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    Buyer wants return ram and I have to pay for return shipping?!

    Totally agree here. You can say a lot about Facebook but the Marketplace is a good way to sell furniture, bulky electronics, and household items. Nextdoor is another local option and will only be seen by your neighbors. Since it is free, you'll have to wade through a lot of people just asking...
  2. J

    80% off Lego Millennium Falcon

    If this isn't just straight-up fake, then a pallet of them "fell" off a truck somewhere.
  3. J

    Robots are going to kill us all, by pushing a truck into our direction

    A replacement for Santa's Sleigh? Iditarod 2051?
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    Uber reveals IPO plans.

    Uber is worth tree-fiddy. I guess the CEO thinks the app that coordinates all the schleps using their own vehicles and fuel to keep this schmuck in riches is worth $100B. The ultimate bubble is about to burst and 99% of the population will be reduced to eating pigeons and bugs.
  5. J

    YouTube TV prices will raise to $50

    That, converted to US$, is probably close to what I pay PER MONTH for everything associated with TV entertainment... crappy 30Mb/s down internet, satellite TV with one premium channel, NetFlix, and Amazon Prime. We have cheap crap from China, though.
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    NAS setups

    Yes. I'm copying new rips over as I type now, so I can give you the skinny on some numbers. I'm using 45.6 TB of 62.2 TB -- 265 movies in 2k and 26 movies in 4k. 8TB of that are TV series. The 4k movies take up on average 55GB to 60GB each. I should be able to rip my entire BD/4k collection and...
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    NAS setups

    I just bought a turnkey system instead of putting one together. Mine is an Asustor AS6210T and holds 10 disks. 62 TB of storage ( 10 * 8TB HGST NAS drives ) on hand in RAID-6 and takes up less than a square foot of space. Up to three additional 4-bay expansion chassis can be added to it for...
  8. J

    SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer 12-inch Driver $368 @Amazon

    SB-1000 is a good sub for a small/medium room. I was running one of these with 50w RMS 5-inch powered monitors. Upgraded to the SB-2000 for a little more boom. Now running a SB-16 Ultra with 210w RMS powered monitors and picked up a pair of 400w RMS studio monitors to pair it with. A single...
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    "No Survivors": Second New Boeing 737 to Crash in Four Months

    If God meant for us to go 50 in a 25 he would have given us all jetpacks.
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    Whole Foods Cuts Workers' Hours after Amazon Introduces Minimum Wage

    Well. Isn't that a progressive's role anyway... to ultimately get paid for not working. They can keep going and demand $400 an hour then work one hour a week. The single highest expense for an employer is payroll and they are always looking for ways to reduce it. Having said that, I'm benefiting...
  11. J

    Prototype Commodore 264 Computer - Tested, WORKING! - PRISTINE!

    I would have offered point tree-fiddy. I remember the 264 since I was a member of a large Commodore user group back then. I don't think anyone in the group ( 500+ members ) bought one because we all had real C=64s that could run everything.
  12. J

    F(x)tec Pro1...thoughts?

    I want a phone with a hidden keyboard like my old MyTouch 4G. This appears to be the only modern option. I'm aware Snapdragon 835 is old but it is more than enough for a phone ( and is way more than Apple puts in their phones ) and is good on battery usage. I pre-ordered it, so we will see if it...
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    The End of Blu-ray

    It is more sinister than that for Xfinity. SD is the DEFAULT option for their channels, at least with my mom's regular cable box w/o DVR capabilities. It drives me nuts every time I visit and decide to watch TV. After changing channels, you'll get a pop-up for a second or two with a " button "...
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    The End of Blu-ray

    Maybe. But the 4k pricing isn't too far out of line considering the higher level of work that has to go into a 4k disc to offer up superior video and audio. Most of my 4k purchases have been around the $27 mark with some as low as $20 and a few higher than $30. Not really that bad since most, if...
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    Nanoparticle Experiment: Humans Could Get X-Men "Super Vision" to See in the Dark

    I want something that will allow me to only see through women's clothing but there would also have to be built-in detection that automatically filters out unattractive women.
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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    That's kind-of what pissed me off about the whole series. The Klingons were never cannibalistic. I assume the writers are dealing with this by saying that these Klingons are a different faction but then you have this same group reuniting the houses, which would mean Klingons as a whole would...
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    The End of Blu-ray

    The studios would just love for physical media to go away. Once that happens then expect the cost of streaming to go WAY up and expect to pay for EVERY viewing. Those with small children would pay enormous fees so that their children can watch the SAME movie over and over again. There is no way...
  18. J

    Netflix May Be Losing $192M per Month from Piracy, Cord Cutting Study Claims

    They just had a large increase in January. Mine went up $2 a month. I think that kind of increase encouraged a lot of folks to start sharing.
  19. J

    Cutting thin aluminum by hand.

    A Dremel would be a lot easier. Just clamp the sheet under a piece of bar stock to get a straight cut.
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    Netflix May Be Losing $192M per Month from Piracy, Cord Cutting Study Claims

    So. I'm a pirate because I have a 2-stream NetFlix account and use it when I'm at my mom's house, which is a different address.
  21. J

    Amazon Is Reportedly Launching a New Line of Grocery Stores in Major US Cities

    I've surrendered to Wal*Mart years ago even though they pay their employees pennies and tell them to make up the difference with government assistance. It is just easier to get everything I need with one stop on the way home from work and I'm well-dressed in a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and work...
  22. J

    F(x)tec Pro1...thoughts?

