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    textured black??

    just looking for ideas on how to get a textured matt black finish on mdf for a case mod in progress. i cant seem to find many paints that can accoumplish this? ive seen hifi sudio componants finished in this way and im looking to mimic this with the case. any of you guys got any paint...
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    blue ray playing on mac mini

    i want to upgrade my mac mini which is in media center duties, i would like an external blue ray reader drive, are there any available for the mini? all the ones i seem to find are blueray writers and cost many time more than what i wanted. stu
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    OK, its payday and im hitting the World of Warcraft bug, bad. im looking to upgrade the ram on my macbook to 2gig is this a good idea --- >Crucial DDR2 SO-DIMM 1024MB CL5 Non-ECC, 1.8V, 128Mx64, 200p DDR2 PC2-5300 Also, was looking to buy a razer copperhead gaming mouse, seem it doesnt like...
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    MacBook High Definition?

    yeah ive found most of the demos and trailers, just wandering if there was a service online yet like sky on demand providing hidef films ect... stu
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    MacBook High Definition?

    where are you guys getting this high definition content from? i didnt thnk the mac book had a hi def capable drive!
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    mac and hidef

    is that a 100% no it does'nt play them then? because ill drag my laptop into hmv and ask if i can try one if its not
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    mac and hidef

    just recently changed some settings in dvd player and i notice there is a tab for hi definition, my question now is, can a mac book with 2.0Ghz dual core play hidef dvd's? i have a 720p screen to plug into it via dvi to hdmi and dont want to pay for a hidef dvd and find it not work very well. ta stu
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    The new stuff for 2007

    just a suggestion no need for the bash. and depending on what you see as valuable to you, the software included makes up alot of the money. dont nock it till you try it.
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    The new stuff for 2007

    if you have a broad mind, why not try a mac? just take a look at the apple site. lots planned and never any bug problems. stu
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    Battery Life on Mac Book and Pro

    well when fullly charged and not doing much but web browsing (not wireless) the estimated time i get is 4:18 you can watch a dvd all the way through with half and hour to an hour and a half spare. varies. but is still pretty damn good.
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    MacBook Matte Screen Online Petition

    loving the glossy screen here, the blacks are so much better, and the screen works better outside in sunlight! the viewing angel is pretty junk but ohh well.
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    Gloss Screens?

    Been hearing a little bit about a few new laptops with gloss lcd screens, and last night a colleauge at work baught his new laptop in which had a said gloss screen. and using in the brightly lit staff room i saw no problem with brightness at all. so the question is are there any lcd widscreen...
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    FS: Mac Mini G4, Screen, Keyboard mouse Tv tuner...

    as in title mac mini 1.42Ghz G4 512Mb 3500 ram 60Gb HDD Mac OSX wireless logitech mx700 mouse, generic usb keyboard. tertec usb freeview tuner on usb. Has alot of 'audio files' on aswell, can leave and clean it up or fresh install user preferance. Screen: Samsung 152X 15''...
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    part exchange

    i payed £300 for it about 2 years ago, was one of the top end screens back then and i still belive its a better looking screen than most today, with that skinny lil bezzle round the screen. it suits the mac mini down to a tee. which is why i thaught selling it as a bundle would be better for it...
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    part exchange

    well currently i own a mac mini 1.43 g4 512g ram and 60Gb hdd i have a gorgeous lil 15" samsung screen (152x) wireless keyboard and mouse and a teratec digital tv card for it, all the software etc.. but im looking for a new macbook, preferably the black one but might go for the lower option...
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    PC For DJ Remix/Mixing Purposes

    just a little note to this thread, i used to be a pc fan boy and bash the apple users somthing rottern, however after using my flatmates laptop for a couple of days i decided i needed one. baught the mac mini and ive never been happier. its basicaly be on constantly since ive had it. 2 main...
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    What processor should my laptop have if I have a budget around 1500 bucks?

    just to throw somthing else into the mix, ever considered a mac laptop?
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    iPod - Do Not Disconnect...Ever

    as far as i understand you have to ejects it if your not using the auto update thing? thats what i understatnd anyways
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    New headphones to replace ipod crud

    sony e888's are the best ive heard and can be picked up for about $60, not bass heavy headphones by any means but the sound is very smooth and detailed, great for rock and acoustic material, however i used them for techno trance and house genres and they still shone with it. great phones.
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    What is "boomy" bass?

