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    Asus Dual RX 5600XT $310 - $30MIR In Stock

    The 1% frame rate of the 5600xt has always impressed me, it is considerably higher than 1080 ti in most benchmarks Review sites that don't test against 1080p resolution are doing their readers a huge disservice. Not only is the above 1080p segment small (steam hardware pic below) there is this...
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    Nova Launcher Prime - 99 cents

    As someone who has used both and used windows phones quite a bit (same UI) my 2 cents go to *drum roll* Nova Launcher mainly due to Gesture Launch; can't live without it.
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    [DEAD]Steam 2020 Winter sale is here! runs from December 22 to January 5th 2021 10 AM PST

    Can't recommend Deep Rock Galactic enough! Been playing two months after it went early access in Feb 18'. Awesome developers that keep to their roadmap and probably the best slower 4 player co-op game ever made; fast 4 player co-op is a tie between Vermintide 1&2
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    Acer 27" 1440P 144hz VA Freesync Monitor - $269.99 Newegg

    Have used all three types of panels and for me VA wins out by mile due to the contrast vs. IPS / TN; blacks truly are black not some sort of grey. 90% of the games that I am playing today with my 1070 I would still want a 1080p panel because of the higher frame rate and the ability to eeek out...
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    LG 27GL650F-B vs Acer Curved ED273 Abidpx

    I love my Acer ED273! Deepest / inky blacks of any monitor I have owned (many IPS ones) besides my FW900 and CRT days. Still play competitive FPS games with it, not using overdrive, flagged to use G-sync compatible mode. It has had an intermittent vertical screen aligment (half the screen is...
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    Pixel 4

    Buy a 3a or 3a XL, wonderful phone with HTC build quality.
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    Why is display/monitor market such a shite?

    Uh some of us still like 120+ 99% frame rate times with competitive shooters @ 1080p without breaking the bank on CPU / GPU; doing that at 1440 is not that easy or cheap.
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    *REFURBISHED* ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti - $439.99 + tax & S&H

    It still is about 10-15% less raster performance but might be less when overclocked by initial previews. Still a 3 year warranty, DLSS and path tracing > $50-$100 savings YMMV~
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Just played it about 9 months ago again but this time with 3D vision + helix mod patch; some games are never the same once you play them in 3D vision.
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    Intel Notifies Partners of Upcoming Price Cuts

    Same here with 3D Vision (makes me stay with nvidia) which I love and adore for single play titles. The other radeon and open source 3D stuff are not up to snuff. There has been some thought about having a dual rig setup where there is one dedicated to having nvidia + 3D vision.
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    *REFURBISHED* ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti - $439.99 + tax & S&H

    Yes my comment is for EVGA which pretty much has been known as having the best warranty and service in the graphics card business forever. Other companies have warranties that transfer or stay with the card. Pick your poison~ I think that DLSS is implemented by having the game being run...
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    *REFURBISHED* ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti - $439.99 + tax & S&H

    I buy and sell lots of used stuff. Could I interest anyone in some "surprise mechanics"? So turning a profit (or just buying smart and thrifty for myself) on what I do above, these are the steps one must think of. Ho-hum~
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    *REFURBISHED* ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti - $439.99 + tax & S&H

    So a used EVGA 2080 is around $600.00+ (on eBAY) with probably 2 ish years left on the warranty (which is via the product not the original purchaser). Or $450.00-$500.00 for this with a 90 day warranty, plus these are much older cards than 2080s. 16-25% savings for an non RTX option with no...
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    *REFURBISHED* ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti - $439.99 + tax & S&H

    I was in until I read 90 day warranty
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    Corsair K68 Mech Keyboard with Reds (Renewed) $29.99 at Amazon

    Grabbed one! Going to give the good keys a try over the ol' membrane ones.
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    WoW Classic 8/27. Beta is May 22–Thurs May 23

    Ain't that the truth? Dungeon trains, roaming mobs, general buggyness of floors over floors + mobs + aggro, paying attention to mana levels, not breaking mez, ect ect. The xp curves in EQ were brutal along with the death penalty xp loss. Classic WOW xp curve seemed easy.
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    Been out of the game for a bit and need to get some new screens...

    Depends on what your eyes can resolve for resolution. Some people can't stand 1080p because they can see the pixels (dot pitch). IMHO a 27" - 1080p 144 hz monitor is a no brainer for gaming. Usually around $200-250.00, does not need a heavy duty card to keep high frames pretty much negating...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Planetside 2 If you enjoy FPS games and have not tried it I highly recommend spending at least 25-50 hours to learn some aspects of it. Probably takes at least 100 hours to get a good grip of what really is (or can be) going on in the game. Totally free game. Have 4.6k hours in the game and...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Just can't stop playing competitive FPS games. No other game type gives me the adrenaline. Overwatch - Pickup and Mystery Heroes Limbo Antichamber Quick in and out puzzle games I need to finish below: Klocki Push Up Left Out Amazing puzzle like games I just finished recently: Hook Thoth 140
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Such an amazing title with a great story! Few games have good stories. Have you tried Beyond Good and Evil yet? (best story in a game IMHO). Grab it from for no DRM.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Rift is such a good casual MMORPG, sad the game did not have better longevity.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Another of the few that know and sing the praises of 3D Vision. The 2013 Reboot of TR is absolutely another game in 3D Vision; along with many other well supported titles. Have you tried Kingdoms of Amalur yet?
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    "Back 4 Blood": Left 4 Dead Creator Announces New Co-op Zombie Game

    Eh, I only played the second iteration of Evolve when it went FTP. I think there are huge balance issues inherent in asymmetrical play, they could not find any balance after many years and the title just died; it is a fun game but not that fun. LFD2 - is truly an amazing 4 vs 4 game, highly...
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    144Hz Monitors pointless/useless?

