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    2700X Build [now 3600(?)]

    yep, I concur. IF you are gonna get the newest AMD board/Chipset, get a 3rd gen processor. Otherwise, get an older (cheaper) 2nd gen board And you are gonna neede much much more than 500 gigs. I have an 500 850sammy, a 2 tb hybrid, and 2 stone age 500 gigs. 3.5 tb space(if my math is...
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    Atari Calls out The Register and The Register Fires Back

    Dang!! Makes me sad. I had the original. Still do, in the attic somewhere. I know the games are fried, system probably does not work either.
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    Microsoft Undersea Data Center - Project Natick

    ;( A Fatal exception has occurred at THE OCEAN! The current OCEAN will be TERMINATED PRESS ANYKEY TO TERMINATE ALL OCEAN-LIFE Press CTRL_ALT_DELETE to restart the ocean
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    Hands on with the ASUS ROG Smartphone

    I like it. Hell Android minecraft + Chrome can over heat my S9+ Sadly, I wont get it for a ton of reasons....... 1. Still paying off my S7 and S8+ 2. My provider is Apple-Samsung only 3. See #1
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    Kingdom Come: Deliverance GPU Performance Review

    Follow up please!
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    U.S Identifies Suspect in Leak of CIA Hacking Tools

    Everyone who believes the P0rn WAS NOT planted, raise your hand. But in this case, they can go ahead and suicide him. I am fine with that.
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    Desktop Chrome Now Sports Autoplay Muting

    VILALDI + HTTPS + Ghostery + StopFLASH +adnauseam + PUPBLOCKER 4 Chrome = NEVER EVER EVER get an AUTO PLAY
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    NVIDIA Starts Disinformation GPP Campaign

    It is about the "low information" GPU customers. Think about it: John just wants an ASUS GPU. He heard gud things about ASUS, and knows nothing about GPUs. HE sees 4 different ASUS ROG STRIX cards on the shelf priced $299,329, 499, and 599. What little info he reads off the box makes no...
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    Elon Musk Offers Rare Look inside Model 3 Factory

    While I am not sure about electric cars, I def dont want him to fail. Good luck
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    Dell Computers Better at Cheating in PUBG Says Dell Spokesperson

    JUst the I9 CPU. It is what makes the Dell "so gud 4 cheaters" Trying to sell high end. Put a 10-20 Core CPU from AMD or other and it will be "good 4 cheating"
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    Live - Zuckerberg Before Congress Pt 1

    None can stop Mark's Styole!
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    Documents Show Tor Project is Nearly 100% U.S Government Funded

    So is there a back door, you think?
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    Documents Show Tor Project is Nearly 100% U.S Government Funded

    WOW if I am reading that right (1rst)
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    Guy Hooks Modern Consoles and PC to 1970s TV

    'minds me of the old days......hooking up a TRS-80, atari, NES to grand ma's TV lol
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    HardOCP & InsideVR Village Video Box Build

    GPU??? ----------------- Yes, I want one too. Why? Absolutely no reason. And an extra $800.00 4 HDMI capture card too! lol
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    Samsung Flip Sharing and Contributing Whiteboard

    Love to see what happens when you link your phone and (accidentally) show XXX pics to whole office in UHD 55inch glory. lol
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    A Safe Snowy Haven No Doubt

    Yes, there is always gonna be people who want elite stuff, but most people just want their problem fixed cheap and easy. I agonized for months deciding which phone to get from April (my update date) to September......I decided on a Note 8, but I had to get an S8+ because the surgery on my Nexus...
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    A Safe Snowy Haven No Doubt

    DANGM it. I want to fight too!!!!! **TOO LONG AT BOTTOM! IMPORTANT! A $700-850+ cell phone cam is not as good as same price Camera only(yet). Nobody is saying that it is I think. What should be said is: "The tech in today's mid to top-o-line cell phone is GOOD ENOUGH for all the kids...
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    A Safe Snowy Haven No Doubt

    All he did was damage national reputation and most possibly security. Nothing much changed. As the kids say today, some companies and ppl got "woke" lol But one way or another, if someone wants your info, they will get it. Sure, no reason to make it easy, but it is a losing battle for now...
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    A Safe Snowy Haven No Doubt

    Not for the reveal, it is for defecting to Russia they he need execution. And make no mistake, that is what he has done. He could have (most probably) stayed right here, and Bama would patted on the head and released him after maybe a year in club fed.
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    A Safe Snowy Haven No Doubt