    actualy what you are describing is clipping a differant matter all together. it still is a problem however what boomy bass is is a sound charecteristic, as in etchy harsh nasel etc... boomy bass is caused by badly designed components and implimentation and interaction between the seperate...
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    Question . . GigaWorks s700-Upgrade

    personaly i would say the F is complete crap, they probably drop it by 6 - 9 dB anyways if i was looking for an upgrade i would shy away from 5.1 - 7.1 as te last 2 channels do nothing to the over all sound stage of the product. firstly i would aim at getting a good 4 cghannle setup. and try to...
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    Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro worth it?

    it alll depends on the intended outcome, do you want a card that can do games rearly well or do you want 2 channle music quality, if its the later then you would be better off getting an external DAC and runningh that into some sort of amp.
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    Digital output problem please help...

    if we're talking MP3 tracks they are only recorded ibn 2 channel so you will only get the front speakers working unless you apply some sort of digital processing to it in which case it will sound like arse.
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    The smallest powerful Sats

    depends on what you class as power, what you want to be looking at is sensitivity vs wattage handling. those 2 together should give you a good reading for how many Db it can throw at you. but one question still remains do you need it that loud?
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    MegaWorks . . Max Volume Limitation

    or get your ears checked, i mean do you NEED it that loud?? if you need that volume to get the right kind of buzz from the music then you might want to get your ears checked, the loadest i would go is club level. and then sometimes that is too loud.
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    MegaWorks . . Max Volume Limitation

    there is not a difinitive guide. you cannot say if you run at 4 o clock volume for 20 mins you will destroy your amp it just doesnt work like that. just listen for distortion and turn it down....
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    Xbox on LCD through VGA

    does this trick mean that i could use it with a non modded xbox, and not have an old tv to play the xbox on??
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    How Silent Are Macs?

    if you want silence then hit up a mini, there is NO noise. unless running games such as world of warcraft then its only just audiable if your sat within a foot of it.
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    Mac Mini, need some advice

    im willing to bet on the speed side of things a mini with a gig of ram would draw even if not beat the 2ghz p4, i was amazed at the speed of this little computer. it may not be a 300fps quake3 machine but hell, the processor is very capable. the graaphics card is what lets the gaming side down...
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    Speaker Decision

    thirded :)
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    Does a better soundcard help out at all?

    as other people have said, it depends on the output quality of the amplifier cables speakers etc.. so if those are lets say creative of logitech you probably wont hear the differance, well very much anyways. however if you have a system built of seperates and stand alone speakers driven by an...
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    klipsch promedia 2.1 question

    first off can i ask you what you budget is, because if you are using the system to listen to mp3's cd's and alike im sure i can find you a better sounding system available in the uk. stu'
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    Mac Mini... your thoughts/worth it?

    definatly the mac, tried playing a cd through it to see if it was the file and my sony pcdp plays nicley through the same cable. the mac stills lacked bass responce and emphasis in the mid section :(
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    Mac Mini... your thoughts/worth it?

    before the mac mini was released i was looking at mini itx form factor, specificaly the nanode ( however there was no set release date, and a major lack of power. my flat mate has got an ibook and have been playin round on it for a while, and ive got to say its an awesom operating...
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    Speaker Suggestion: JBL

    well for buget speakers they arn't bad, but anything apart from games they sound like arse, however if the budget is less than $200 then i suppose they'll have to do.... stu
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    5.1 Surround Sound not working

    if you dont listen dvd-a or sacd you will never have 5.1 sound from mp3 unless your computer does some shizzle and throws what it thinks should go to the speakers along the lines. dvd's however should be 5.1, so as a guess its an option somwhere which hasnt been set to 5 speakers.... stu-
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    Dell’s UltraSharp 2005FPW widescreen 20-inch LCD monitor.

    how did you go about ordering it? you ring up UK dell? or order through the spanish website? if the later would you still get the warrenty service? stu.
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    2005FPW roll call

    ok guys, went looking on ebay to look for a nice sized tft, found a dell 2001fp for a 'good' price and later saw the shipping info. seemed it was shipping streight from the US, does that mean that the dell screens use an universal power converter? just wandering if you could check in the manual...
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    Dell’s UltraSharp 2005FPW widescreen 20-inch LCD monitor.

    ok guys, went looking on ebay to look for a nice sized tft, found a dell 2001fp for a 'good' price and later saw the shipping info. seemed it was shipping streight from the US, does that mean that the dell screens use an universal power converter? just wandering if you could check in the manual...