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    Tablets: Speech-to-text (dictation) experience?

    I'm wanting a cheap tablet that I can use to take notes while walking. My recent experience with an iPad Mini was that it was "good enough" for accuracy, but the processor lagged if I spoke too much, too quickly. Has anyone experience with other models in that ~$250 price range? And how do...
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    T-Amp Questions

    I am totally ignorant on this subject and this seems a good thread to ask: I'm looking for a budget amp similar to the DTA-100A — I purchased a pair of Micca MB42X bookshelf speakers, a Polk PSW10 subwoofer and I'd like to eventually purchase a med/high end pair of...
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    Completely bored with gaming, I have stopped.

    Peak experiences seem to come along much less frequently than before. We were getting our kicks from Wolfenstein, then Doom, Command and Conquer, Duke Nukem, Diablo, etc. There was often less than a year's wait between ground-breaking hits that set the bar so much higher. It's not like that...
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    What are some good epic co-op games?

    Trine, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, maybe Dawn of War II (haven't played it), Diablo, of course, Gears of War, Resident Evil 5, Left 4 Dead, Borderlands, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Bad Company 2.
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    It's hard to get 10 man races together (67 players in skirmish and I wait 10 minutes to get into a 3-man race. There are 15 people online playing motor mash at the moment.
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    Blur questions (PC or 360)?

    There are only 80 people playing multiplayer on the PC at the moment. I gave up after waiting 15 minutes to get into a game. According to the Steam forums, people are also having trouble joining games due to a port forwarding issue. I played a few rounds last night (there were 150 players...
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    Super Street Fighter IV online play question

    Whoops, after seeing a number of threads on other boards, I had assumed that the game was already released. And no PC version announced? Well, that makes the choice "to buy or not to buy" much easier.
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    Super Street Fighter IV online play question

    I own the original PC version of SFIV and I was very disappointed with the online aspect of the game. There were very few players online and I rarely encountered players with decent pings (mostly international, non-US players, go figure). Has the situation improved with SSIV? As a person...
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    Final Fantasy XIII: 360 vs PS3

    Bad ports happen. Remember the FF7 and FF8 PC ports?
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    Mars Probe Landed On Ice?

    We'll travel through space...with cool aliens who like us...
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    Blacking out power light?

    A tiny piece of Play-Doh!
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    Graphics are moving too slowly, I want the matrix now.

    Search for Dark Side of the Rainbow on YouTube.
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    Gears of War doesn't work on Vista?

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    assassin's creed for PC

    The PC version is supposed to be a special edition or director's cut, or some shit. Every gamer should at least *try* Assassin's Creed. Most people will agree that it's a one-trick pony, but it's a trick that shouldn't be missed!
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    Smash Brothers Brawl Friend Code Exchange

    For good players only. PM me your code if you decide to add me. 4167-4153-0900 Texas Jigglypuff with a LAN adapter! Puff!
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    I just spent 2 hours with a Samsung 226BW.

    I have to agree with him on this. I've never been able to get my 6-bit panels to look like my 8-bit or CRT and I've owned three 6-bit displays. I'd be very interested in seeing some side-by-side comparisons of an 8-bit display and a 6-bit display that were both calibrated with the same...
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    Would anyone else pay big bucks for...

    Guild Wars has a PVP version where you can automatically begin at maximum level with all the skills, I believe.
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    CRT slight brightness problem

    It does sound like a power issue. CRT's draw the most power when displaying bright white. Does this tend to happen when you are reading black text on a white background?
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    Do you think a 3007WFP-HC is my best option?

    Same here.
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    So I have been playing SSBB for a few days

    If it is too chaotic for you, turn off items. Play 1vs1's or 2vs2's. Pick stages that don't kill you. Smashboards and WifiWars have a match-making system. Since Nintendo's online system is complete shit, I highly suggest that you look into those sites.
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    when is guildwars 2 expected? Too late to get into GW?

    I'll have to agree with the other posters. Guild Wars has one of the worst communities in online gaming. Find a real life buddy to play co-op with and you'll have fun.
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    Keep my OCZ Powerstream 520w?

