is using XMP to get the rated speed/timings really bad or something? Or is the 'bad...
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    PNY 240GB Optima SSD (TigerDirect) - $79.99

    The Egg also has it for $79.99 after rebate. Link
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    Firestone Audio Headphone Stand - $34.99 + $4.99 Shipping (to US)

    I see your banana hanger and raise you a cedar hangup double-sided taped to the underside of my desk. All joking aside, it does look nice; I just can't bring myself to spend $40 on a hook, as decorative and fancy a hook as that may be.
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    Target cartwheel 15% off electronics

    Thanks a ton, I was looking for a deal on an XBone since I missed the boat on the Microcenter $400 for the Kinect-ed XBone that was going on earlier. $425 ain't too shabby, and thankfully there were no headaches or hoops to jump through at my local Target, the electronics lady clearly knew...
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    EVGA GeForce GTX770 SuperClocked - $299.99 (after MIR, $319.99 without)

    2GB should be enough for gaming on a single 1080p monitor though right?
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    Westinghouse 46" 1080p LCD TV $350

    Figured I'd chime in here for fence-sitters lookin for more intel on Westinghouse reliability. I too have had the venerable 37w1 as my monitor for what seems like forever now, and I also have a newer series 47" lcd tv in another room. They are not amazing quality, as both have minor...
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    Toshiba 39" LED Backlight TV $320

    I'm a little confused. The thread/deal is about a Toshiba 39" LED TV. The avsforum link is about LG monitors being great for PC displays. Is this Toshiba on sale at BB the same as the 39" version of the LG in the avs thread? I just feel like I'm missing something here. I have had my...
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive $13.49 Pre-Purchase

    @alf717 or anyone else in the beta: Can you still buy everything using console script binds? When I used to play CS I never used the menus, I just created a .cfg file with bind setups to buy the different weapons and equipment. So at the start, instead of like 6-7 clicks to buy, I would...
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    LG E2241V-BN Ultra Slim 1080p 22" LED Monitor $99 at OnSale

    Has anyone received theirs, or does anyone have experience with buying from onSale? I'm very tempted to buy one of these to use as a new work monitor; I'd honestly rather spend $90 on this than try to convince my company (which has all their employees including the president in the same size...
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    2.5" 10k velocirapper 300GB: $70 + ship

    Was hoping against hope to see someone here post something akin to a rapping dinosaur. Thank you bigddybn, you made my night.
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    Microcenter 2600k Deal Is Back: Buy 2600k at $279 and get $60 off MOBO purchase

    So I guess this is sort of a YMMV thing, but since some people have expressed desire for the i5, I figured I'd let you know how things went for me. I just got back from MC (Yonkers, NY) and the deal they had in their circular was for the i5 2500k, $60 off w/ mobo. They had no deal on the i7...
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    Refurbed Corsair 128gb SSD $129.99 at

    I apologize Old Hippie, I had a fundamental failure with your post. I do think it's worth saying though, that I don't really keep current with this stuff anymore so your, "have you been in a hole for a year" comment kind of does apply. My problem was that I had initially looked at the bit-tech...
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    Refurbed Corsair 128gb SSD $129.99 at

    So, sorry to continue the noob train here, but with those intel trim-for-raid drivers, do you need an intel motherboard or just a motherboard with an intel chipset? The list of supported boards on that intel page confused me a bit, it looked like they were listing intel branded mobos and not...
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    PC Overhaul Help?

    Thanks again for your thoughts and comments. As long as one SLI bridge is the same as the next one, I definitely have one or two lying around, from previous motherboards. I'll have to go digging through my PC wasteland closet to verify, but I seem to recall having one that was a fixed width...
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    PC Overhaul Help?

    Thanks for clearing that up on the RAM. As for the video card choice, I was considering an nvidia card partially because of the sli potential of the board. I don't think I'll ever do any eyefinity or anything, are the amd cards just generally better for the price?
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    PC Overhaul Help?

    Thanks for the comments tonytnnt. I see that the cpu and mobo combo I was looking at is exactly what you have in the machine in your sig. Everything's working well with that I assume? And I guess you were suggesting the same RAM you have as well. Would I not see any performance...
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    PC Overhaul Help?

    Thanks in advance to Danny Bui and others, you guys are the best!! 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming will be the primary purpose, (A lot of WoW for now, but certainly Diablo III later and I will dabble in other games) there will be...
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    Everex XT5000T Support thread

    Hey guys, Just trying to gauge interest; I just bought a newish laptop and I was going to sell my xt5000t (2gb RAM, functions perfectly, never had any issues, never had to bake it or anything lol) to my buddy for $200. Figured since there are real hardcore fans of this model here I'd at...
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    Feedback on potential build?

