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    When will Video Card prices come down lower?

    There have been RX 6600 non-XTs in stock regularly now for a couple of weeks at newegg for ~$450. Once that comes down to $300 I think I will buy one for my HTPC, which is still stuck with a 1060 3GB. I had a chance to grab a 1660 super for ~$200 before all this started but decided to hold out...
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    Intel introduces new high-performance graphics brand: Arc I unfortunately saw no mention of concrete plans to move the design to Intel fabs for Xe-HPG, but surely it's in the works if we know Xe-HPC is already taped out or in early production on Intel 7nm. Like many...
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    Intel introduces new high-performance graphics brand: Arc

    Does that take into account yields? Are intel's yields comparable?
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    Intel introduces new high-performance graphics brand: Arc

    Thank you ChadD and Lakados. What is the total fab capacity of Intel 7nm vs TSMC 5nm? How do they compare today? Is intel at, say, 5% of TSMC? I'm a bit out of the loop.
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    Intel introduces new high-performance graphics brand: Arc

    I'm a bit confused, is this consumer Arc GPU (Xe-HPG DG2 codenamed Alchemist) being made on TSMC 7nm, 5nm, or 3nm? Or do we not know? I found conflicting reports but some were a year old.
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    So I upgraded to my Ryzen 7 5800X CPU today. However; I think there's been a tech casualty (memory and motherboard related)...

    Any way to confirm the specific bent pins are for addressing memory?
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    LG tries to control monitor review

    Anyone ever heard of corruption from TFTCentral or RTings? I like those sites a lot and hope they are still impartial.
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    Unobtanium GPU edges out Notavailabanium/Unobtanium alloy card

    Hey SvenBent I assume the values you list are all without ray tracing? I'm not interested in ray tracing until another generation or 2 but worth noting for people that are.
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    Linux malware evades detection for upwards of 3 years, not sure how

    I am not satisfied by the info in the OP. Has someone more reputable commented on this malware? As someone else wrote: My read of the netlab site seems to point to this malware can not escalate privileges. It is limited by whatever the user that installed it can do. The real question is how...
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    Rumor zen3+ cancelled

    The last time I bought a high end new CPU was Core2Duo launch. Since then, I refused to pay more than $150 for any single part so I buy CPU and GPU after a year delay on a deal or used. This strategy has always worked great saving me money until this past year. I can't even upgrade my HTPC from...
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    Very white paint

    Debated by researchers because sunlight is still broadband and it's tough to get a reflection scheme that can target more than a narrow wavelength band and maintain at or above Lambertian effectiveness. See here for more on the topic: If you want my opinion I...
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    Very white paint

    The solar cell is much much wider than is it thick (15 cm vs 0.015 cm), so if you can scatter the light sideways as much as possible it will get 'trapped'. Models (some of them are ray tracing models :) guess I need work to pay for my next RTX) show that a perfectly diffuse reflector...
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    Very white paint

    This topic used to be my job so I'll try not to go overboard here but they do. In the research world they're a bit ahead of industry in terms of design but I believe most crystalline solar cell panels you buy will use a textured mirror made from a two-layer stack of first conductive oxide like...
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    Very white paint

    One interesting use of white paint is as a diffuse reflector for the backside of a solar cell. It's a cheap way to reflect light that made it through the cell back up into the cell for another chance to be used.
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    Inside Amazon's Smart Warehouse

    I read Amazon is buying up all the closing down shopping malls for warehouses. They are getting big buildings in the city with huge parking lots and loading docks.
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    Epic losing massive amounts of money in the battle vs Steam

    I didn't know before reading OP that Control was a timed exclusive for 1 year on EGS. I wonder if it was worth $10mil. An indie game I've followed for years took the EGS exclusive agreement and got I think a year or two worth of money to keep the studio alive. I don't think they could have...
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    LG Exiting The Mobile Phone Market

    My girlfriend at the time had a couple of LG chocolates and the LG dare ^. I really hated those verizon OSes. Thanks to this thread I know about the V20 and its removable battery. Also the G5. I'm still on a galaxy S5 so I may consider 'upgrading' to one of these.
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    More free PS4 Games coming!

