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    Speaker and Headphone Rigs Picture Thread

    Thanks for the heads up. I updated the links, hope they work now.
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    In-Win Reveals S-Frame Chassis At Computex

    Form follows function in good design. It doesn't start with form and it doesn't end with function... I don't know about the latest, but I really like my InWin case.
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    Sergey Brin: "I'm Kind Of A Weirdo"

    Yep, you nailed it.
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    Sergey Brin: "I'm Kind Of A Weirdo"

    Problem with google is they're just not that trustworthy anymore.. I deleted my google+ account because a) It was stupid and pointless.. and b) tired of these people thinking they can stick my face on ads and bother my friends with them.
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    Snowden: From Zero To Exiled Zero In 90 Days

    Most stupid article I've read all day *golf clap*
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    Cineplex Charging $3 Extra For The Good Seats

    The local theatre near me started charging $5 a ticket. It is full every night pretty much. Whereas the AMC nearby with its $14 tickets has a dozen people in it. Theaters would make more money by lowering their prices.
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    Pay-To-Win Beats Out Multiplayer

    The good old days, now it's shite.
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    Rubik's Cube Google Doodle

    You bust out the paint and paint each side like me too?
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    Electronic Arts announcing that they are shutting down the servers for...

    :( They'd better not shut down Battlefield Bad Company 2 any time soon... That's the only game I really play frequently.. he later BF game are a step backwards IMO
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    It is mostly idiocy. Some speakers are designed that way but they are a minority. Some such as Bose 901s are designed that way and they frankly suck. I don't even know what the hell it is your trying to say, or what point you are making. tell me what all these speakers are that are designed...
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    Florida Man Demands Right To Wed Computer

    And yet I know half a dozen gay couples who have kids. Sperm donation, adoption etc.
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    In Win 901 Case

    Beautiful case
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    I've never said any such thing. I'm not going to get into it with you as it's pointless since you don't pay attention to the opinions or postings of others.
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    I don't believe you read anybodies comments, you just disagree with them.
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    Yep, cabinets are not simple anymore for top end speakers
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    Curved enclosures are very simple to do, they are often made by bending the MDF under pressure or using a series of cuts. The Pioneer BS22 used curved cabinets and they are about $120 a pair.
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    You tell that to all the DIYers who design and build their own speakers. Copying someone elses design is little different to assembling a kit. Yes it's DIY. They are both DIY, but one is done in order to save a small amount of cash, the other is done because of love for audio, engineering and...
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    Don't patronize me sunshine. No one elected you the source of all knowledge and in this case you are wrong. It's mostly idiocy to design a speaker with room interaction in mind. Because rooms vary. You could have a 100 sq foot room in the shape of a cylinder or an 1800sq ft room. How can you...
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    DIY is not simply building a nice looking box to house a couple of off shelf components. I mean, everything is so much more complicated than that. You have to design crossovers, maybe build Zobel networks to flatten impedance and this is just the basics, this is before you get into quarter wave...
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    Maybe on the Q100s, but the higher up you go on the KEF chain the UniQ driver becomes a dedicated midrange rather than trying to do the bass to. On the R900s I think it gets crossed over at 400hz to two 8" drivers. So this effect is much less pronounced At the moment I cross mine over at 80hz...
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    Yep. But room is a different problem to solve. The goals for speaker design do not change, you can't design a speaker with a certain room interaction in mind as all rooms are different.
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    T-Amp Questions

    I personally don't like the sound from my T-amp. It is thin, sounds like a receiver.When I switch it with a dedicated amp there is a big difference. They are cheap, small and often good enough, it depends on your purpose. TV and gaming they are fine, but I don't like mine for music at all.
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    Asus Xonar Essence STX ... I'm unimpressed

    I have the exact same card and there was a very big difference between it and the onboard audio. It also performed slightly better than my old MAudio revolution 5.1 Maybe you need better headphones, or an amp or source etc the STX is for music, I've gamed with it but not paid attention to the...
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    Those Kefs are great. Their Uni-Q driver has solved a lot of problems. I got a set of the Q100s a few weeks back, they really do everything very well. They don't have the sense of scale as my floorstanders, but they're accurate and sound damn good.
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    There are design goals with any speakers worth owning. Low distortion. (drivers and cabinets). Correct phasing of drivers. A flat frequency response. An extended frequency response. taming of artifacts from drivers in the crossover etc etc. Fundamentally it is an engineering problem. It is an...
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    I wouldn't go as far as saying these are high end, but for PC speakers they're pretty damn good
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    Why there isn't any revolution in PC Speakers

    I don't agree with this at all. There is a chasm of difference between a high end audiophile setup and some "adequate" 2.1 PC speakers. And although these days you can get a hell of a lot for your money, the diminishing returns are not that severe..
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    Facebook's Latest Design Was So Good It Failed

    Yeah it's 100% ads. Some of it is paid by advertisers, the other 50% is the handful of friends that constantly updates about how awesome everything in their life is. (so much so they spends all their time on facebook...)
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    Thinking about mixing it up.... AMD?

    This thread sucks to read. AMD sucks, Intel sucks blah blah It's not about just the processor it's about the entire build. I've got two builds one based on an i5 3350p and one based on an AMD 1055t. The AMD rig is faster even if the processor itself is likely slower on single threads. Why...
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    IN WIN 904 Premium PC Case Review @ [H]

    I wish there was a little more room behind the motherboard tray, think I need to get a modular PSU. I bought a Antec Kuhler, yet to install. The pics don't do it justice, this is the nicest case I've seen..
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    3D Abstract Art

    Cool stuff!
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    In Win tòu Review

    In Win is killing it with their cases recently... I thought this one was kind of ugly initially... but the glass becomes a mirror when the power is off.. Looks absolutely awesome. Not for me since I just bought the 904 a few hours ago which IMO is even prettier.... But now I want the glass...
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    IN WIN 904 Premium PC Case Review @ [H]

    This is a beautiful case... If I was designing a case I'd make it look like this. Just pulled the trigger.. $180 from microcenter, picking it up later today. Thanks for the review and the heads up about microcenter, I guess the MiR ends in a few days.
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    Budget PC speakers - whats the popular route?

    I got to say I don't think very much of my T-amp a topping TP21... It's supposed to be 25watts but it barely gets my speakers to a decent level (89 db efficient floorstanders), bass is wimpy. But it was very cheap and it's very small, but it's a night and day difference between it and my Denon...
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    Budget PC speakers - whats the popular route?

    Look on craigslist... I got a 150 watt RMS sub 10" for $40... Failing that, build your own or buy one of the cheapies (BIC, Dayton 1000 etc)
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    Budget PC speakers - whats the popular route?

    Pioneer BS22 can be found for $80 at Walmart. Throw in a Lepai T-amp for $20 Though Personally I'd drop a little more and get a T-amp with more power.
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    ASUS Xonar Essence STX II

    Yeah, that's why I've always preferred AVRs with analog inputs and Pre outs... Don't need o keep upgrading your receiver every time HDMI 2.347 comes out. Analog in, let your HTPC handle DAC. Pre out, let an external amplifier handle the amp stage. Also lends itself to home theater bypass...
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    Advice on audio from the ground up

    Spend the $300 on speakers.