    Thanks for the quick reply Danny, and sorry about being ambiguous on the time. I'd like to have this build complete by the middle of October.
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    Feedback on potential build?

    Hi folks, I've been outta the game for a while; my last real build was in April 2008. Any help is appreciated! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming...
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    Best Buy PNY gtx260 on clearance $137 YMMV

    Unfortunately, the BB in my neck of the woods decided that $161 (from $229) was enough of a clearance price for this card. I had to pass.
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    Best Buy PNY gtx260 on clearance $137 YMMV

    Hi thanks for the head's up, there's a BB right near work for me. Do you happen to know if that card has the 216 processor cores? I tried googling that sku and this thread was the only hit i got. The ones on newegg (both the 216 core version and the 192 core version) both had different...
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    18.4" Laptop Screens

    Can anyone speak from experience and point me towards a big screen laptop that's still usable on a plane for watching videos? The idea for the laptop is to have it be used 95% of the time on a desk or table, where size and weight doesn't matter; but I still want it to be functional on a plane...
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    Whats the biggest 16:9 LCD i can get for 300$?

    Hanns G 28" LCD for $309, but it's 16:10.
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    How to TRIM a RAID array of Indilinx SSDs?

    So, thanks to anand's exhaustively informative articles, I understand that TRIM is working on Intel and Indilinx drives under Win7, but in many cases it won't work without specific drivers (the default MS drivers under Win7) and according to anand: So, if I were to get, say, a pair of OCZ...
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    Wired Network with Wireless Access Point?

    I'll give that a shot, thanks a ton!
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    Wired Network with Wireless Access Point?

    Sorry for the noob question; but I have a wired home network (Cable Modem -> Wired 4-port Firewall/Router -> My Devices + a Remote 5-port Switch which serves another floor) and I wanted to add wireless without messing with the rest of the house which is wired. Basically, I'd like to get my...
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    Everex XT5000T Support thread

    Thanks Andy. One of my concerns is that I want to get rid of the multiple partitions; which is how the drive came when I first got it. (a single 100GB drive in two equal partitions appearing under two drive letters) Can I merge the partitions with Drive Management under Vista? And then...
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    Everex XT5000T Support thread

    Hey Guys, I had a quick question. I recently bought a new HD for my venerable XT5000T, since the original 100GB drive was slow, in my case, full, and annoyingly partitioned. (I was considering an SSD, but after research I decided that I should wait for a TRIM-supporting drive, and it will...
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    Dickie's cheap clothes - redneckgamers rejoice! [~50-75% clearance]

    Thanks guys, great deals. I got myself up to $100 so I could use the 20% off "jul20" promo code. All told it was 5 pairs of shorts and 5 shirts for ~$80 shipped.
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    Samsung 2333SW (23" 1920x1080) $162 + tax, possible free shipping

    Instant Savings up to $131 for me, making it $149 before shipping. Wow. I totally don't need one but man am I thinking about it.
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    Wireless Router as simple Access Point?

    Sorry for my total network nubishness, but I've got a small home network that's all wired, and I got a crappy wireless router (for free lol) from a friend that I was hoping to implement behind my current router/firewall as an access point for my Wii, my G1, and my laptop if I take it to another...
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    Everex XT5000T Support thread

    Thanks for the replies, guys. Sorry for my laptop noobness, but what's the interface like? Is it just a normal SATA port? Like a cartridge slot instead of cables with connectors? I haven't opened the thing up since the week I got it when I put another stick of RAM in it. I was...
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    Everex XT5000T Support thread

    I feel like I'm the only guy who hasn't had his Everex blow up. That said; any HD-intensive work I've done on it is excruciatingly slow. I haven't defragged the HD yet; I guess I should, but I was thinking about upgrading the HD since there's supposedly a spare bay. The OP in this...
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    I can't SLI these two cards can I?

    Thanks for the info guys!
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    I can't SLI these two cards can I?

    Sorry for the nubbish question, but I looked in the SLI faqs and didn't see an answer. I just got a donation of older hardware, and I'm trying to frankenstein together a box. I have an eVGA 6800GT, a Gigabyte 6800 vanilla, and an ASUS A8N SLI Premium mobo. I know they made strides a...
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    Getting back into building.. how's this?

    Thanks again for all the help; i'm looking to finalize and pull the trigger either today or tomorrow!
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    Getting back into building.. how's this?

    Here's my Newegg Cart; I decided to get a new HD just so I could keep my mobo/proc/ram/hd all intact in my current box and not have to reactivate my XP install when I put that stuff in a different case/psu setup. (I'm at the point now where I have to call them every time I do it :rolleyes:)...
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    Getting back into building.. how's this?

    My old parts are actually going to use; I'm going to Frankenstein another box from my old parts and a friend's old box.