    Your 520w is more than enough. Check with one of the various PSU calculators floating around out there. Even with a heavy overclock you're probably coming in under 400w. This PSU calculator recommended a 480w for your system:
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    LCD Marketing BS we are fed.

    You are just trolling now.
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    LCD Marketing BS we are fed.

    This makes me laugh :D
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    You can get an HD70, which is 720p for under $1000. I personally own an Optoma DV10 which is 480p. That's Wii and DVD resolution, but XBox 360 and PC games running at higher res also look quite good. 720p would be much better for text.
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    Desperate search for blacker black levels.

    This is what TN panel backlights look like: Always bleeding on the top and bottom. You've got an S-PVA or a P-MVA. There's always an annoying dark spot in the middle. People say these panels have the best black levels, but it is...
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    Desperate search for blacker black levels.

    That's not a TN panel. A TN panel would have the backlight bleeding along the top and bottom rather than the sides.
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    Doom3 on my 26.

    1600x1200 at 1:1 aspect ratio on a 1920x1200 LCD would look fine. Without 1:1 there would be stretching as well as further quality loss from not being at the monitor's native 1920x1200. Doom 3 is probably the worst game you can play on an LCD due to the extremely dark nature of the game. If...
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    Is the Dell 2007WFP the best widescreen 20" monitor available?

    20wmgx2 has tons of features that may be of use and offers better contrast. If you like glossy panels then it is a very good choice. If you use your computer in an environment where sunlight shines in or there are bright lights, the glossy coating will be a problem. The NEC 2090 is a aimed...
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    PC & a Sony Bravia

    Yeah, Powerstrip is a program that gives you control over many advanced settings including overscan. I had to use it to force a custom resolution and refresh setting for my CRT because nVidia drivers would not let me change that res from 60Hz. Be aware that there may be compatibility with...
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    Is the Dell 2007WFP the best widescreen 20" monitor available?

    The S-IPS version of the 2007WFP, while maybe not the best-ever 20" widescreen, is certainly among the best. As far as price is concerned, it is hands-down the best value for someone who cares a lot about color accuracy and picture quality. The blacks aren't that deep, but more importantly it...
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    Current state of the CRT display

    Alright :) Sorry if I sounded like a dick or anything but the thread just turned into people stating their viewpoints over and over and nobody with a strong opinion on the matter is going to change it.
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    Monitor for graphic design

    Agreed, if color accuracy is of very high importance, IPS is the only way to go. Color gamut does nothing to help TN and PVA's glaring color shift issues.
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    Midranged *VA panels

    My suggestion to you is to just consider buying an older model VA panel, such as the 2407 or, preferably, one of the P-MVA BenQ's if you can find one. The reason being that VA technology has not made any significant improvements since they first achieved 1000:1 contrast ratio and new models...
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    Current state of the CRT display

    My impression from reading info online was, even from way back around the year 2000 when LCD's really were complete crap, was that people agree "CRT is a heavy piece of crap that gives you headaches, throw that bulky trash out and get a sexy new LCD!" Yes, people were throwing out their 21"...
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    Corsair VX550w enough for Crossfire 3870's?

    Two hard drives and an e6750 are the other specs. Thanks!
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    Current state of the CRT display

    Man, I don't mean to sound offensive but you're being pretty irrational. He didn't any of that, just stated his view of the facts. I think Toompra pretty much nailed it with this statement: I think the best answer to the CRT versus LCD debate has always been that each excels in certain...
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    Current state of the CRT display

    Step one: Turn out the lights Step two: Oh, wait. The NEC 20wmgx2's dynamic contrast won't work on that screensaver since it has black AND white objects, so it is limited to its native...800:1? That's what 800:1 looks like with the lights out. LCD's are not suitable for dark rooms at all.
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    Current state of the CRT display

    The part where what you're suggesting doesn't make sense :D
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    Current state of the CRT display

    I sit about 1 and 1/2 feet to 2 feet away from a 20" viewable CRT at 1400x1050. At this distance, the display is not "small". I'm not missing out on detail because of size and resolution. A 24" widescreen LCD is really only a couple inches larger on each side due to the way widescreen area...