    IMHO frame rate is king because it is a direct mapping of your input (mouse + kb) in to the world you are in. Now single player (SP) and multiplayer, (MP) and multiplayer FPS games (MPS) can benefit greatly from higher 99% tile frame rates. Those thresholds for me are 75, 85 - I don't play...
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    NVIDIA Ending Driver Support for 3D Vision, Mobile Kepler-Series GeForce GPUs

    Exactly! - In a perfect world you would have two monitors, 1080p for multiplayer vs games to maintain 99% of frames over 100+ and then a 1440p to maintain for single player games to maintain 99% of frames over 60+. Trine 1&2 // Alien Isolation // Kingdoms of Amalur - also have great support...
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    NVIDIA Ending Driver Support for 3D Vision, Mobile Kepler-Series GeForce GPUs

    Yup great implementations but the game still ran slow in many areas; huge r_speeds issues at some angles.
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    NVIDIA Ending Driver Support for 3D Vision, Mobile Kepler-Series GeForce GPUs

    Revolutionary tech in two decades of pretty much only evolutionary advances (3D accellerators). I originally thought it was quite the gimmick until I played a title that really utilized it to the fullest extent; Trine & Tomb Raid 2013 Reboot. It is so good that I would not even want to play...
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    3D Realms' "Wrath: Aeon of Ruin" Is a 90s-Inspired Shooter Built on the Quake Engine

    Looks like a fun and beautiful pixelated mess of old school single player FPS!
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    Revenue from Music Streaming Services Grew 30% in 2018

    I have tried Pandora and Spotify, they both have far too many wide and glaring gaps of music that I listen to quite often. I buy digitally from bandcamp, CDs at concerts (yes, they are still sold to support the artists) and CDs off eBay. Ripping a CD with EAC takes very little time. 128 gig SD...
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    Nokia 9

    Just have to share the HAAC recording in this video. Listen with a reasonable set of cans and embrace the positioning. Yup, I really do enjoy Nokia's hardware. Had they gone for the low hanging fruit (under $200.00 smart phones) during their pairing with Microsoft and leveraged Nokia's...
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    Nokia 9

    Ugh, why oh why? "There is, however, no headphone jack, as HMD Global follows the flagship trend of ditching the aging port."
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    Nokia 9

    I don't care how many cameras it has, if it does anything to prop up the legacy of PureView and the amazing images those devices produce then mission accomplished. My 920, 1020 and 620 (even without Zeiss glass) during their time were years ahead of other phone cameras on the market. Don't...
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    GOG in Financial Trouble as Layoffs Hit the PC Games Digital Storefront

    Nope, some of the old games released during win 98 to pre XP don't run on newer operating systems even under compatibility mode (Arx Fatalis is one I know of). Steam has a bunch of titles that don't run well, at all or have major issues even under DOSBOX (Tomb Raider is one I know of). They...
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    GOG in Financial Trouble as Layoffs Hit the PC Games Digital Storefront

    I keep hearing no DRM as the big win for everyone here in regards to GOG. It is a nice perk but the ability to even purchase certain games that are not available anywhere, modernizing those games to work on current operating systems systems, with manuals, box art and soundtracks are the...
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    Linux Gaming Is on a Life-Support System Called Steam

    Heck there is the argument that people game on consoles because they don't want to deal getting the game to run on their PC. Prior to Steam, some games had great difficulty running on every Windows configuration; even with Steam this might be the case. Then you have to configure the game...
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    A "Legend" Reborn: Logitech Brings Back the MX518 Gaming Mouse

    Was using a mx510 and 518 for ages until a few years ago when I picked up A Logitech g502 Proteus Core. The 502 is nice but I still like the feel of the 510/518. Sold a NOS 518 I had in packaging for $130.00 on ebay about 6 months ago. Glad they are updating such a beloved and classic design...
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    Here Is 10 Minutes of RAGE 2 Gameplay

    Not my type of single player FPS now but damn it sure does look fresh and enjoyable.
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    VentureBeat Previews Amazon's MMO

    I will believe it when I see it. The engine in Camelot Unchained was designed to do this but I still have not even see anything past 50 vs 50 yet.
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    Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition - 4 Player FPS Co-op

    I currently have 138 hours playing this game (Enhanced Edition onward), yes it has some bugs. Are the bugs game destroying, impairing or make it so you can't enjoy the game, this is a big fat no. I will go so far to say that I know one player that codes for a living and he has his done his...
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    Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition - 4 Player FPS Co-op

    Yeah the developer is very small team (10-12 people) and I can't even believe they launched on three platforms at the same time. Even Fatshark said with Vermintide 1 that since they were a small team (15-20 people), the lack of Q/A and launching on three platforms killed them on launch. Even...