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    [Speculative] eVGA GeForce RTX 4090 Ti FTW4 ULTRA WaterBlocks

    wtf erek, i expect better those DALL-E generated images are terrible.
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    Kyro II SE, rare

    Would it be possible for you to run 3dmark01se? What if I say Please? How loud is that small (40mm? 50mm?) fan?
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    How many SSD drives have you purchased?

    Wheres the OCZ/Indilinx/jMicron early SSD love/(hate)? I had an OCZ Vertex 2 64gb (0 issues) Intel X25-M G2 80GB Kingston V100 (Intel X25-V) 40GB (damnit erek) Kingston HyperX 120GB (SandForce II, died once due to a power outage, they RMA Fedex expressed a replacement) Seagate 600 240GB Intel...
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    Arctic MX-5 Thermal Compound Listed Ahead of Launch

    this stuff changed my life /
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    Please Don't Use USPS, They Are Now Throwing Out Packages

    UPS has SurePost and FexEx has SmartPost....both USPS and the UPS/Fedex guys are doing the last-mile delivery for hundreds/thousands of small packages from other logistic networks each day...its kinda funny but also really awesome.
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    Rockstar CPU architect Jim Keller Becomes CTO at Tenstorrent: "The Most Promising Architecture Out There"
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    This Could Be Called Left4Dead 3? WB Games Has The Successor, Back 4 Blood!

    its fun, a lot like l4d2 guns are way better than in l4d2 the card perk system is fun and adds variety not a lot of bugs in this weekends alpha 5/5 would test again
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    AMD has released AGESA PatchD / MSI Demonstrates AMD Curve Optimizer With Ryzen 5000 CPUs Running on B450 Motherboard & AGESA Patch D Firmware

    Cool they've added a resizable BAR.... Did they also increase stability and memory compatibility support?
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    Origin is selling a retro-inspired beige box PC

    needs more Chieftech Dragon cases amirite erek?
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    Intel Corporation Class Action Lawsuit - 7nm Woes

    I wonder what info your FiL is gettin, stonks don't make any sense to me
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    UL Benchmarks Updates 3DMark with Ray-Tracing Feature Test

    RTX Quake 2 worked great when it came out (albeit slowly) on the 1080ti......yall need to update your win10's....thats the point of win10.....
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    RTX 3090 [H] Owner's Official 3DMark Time Spy Leaderboard

    try pointing a box fan at your 3090, then re-run the test
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    UL Benchmarks Updates 3DMark with Ray-Tracing Feature Test

    True, but SPARTAN VI's 2070s only gets 2x the FPS
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    UL Benchmarks Updates 3DMark with Ray-Tracing Feature Test

    Here's my Port Royal results with my 1080ti and my aging rig: haswell 4590 / 8gigs of ram:
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    Id put the 3080 over the 2080ti at closer to a 25% improvement, and the 3090 (24gb) over 3080 (10gb) at a 5% improvement...but math is hard
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    D-Wave’s 5,000-qubit quantum computing platform handles 1 million variables

    i thought we were waiting for it to hit $1milUSD/btc to sell like McAfee predicted
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    Next-Gen HAMR Platters Promise 80TB Hard Drives

    (also from Feb 7th funnily enough) Freakin laser-beams in your hard drives! LASERS!
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    GeForce 456.55 WHQL driver download

    Arent there quasi-unsubstantiated rumors that new NVIDIA drivers purposefully cripple the performance of 2+ generations old NVIDIA cards?
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    What's your strategy / gameplan to snag a 3090?

    *cough* *cough* nvidia-clerk but only to buy 1 or 2, not dozens
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is ~10% faster than RTX 3080

    4K 3090 vs 3080 comparison source: chinese techlab via
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    Snowflake shares more than double. It's the biggest software IPO ever

    Seriously question: had anybody here heard of Snowflake before their IPO? These record number seem super fishy.....
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    Engineering Sample Intel DC P3600 SSD 2TB NVMe PCIe 3.0, MLC 2.5" 20nm SSDPE2ME020T4

    kinda useless, but that 20nm nand sure is nice, this probably has like 20PB of write endurance
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    Intel (Marketing) Launches a Flash-style (Unity WebGL) Video Game: BFLOAT16, an Intel Deep Learning Boost Adventure

    Intel spent some of their resources making an interesting new flash-style game. It looks to be a mashup of marketing slides promoting their BFLOAT16 instructions, combined with Space Invaders or something. Ian Cutress has a video Play it for yourself here...
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    Are you single and own a Tesla? This new dating app might drive you to paradise

    The supercar market is hot now, I think the recession is affecting the sales of the Model 3 and X more than it would a new Roadster...but that's besides the point. The bigger problem would be hitting that 1.9 second 0-60 time, while also hitting 250mph....Sounds like that would need the dang...
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    Are you single and own a Tesla? This new dating app might drive you to paradise

    Funny, its been a running joke for the past year+ in electric/performance car circles that the new Tesla Roadster is very far away (years) from production. Even Elon mentioned it here Theyre busy making other...
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    Are you single and own a Tesla? This new dating app might drive you to paradise

    An app called Tesla Dating is currently in the works, made exclusively for verified Tesla owners. The app's set-up is akin to that of Tinder or Bumble, except the only people that appear on the app are fellow Tesla cult followers...
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    GeForce event, September 1st

    Anyone remember when NVIDIA used to be cool and throw LAN parties for their GPU Launches? They rented out a parking lot in downtown San Jose for the G80 launch, and hired PDXLan to throw a killer LAN Party that kicked off the era of DX10 gaming/computing with the 8800 GTX. Now they just...
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    Millions more people are installing malware-laden apps from the official app stores than from sideloading.
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    Do you realize that the two app stores have a much higher percentage of having malware hidden in random apps I might install, compared to the minimal amount of apps I would manually side-load from obvious trusted sources? Your argument is backwards.
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    V Samsung
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    IKR, but have you followed any of Apples' other lawsuits?
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    This feels like a Tim Sweeney move. Guy has balls
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    Epic was recetly valued around 17 bill vs Apple at between 900 bill and 1 trill. A long legal battle realistically cant cost more than a few hundred million, right?....lawyers billing at $200/hr, 40hrs/week 50weeks/yr 400k per lawyer per year, or 10 mil/25 lawyers per year. Epic is trying to...
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    N64 Nintendo Power 100 Exclusive Gold Controller - RARE - USED

    I had this gold one, not the nintendo power one I wonder what shape the analogue stick is in on theirs.
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    Thermaltake Wants to Jazz up the Way You Apply Thermal Compound

    Y'all are doing it wrong. The Paintbrush Method is the only right way to apply/smooth thermal paste. I even remember when Newegg sold Rosewill TIM in a finger-nail polish-type bottle with a little brush attached to the cap. Someone needs to bring that back.
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    Billy Mitchell Now Suing Karl Jobst

    Billy looks like he had a hair transplant or something. That's allegedly not a natural hairline. DONT SUE ME BILLY