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    4k + 3x 1080p what graphics card(s)?

    So it looks like I can run a single card to drive all these. Looks like the AMD solutions are cheaper... anyone have any thoughts on that? Or how much video ram I should get to ensure I can run everything? An AMD R9 270X-DC2T seems like a good solution....
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    4k + 3x 1080p what graphics card(s)?

    BOOM! Page 3-10! Thanks dude :-)
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    4k + 3x 1080p what graphics card(s)?

    You sure about that? Can you point me to something that lists that 1.2 supports 4k 60hz sst?
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    4k + 3x 1080p what graphics card(s)?

    Yeah, I figured I would go with a 2 card solution (either 2 separate cards or a 2x1 card) to run the 3x displays off one and the 4k off the other. The Asus pb287q is a SST 4k, and I don't think Displayport 1.2 supports that :-/ so I don't know if I'll need to wait for Display port 1.3 or HDMI...
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    4k + 3x 1080p what graphics card(s)?

    Hey everyone, I'm building a desktop for my work, gonna be rocking one of the new Asus PB287Q and 3x Viewsonic 1080p monitors. I'm a sys admin and screen real estate is what I'm after... want everything running at 60hz Planning on Asus Z97 board and Intel i7-4790, not stuck on that though... I...
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    Which laptop should I buy for gamin?

    My friend just got a G74, I've had a G50 for years and if i had the cash right now I'd buy the new G74 with a 2670QM. Asus is great at that price point... if I had $3,000 to blow I'd go Sager or Alienware. I like MSI, but their products are NOT as quality in my experience.
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    Trouble setting up Hyper-V network

    Spent a couple hours with my coworker on this yesterday. Tried running a bunch of netsh and nbtstat commands to reset the network adapters. Still on the same error when trying to join the domain. Very odd.
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    Trouble setting up Hyper-V network

    They are external. Have tried creating legacy switch too. Queries for domain credentials but then gets the "network location cannot be reached" error.
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    Trouble setting up Hyper-V network

    Disabled VLAN's on all NIC's and now network is flowing data to the VM. Machine still won't join the domain even though it can ping DC by IP and netbios name.
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    Trouble setting up Hyper-V network

    Hi so I am fairly new to Hyper-V and trying to setup a Windows 7 virtual box as a simple data transfer station on a new windows 2008 R2 SP1 Dell server I just setup. I cannot for the life of me get the virtual box to connect to the network. I have searched a great deal on this issue and...
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    5 New G34's released today...

    Saw the hothardware post about that earlier... 12 cores?!? Those chips look massive.
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    Wireless is all BS

    If ya don't have the budget for real commercial gear then load up tomato or DDWRT onto a decent box, bigger antenna, up the broadcast power. I've had good results with that as long as you don't push the power up to much.
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    AP Brand Recomendation

    +1 for Cisco. Installed a few 1242s with POE and they are rock solid. I'd love to check out the 1252s which have N. You can also put a host of various antennas on them to get some pretty good range.
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    GPO Software issues

    Pushing out software should be done to a workstation like XOR said. Personally I do like usually SMS server now called SCCM server to push out updates. I've only played with SCCM since it came out in 2008 but I've used SMS 2003 quite a bit. It's really solid, just build your package out properly...
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    Win7: Bluetooth audio stopped working, refuses to work.

    I'm starting to become really puzzled by this problem... about a week ago my Helium Digital BT headphones stopped being able to play audio from my laptop. It had been working great on this machine for quite some time without issue. The headphones still play audio just fine off my HTC Rhodium...
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    Purchasing exchange 2003

    I knew MS had some downgrade licensing options for the clients, but you can do it with the server as well? Good to know.
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    Purchasing exchange 2003

    Curious if anyone knows a good place to get a copy of exchange 2003 with 20 user CAL's. Have a client that wants to start using exchange. None of the current servers are 64 bit and migrating one to 64 bit or going to a new server is probably out of the questions financially. So I am going to...
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    Best netbook replacement Cell Phone?

    I've been really happy with my HTC Rhodium AKA Touch Pro 2. Great keyboard, great screen. Just get an XDA devs build and away you go! I do lots of email and a fare amount of web surfing. Often times now when traveling to clients I don't even use the laptop. Take notes on it in word, log my...
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    IDE vs AHCI

    Totally OT but you a Nissan guy? For those who don't know Nismo = Nissan motorsports.
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    Any way to 'fail' a drive?

