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    AT&T: We've Shelved Ideas Thanks To Net Neutrality Rules

    Recently I noticed my data usage how gone up a ton despite me not really doing anything different. Checked my usage and its was the NFL app. Normally I stream a ton of csgo on twich but had been watching NFL instead. Turns out the NFL app has no quality settings and uses a ton of data. I...
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    Sennheiser open-air headphones hd600 $249, hd650 $299

    Soundblaster z's amp sufficient for these?
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    The Problem With Multiplayer

    I love multiplayer games. I played the SOCOM series and Halo for a long time. I finally got sick of the cycle. Their model is to release a game and almost immediately abandon it then expect you to pay another $60 in a year. PC is where its at except for the most casual COD players.
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    Nearly Half of 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 Has Leaked Online

    Yeh, 799,000 people who didn't realize it was SD.
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    Governor To Decide If Tesla Can Restart Sales In New Jersey

    Allowing tesla to sell cars in a state where you still can't pump your own gas? I can't believe it.
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    TV Ratings See Double-Digit Declines For Fifth Straight Month

    This headline is straight bullshit. Ratings aren't going down 10%+ a month which is what this headline says.
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    Intel Extreme Masters Supports Women in Gaming

    Their team is probably poorly slapped together for most of their open matches too. Their roster varies wildly. They have very average players on their roster as well as some pretty damn good players. Their communication didn't seem great to me, but that's normal for all American teams...
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    Hollywood: Google Fiber Leads To More Piracy

    Pretty sure this is selection bias. I'm guessing the percentage of hardforum users who pirate video is much higher than the general public, but that doesn't mean were converting people to pirates here. They are trying to find causation where there is none.
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    DVD Rips Hit The Net After Sony Hack

    Is it bad that my first though was: DVD quality? Not interested.
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    Counter-Strike Tournament Reveals Exploits Equal Cheating In eSports

    Its more complicated than you think. They are using several glitches in the map. First, its not a normal boost. The player on the bottom is standing on a stray pixel that was never intended to be on the map. Secondly, they can't be damaged from all the angles they are visible from. Third, they...
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    Counter-Strike Tournament Reveals Exploits Equal Cheating In eSports

    A youtuber found it. The team in question requested they take it down and they did. Only the person who found it, a handful of their friends, and the team who used it were aware of this boost. Not only did they hide it, but overpass(the map) is one of the two newest maps used in competitive...
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    Call of Duty eSports Pro 'Nadeshot' Profiled

    The real problem is that PC games are crushing CoD and with good reason.
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    Ducky Shine 3 Keyboard Clearance ($110 + FS)

    NCIX still has 3 listed on ebay. Depending on what switch/size you want. EDIT: Didn't notice they are factory refurbished.
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    Ducky Shine 3 Keyboard Clearance ($110 + FS)

    These are back. Various models(switches, LEDs, TKL/Full). $105 for select TKL/$110 for select full. Also, NCIX has a few listed on ebay as well. Not only are these actually in stock, but these prices are lower than anywhere else I've seen. I was planning on paying for more for a ducky shine...
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    Piracy Could Cripple Indie Film Business In Five Years

    Its gotta be worse for actual indie movies. A lot of the time these things are floating around online for months or even a year or more before they get distribution. I don't see how it could be financially viable to make smaller budget films, but the good news is that it doesn't have to be...
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    Coil Whine/feedback

    Connected directly in the back. I'm gonna try a sound blaster z tomorrow. Hopefully that fixes it. The coil whine isn't even really that loud, just seems like the onboard sound is picking up interference a lot.
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    Coil Whine/feedback

    I just finished a build and I'm definitely getting coil whine. The coil whine is very noticeable at 120+ FPS and even bothersome at 60 FPS in game(csgo). If I switch to a different screen in lobby of csgo its real bad for a few seconds then settles down. I can also hear a faint noise some times...
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    TigerDirect $27 off $270, good for graphics cards

    It is not CC only. Its ANY BOA card. Works if you have a BOA checking account with a debit card. Just log into your account, activate the cashback offer, and make a purchase at TD.
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    Heatsink appears to be upside down.