    Looked at it. My spare android is broken, and no real need for it. IF cops/gov/spys breaks in my house, they would die of boredom. lol and Snowden needs to be hanged, drawn and quartered.
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    Confirmed: Apple to Add Wireless Charging to the iPhone 8

    I use wireless charging on my aged Nexus 6 because: 1. I used to charging at night, next to my bed, with a 10 foot cable. 2. I dropped it one too many times at night 3. My charging port is broken 4 I knew I would break it one day So now I use the QI mat, and can get by ~19 more days...
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    Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review @ [H]

    Dude, I completely understand WHY you have the red......but for real are 40 something years old! Since your loved ones have not told you, you look foolish and I immediately discredit anything you say!! lol ( He said the Acme CPU sucks....but look at his hair! ROTFLOL) Just...
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    The Best Keyboard Ever Is Back

    viscountalpha In Windows, Ctrl+Esc performs the same function, in case the keyboard lacks this key.
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    Learning to Let Go of Framerate Anxiety Made Me Love PC Gaming Again

    I keep the STEAM FPS counter going, for one main reason.......... A hold-over from my windows 98 and before days to see if my PC hard locked or what. lol -------------- I have no problems enjoying my ATI 290 @1080, most games ultra or almost ultra but a few. Then again, I am playing INDIE...
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    Potentially “Undefeatable” Ad Blocker Looks at Content, Not Code

    using ADnauseam, plus Script defender, plus HTML5 autoplay, plus Https everywhere, plus Ghostery, plus popup blocker for Chrome, pretty much blocks everything, including 90% of autoplay videos. OF course, it breaks all most all sites til you white list them...............
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    Apple Draws the Ire of Australian Government after Bricking 3rd Party Repaired Devices

    with the figure print sensor, they can just flash a warning at boot, and a toast message (apple has android style toast? right) "This is NOT an approved sensor, your data may not be secure!" or something Just like you cant use Android pay with a unlocked bootloader
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    Data Recovery: Hard Drive Platter Swap [Video]

    Cool. I always though once opened outside of a clean-room, the platters are forever dirty AKA ruined.
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    Apple Draws the Ire of Australian Government after Bricking 3rd Party Repaired Devices

    My gen(1970) and before came up tearing stuff apart, learning how it works, and improving. Then we now have the knowledge to make a better, competing product. Apple, John Deer, etc know this, and want it stopped for that main reason. Also they make a fortune in "authorized" repairs
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    Data Recovery: Hard Drive Platter Swap [Video]

    Coolest thing I have ever seen in my life. ======================== When in "Halt and catch fire" they did data recovery with an open hard drive, turning the platter by hand, I tried really hard to suspend my disbelief. Maybe that was more realistic than i thought............. TYPO fixed
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    Windows 10 Anniversary Update – Heaven for Power Users

    Win 1607 (ANN UPDATE) Changes/REMOVES something dealing with WIFI. IT completely break the ability to create a HOTSPOT on my machine
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    How Much Does Kyle Hate AMD?

    Whether he hates or not does not matter, as long as the reviews are right. I have found my ATI card to be well ahead of the number posted here. I have a 290 plain. (*off the top of my head and out of A*S*) I found it to be much better at 1080 than listed here. Where [H]ard would have one...
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    Apple Doesn’t Understand Photography

    I use my phone cam at work to scan paperwork to PDF files.
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    Apple Store Worker Tells Us What It's Really Like Working For Apple

    Poor baby. It is like that in every retail store. You are not going to advance to 100,000 dollars a year. Making 10 to 14 USD (He said 8 funny money per hour,don't know if it was euros or pounds) an hour is very good for retail. And I never got any stock or store discount.
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    Dark Souls 3 Anti-Cheating Patch Removed From Steam

    It was more of a stutter for me anyway. From 50-60 FPS to 40-55fps post patch, with 10 fps stutters for 3 second durations
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    Atten! WIN 10 ppl

    I actually think (with 20 years of pc exp behind my reasoning) that: 2013ish: Brand new everything, Case, mobo, CPU, memory, GFX, Power, hardrives, dvd, mon, keyboard and mouse. early 2014, powersurge thru my cable modem. Dead on board nic, dead cable modem. late 2014, dead onboard sound...
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    Atten! WIN 10 ppl

    After 8-12 different reps, and 6+hours on the phone, I got a new key. YES! It is a Full Win 10pro KEY. I got very lucky. The hours on the phone are worth it! -------------------- That "read the rules" shit was not helpful in anyway. I bought Windows full price, and I expect it to run no...
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    Has Mankind Gone Too Far With Drone Fishing?

    That is the sorriest, laziest thing I have seen in my life. Shame