    Put it next to your cars alternator and rev your engine. ha ha, doubt that would create enough EM.... but would be fun to try. Seagate will take it back, if they give you shit call back and get a different rep or yell at them and ask for a manager.
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    Since when does ASUS got $$ for this?

    Wow, I want my bracelet phone!
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    Since when does ASUS got $$ for this?

    Arg, I know. Was DLing drivers to reformat my g50v the other day and some of them were just stupid slow. Still... like you I have been building systems with there board for a decade. They are my preferred brand for components, love the quality and features.
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    Accessing other computers on a LAN.

    Disable password protected sharing.
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    Wi-Fi for 15000 sq ft building?

    +1 for Cisco WAP's I've had really good experiences with the 1242's. POE is the shit too... much easier to wire.
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    What would you recommend for a 2TB 7200 rpm drive?

    The WD Black and RE4 (non GP) have been consistently reviewed as the fastest... Certainly not the cheapest. I've read that the 2GB WD Green drives have a few problems but I dunno if those have been sorted. Been really happy with my 1.5TB Seagate 5900RPM drives as they are in my NAS which won't...
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    HDDBoost - Combines an SSD with your existing hard disk

    I see this as one of those ideas that's "neat" but ultimately useless for results that don't justify the cost and complexity.
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    USB 2.5" enclosure with RAID?

    Yes they do exist, I have used one before, had the two disks next to each other. Weird concept... can't remember the brand :-( Look at stuff aimed at AV applications.
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    XP SP3: Firewire powers hardware but doesn't recognizes it.

    Try a different PCI slot. Google compatibility issue between card and mobo and/or card and audio interface.
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    Gates Weighs in on Google-China Spat

    @jwalk6 true @Ahzar ha! also very true. @WBurchnall Well said sir. I would love to see the local economies at least partially restored by mallwart and others no longer being able to sell good made and sold by economic slaves. Not to mention the lessened enviromental impact of not making a bolt...
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    Transferring at 14 MB/s thru gigabit network?

    Those rates are nothing strange. I have a DNS323 and I get 20MB/s at most. I threw in some Seagate 1.5TB 5900rpm drives into it because I knew the system would never deliver high throughput. 15MB/s is more then 100mbit LAN will take so the gigabit is a good thing.
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    Making a ton of images, and keeping them all up to date is a PITA. You can much more easily slip stream SP's then individual updates. WSUS servers are another piece of work/time/money to invest in and have a limited enough scope that most small or medium sized businesses won't bother with. It's...
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    XP SP3: Firewire powers hardware but doesn't recognizes it.

    Does something come up in your device manager?
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    Office 2007 SP3 would be great. I don't roll out Vista to many clients, as most of our clients are medical and have non Vista/7 compatible legacy apps. Office SP3 is horrible though, there are like 50 updates for the damn thing post SP2.
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    Gates Weighs in on Google-China Spat

    Such an interesting issue. Ultimately China has not sealed it's borders and has chosen to participate in the world economy. As such they are now being taken over by corporations. Sure they are 25-50 years behind the corporate take over of the US, Europe, etc but they're on the train now... and...
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    Symantec vs. Microsoft vs. Kaspersky

    I've developed a hatred for symantec over years. There corporate stuff is OK, but I dunno if they'll ever win me back after the whole "removing norton hoses your network stack" problem that they had for years. All that being said I'd say endpoint is pretty solid. I have been using MSSE on some...
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    Clear is out in force here in Portland. Coverage is good around town, in downtown buildings get in the way. There are also some smaller business only wimax providers here in Portland, friend of mine has one called Freewire as a primary internet and WAN connection to 8-10 stores as well as the...
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    WPA2 Wireless N trouble, please advise

    Please post your router model, model of the cards you're using, if you're using 2.4ghz, 5ghz or both. Have you tried setting up with no security at all to see if it will connect? A good rule of thumb when diagnosing such problems with wifi is to start with a totally blank setup, G only, no...
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    Windows 7 good or bad

    7 rules, the number of little UI enhancements that make the user experience better/faster/more intuitive are numerous. Been using the RC for 7-8ish months and have no problems, haven't even installed the RTM onto that system as it has no problems. Got 7 running on two works systems, both super...
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    So how does everyone handle printers in AD?

    I have a client that we (my company) had to setup with workstation based printer mapping instead of my standard (and preferred) user based. I don't like doing it that way but it was a must in this situation. Haven't had any problems with it but not having the OU situation you are. Sounds like...