    Yes. And for those that want Ratchet and Clank before it expires tonight, you have to explicitly search the store for that particular game. It didn't come up in the list of free games for me.
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    More free PS4 Games coming!

    You don't even need a console, you can create a PSN account and add the games through the website. Ratchet and Clank expires today.
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    More free PS4 Games coming!

    I jailbreak/mod consoles for fun and I just bought a PS4 Pro on 8.00 firmware and don't plan to ever update it just in case. To answer the question, I think 8.0 is the min. firmware needed to take advantage of this for now, until 8.50 is out of beta. Was going to keep this thing in cold storage...
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    More free PS4 Games coming!

    I read some of the pages but have some questions. Are these permanently in your account to download in the future after claiming? Can I do it without updating my firmware to the latest?
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    Am I asking too much for my socket 939 motherboards and such?

    Do you folks running retro systems browse the web with them? Do the old CPUs have the instruction sets needed to run modern browsers and do they choke on common sites like gmail?
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    Sony GDM-FW900 - NIB

    How long can an OLED really last though? CRT only emissive display tech that can last 10+ years, my CRT gaming monitor going on 17 years now with regular use (repaired it myself twice), plasma or oled get burn in or un-repairable panel failure. I hope microLED will last a long time. I am ready...
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    GPU Bestbuy drop happening now

    I have a 570 8gb lying around somewhere unused... time to sell it :angelic:
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    The Rise of Retrocomputing

    Wow, I appreciate your reverse engineering skills. Though maybe you think this way easy, it's like that sometimes.
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    GameStop Stock keeps going up no end in sight

    Does anyone remember Impulse? It was the digital storefront gamestop bought and ruined.
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    How many SSD drives have you purchased?

    PNY CS3030 1TB nvme - PC WD SN750 500GB nvme - HTPC HP EX920 500GB nvme - Laptop TF Vulcan 500GB sata - PS3 Crucial MX200 500GB sata - Old PC Samsung 840 pro 250GB sata - Old HTPC HP M700 240GB - Old Laptop SKHynix SL308 250GB - Old PS3 - Died at 2yrs
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    AMD pushes back on Tiger Lake with Cezanne mobile CPUs

    Good point, but I'm less interested in max burn like in a benchmark and more in light usage like web browsing, movie watching, netflix/youtube...
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    AMD pushes back on Tiger Lake with Cezanne mobile CPUs

    Looks good but I'm also interested in battery life tests, which appear to be missing
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    Valve, Capcom, Bethesda, Fined $9.4 Million by EU for 'Geo-Blocking

    I had a friend who used a VPN to buy games at the lower prices offered in some countries, but I guess steam got wise on this a while ago and changed it so that the credit card address had to match the region you buy from. That's what I'm told anyway. Sort of related to discussion.
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    HP Reverb G2

    It's up on the microsoft store now, out of stock though.
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    Old video cards worth running?

    I know Win10 is 2015, I mean I'm surprised the driver was updated to 2016 even. Ten years of A-tier driver support is not too bad, what other industry supports products like that for so long?
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    Never seen a mining rig(?) configured this way, several PC mainboards underneath? How hot is it in that room...
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    Old video cards worth running?

    A more pressing ethical dilemma might be, what if the piss-card was a GTX 3080? Would that be a compliment to the wife or an insult? Latest driver for 8000 series is 2016, surprised it supports Win10
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    Current state of PhysX? Is it well and truly dead?

    I often wonder if it makes sense to make an add-on ray tracing card like the old PhysX cards.
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    HP Reverb G2

    I hope this is eventually sold on the microsoft store sometime next year, I have a lot of credit on there.
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    Soo basically 3060s are coming out yet people can't even buy what they released Sept 17th?

    With everything selling out like this you'd think every other house has a VR-capable gaming rig.
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    Soo basically 3060s are coming out yet people can't even buy what they released Sept 17th?

    Since this card is same price point as 5700XT yet blows it away in performance now prices on 5700xt have to drop, right? Which should have a domino effect and drop prices down the line. Right?
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    Radeon 6000 series speculation

    1 card per store reminds me of the ps2 launch in Oct 2000, only this shortage is even worse. I wonder what nv/amd are going to say on their quarterly investor call about this.