    There is actually a clip on both sides of the heatsink. I'm guessing its meant for different CPU fan orientations and not dummies who don't pay attention to their wiring, but either way it works.
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    Heatsink appears to be upside down.

    Just installed this. Pretty sure the wiring will stay over the RAM. Is this a problem?
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    TigerDirect $27 off $270, good for graphics cards

    I don't see anything at the moment, but TD usually has some decent deals anyway. Their coupons are what make their deals very good usually. Also, BOA has 10% cashback at TD($20 cap maybe,not sure). It is one time use. If you don't pay taxes on TD and have BOA you should be able to find a...
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    HBO's Streaming Service May Cost Almost 2X as Much as Netflix

    HBOgo is nice as an addition to their existing cable service, but they really need to beef it up if they expect to pay $15 a month for it. Their selection of movies is pretty sparse. Its basically just $15 for a handful of shows as someone said. If they want to compete with netflix(especially...
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    Building around a r9 270

    I may just buy a 1TB HDD and add a 256GB SSD later.
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    Building around a r9 270

    So far: Case: Fractal Design R4 CPU: i5 4590 PSU: 550w XFX P1550SXXB9 Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-SLI Video Card: MSI Radeon r9 270 Hoping to finish this off today with: SSD: Crucial MX100 128GB HDD: WD blue 1TB (Is blue worth $5 more than green?) Ram: Hyperx 8gb DDR3 1600 CD/DVD...
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    Building around a r9 270

    Newegg has a this board: and a 4590 for $220. Seems like a really good deal to me. Should I jump on this?
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    NFL Fines 49ers Quarterback $10K for Wearing Beats Headphones

    Pretty sure he gets paid more than $10k every time he is on film wearing beats.
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    Building around a r9 270

    Case is already ordered.
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    Building around a r9 270

    I saw that case was in your build while I was looking at it on newegg. Heres a working link: I'd prefer the modular, but if I can save ~$50 on the PSU it'd be nice.
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    Building around a r9 270

    Most likely I will just buy a case. Case:
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    Building around a r9 270

    Not sure of the fan setup in that case, regardless I have a thermaltake with front and rear 120MM fans and a side 90MM.
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    Building around a r9 270

    Seems like the 4460 is the best bang for the buck. Would you agree with that? Can get one for $171 on newegg after 10% off. The 4590 is ~$10 more right now.
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    Building around a r9 270

    I have an ATX mid tower I plan on using. Its one of these: Would have posted that, but it took me a while to find that. Also, I've done 4 builds before. I'm mostly concerned with making sure I...
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    Building around a r9 270

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming, mostly looking for high FPS in CSGO at 1440x900 low settings. 2) What's your budget? As little as possible ~$650-700 max($550-600 after the GPU purchase). 3) Which country do you live in? NC. 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? Have a...
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    Debranded HP desktop 4770k, 8gb ram, 1TB HDD Looking at getting a new desktop for gaming mostly. I'd need a video card(and...
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    DA Offering Ice Cream For Violent Video Games

    1.) Bring shittiest game you can find. 2.) ???? 3.) Free Ice Cream.
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    Researchers Say Search Engines Can Diminish Online Piracy

    I only read the abstract, but it appears their "control" was a non-manipulated version of their fake search engine. Which seems like a bogus control. There are other ways to access things than a search engine. Of course if you force people to use a search engine then it will matter if you...
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    Newspapers Want To Charge Extra For Black Friday Ads

    Seems like advertisers would be upset if they sold ads and then raised the price of the paper.
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    Cops Using Controversial Database To Identify Search And Seizure Targets

    The real issue is the fact they will harass anyone they think might have cash on them to seize. Drug dealer or not. If you have more than a couple hundred dollars its getting seized.
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    ESPN Says eSports Isn't a Sport

    Not sure how you define athletic. If a guy can hit a bullseye on a dart board consistently from 100 feet I'd call that an athletic feat. Same thing goes for controlling a mouse as precisely as top FPS players do. These guys are using giant mousepads and making fast movements. You won't...
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    E-Sports Drawing Big Crowds and Big Money

    Actually, I've thought exactly this. Some of the best FPS players have what seems like superhuman reaction time and accuracy in their ability to control a physical object(a mouse). Might not require strength or physical endurance, but neither do a lot of "sports". The things that separate...