    I just pre-ordered this device from a UK upstart. I still use a MyTouch 4G ( from 2011 ) because it has a physical QWERTY keyboard. It is getting old and a lot of newer apps no longer support Gingerbread. I've been wanting to upgrade for a while but can't stand screen keyboards and...
  23. J

    Small cube case that fits ITX GPU and SSF PSU (silverstone or corsair type)

    I still use the Silverstone SG05-lite ( no included power supply ) as a base for all of my water-cooled builds. Two laptop hard drives and be mounted in the space between an ITX GPU and front panel. The radiator can be flipped 90° so that a slim BD-ROM drive can also be installed. Two...
  24. J

    Netflix Cancels The Punisher And Jessica Jones

    Disney F-ed up Star Wars, so they will NEVER see a dime of my money. CBS is the same way. They continue to peddle that crap they are calling Star Trek. Disney and CBS have lost touch with reality and are living in a SJW world.
  25. J

    Samsung Quits Blu-ray Player Market

    That still leaves Panasonic and Sony, both of which make better players than Samsung.
  26. J

    The best PC case I ever owned was a...

    I haven't powered it up in about 4 years, but I still have my ATC-201. I did a few mods to it, like adding a 2nd 80mm fan in back and the window. Old pic but it now has a GTX 580 in it. Thinking about throwing the GTX 970 in it and upgrading to the latest Ubuntu distro. I no longer build...
  27. J

    Amazon Breaks Its Holiday Sales Records for Most Items Ordered Worldwide

    I use Amazon because I want as little interaction with other humans as humanly possible. Inconsiderate drivers are a huge problem here and their favorite pastime is to block intersections and run red lights. Every time I get out in traffic, I daydream about The Purge being a reality.
  28. J

    Woman Sues Apple over iPhone Notch

    I thought the notch was a status symbol and an indicator of intelligence. She must be on Welfare and as dumb as a box of rocks.
  29. J

    Russian State TV Mistakes Man in a Suit for a Robot

    Might have been more believable if it did The Robot dance instead.
  30. J

    UPS: Replace bateries or unit?

    I have a CyberPower PR2200LCDRTXL2U. I have a 31.5" LG 1440p monitor and 4770K w/GTX 1080 ( 149 watt load ) on it with a backup time of 151 minutes. The backup time is 387 minutes with the battery pack expansion.
  31. J

    Tesla Announces $45,000 Model 3 with 260 Mile Range

    I can get a Solo for $16K if I want an electric. I'd have to charge it for 6 hours every day and watch out for 18-wheelers but it is 1/3 the cost of a Model 3. Paul just needs to build my Elio instead of hiding from his investors.
  32. J

    Nvidia Fakes the Moon Landing

    We went to the Moon because we littered 6 sites with our space junk. The reason we aren't going back any time soon is because it is too expensive to go... we have to pay for all of the freeloaders instead.
  33. J

    Homelessness Tax Would Target Rich Tech Sector in San Francisco

    I can only have a comfortable living in the South, so that's where I live. It seems like The Soylent Corporation ( from SciFi ) can start up a good program to combat homelessness in San Francisco.
  34. J

    Mini-ITX Case Frame

    Old thread but I get my extruded aluminum from 80/20. You can get black anodized but it is about triple the cost of the bare stuff. I built an entertainment rack for my receiver, amps ( 100+ pounds each ), and A/V gear in black anodized and that cost over $800.
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    Arcade Sticks - Discussion, Suggestions, and More

    The trigger joystick and the buttons run to the analog controller and that goes to USB. I have a 4-port USB controller secured to the inside of the cabinet and that handles the two magnetic joysticks, spinner, and trackball. The trackball inputs run to a small control board ( right side of...
  36. J

    "Sex Robot Brothel" Blocked by Houston Government

    Are you assuming a male one would interest her? The last couple of girls I've been interested in only liked to munch carpet, so a molded hunk of plastic might become my only option sooner or later. I'll just have to wait until Humans ( the TV series ) becomes a reality.
  37. J

    Microsoft Says They Can Recover Files Deleted by Windows 10 October 2018 Update

    Anyone that puts important documents in user\Documents should have their stuff deleted. :D
  38. J

    Audiences Abandon Amazon Prime and HBO While Netflix Grows

    I guess that explains why my HBO subscription hasn't been cancelled yet. Several years ago Dish Network offered HBO for $10 a month " for life. " HBO announced that Dish subs would revert to the regular $15 a month on September 20th. Dish subs were given the option to drop HBO when it went back...
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    Arcade Sticks - Discussion, Suggestions, and More

    I built a custom panel about 9 years ago using mostly Suzo/Happ controls. I can't remember all of the stuff I put into it but the joysticks are Happ 49-way optical, trackball is Happ 3", Happ trigger stick set up for Tron, TurboTwist2 spinner, and GPWiz40 controller. Total cost in 2009 dollars...