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    WTB: old, CHEAP notebooks

    Certainly under $100 for cheapness, but less is better... bump
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    WTB: old, CHEAP notebooks

    bumping... some offers pending... remember, DIRT CHEAP...
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    WTB: old, CHEAP notebooks

    I have had some communication with some of you... bump
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    WTB: old, CHEAP notebooks

    As title says... Want To Buy old, DIRT CHEAP notebooks. (the cheaper, the better) (working or non-working) (prefer paying via paypal or money order) (also have a 6800 I could trade) Heatware = Az2 ebay = az2zej So... what ya got?
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    Rule #1: If you have to ask these questions be prepared to buy new stuff when you break yours. Rule #2: You asked so I will tell you. (I cannot be held liable) If you can raise the speed of your CPU without raising the voltage, good. If your PC becomes unstable at a certain speed then...
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    X-Fi buzzing/static

    I have used multiple pairs of headphones and have restarted my PC. The problem doesn't go away. At first I thought that perhaps my cold cathode light or my TV tuner were interfering with the card. I removed them. I still have the problem.
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    X-Fi buzzing/static

    I recently purchased a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card. I installed the card and drivers and I do have the headphones plugged in correctly with the correct setup. I hear a loud buzzing/static sound. I can hear audio played but not very well because of this LOUD...
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    Sound Card Woes

    I am having the same problem with my new X-Fi I bought today. I don't know what to do. Can anyone help?
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    FS: $100 Best Buy gift card

    Actually, it's not a joke. As always, feel free to make offers on my for sale items.
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    FS: $100 Best Buy gift card

    For sale: 1 $100 Best Buy Gift Card = $100 shipped Accepted forms of payment are cash, check, money order, or non-CC paypal. I have some heatware with the username Az2. (5-0-0)
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    free t-shirt from ideal industries

    I got it. I'm so very happy.
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    Best way to talk my friend out of a Alienware?

    Just tell him to order a Fostech PC. Fostech uses only the highest quality parts to insure that you get years of joy from your PC. Tell him it will be A LOT cheaper, and of about the same quality. (of course he won't get the alienware case) If anyone wants a fully customized Fostech PC, just...
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    Win 98 installation problems

    Right now I'm using Disk Druid to repartition and re-install RH9. I'm deleting preexisting partitions and loading RH9 very lightly. I will then install 98SE. I'm just going to use this system for 3 months at university until black friday rolls around, then I'll get a new notebook.
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    Win 98 installation problems

    I get the same problem. (system freezes)
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    Win 98 installation problems

    I have a Dell Inspiron 7000 notebook. (P2 366, 128MB RAM, 8GB HDD, etc..) (old) I got it for $50. Anyway... I currently have RedHat 9 installed on the system and it works just fine. (a little slow of course) I'm trying to install WIN 98SE since I don't know much about Linux. I put in the...
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    PSU help

    Well, I have received/installed the PSU. It appears to be made to a higher quality than my old Raidmax. I don't know yet if I made the right decision to go with this PSU, but it's CERTAINLY better than my old one. (the voltages are much more stable)
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    PSU help

    I don't agree that a review is worthless if it isn't conducted in exactly this manner. Yes, I do agree that it isn't as worthy, but it is CERTAINLY better than nothing. I perhaps shouldn't have reccomended this PSU yet. Correct I shouldn't reccomend or dismiss it until I have first hand...
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    PSU help

    I MOST CERTAINLY AGREE that the review you gava a link to is a FAR better review. BUT! They didn't review the PSU in question. They didn't review anything like it.
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    PSU help and Yes, the second one had fan problems, but he STILL gave it 4 pimp hats.
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    PSU help

    Well, the reviews were good and they're not on the list of unscrupulus PSU companies.
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    PSU help

    Well, this PSU can't be worse than my current Raidmax with voltages all over the place.
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    PSU help

    I suggest the Logisys PS500CLA PSU. It looks nifty, It's cost efficient, but more importantly I read several reviews that all say that this is a very stable PSU. The reviews also included that it's pretty heavy (for the case being half lexan). (this is good) It has fairly large capcitors and...
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    WTB: 1GB PC3200 RAM

    I would like to purchase one gigabyte of PC3200 RAM. I would prefer 2 512MB sticks, but if I can save a lot by going with 1 1GB stick, I will. So... What do ya'll have to offer? heatware = Az2
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    WTB: good PSU

    I would like to buy a good PSU for my PC. When I say good, I mean high quality and stable. I don't need PC Power & Cooling's latest masterpiece. I don't need a 24 Pin Motherboard connection either. This PSU will be used to power the system in my signature. I would like over 400 Watts...
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    6800 256 BIT 128 Meg PNY

    I have this card. I was able to unlock the extra pipelines and vertex shader. Unfortunately, I paid $200 for mine on black friday 2004.
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    I did it. It didn't help too much. It did help 4 mhz on the core and 4mhz on the RAM though. The card is an ATI Rage 2C PCI. The stock clock was 75/83. I now have it at 99/118. I ran some benchmarks and it has definately improved performance.
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    On PSUs...

    Enermax, Fortron, Antec, Vantec, PC P&C, TTGI...PLEASE I have one of those 420 watt Raidmax PSUs. Highly unstable. -12V = -13.6V = BAD I think this PSU is why my RAM has been dying, new PSU soon.
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    I already have standard thermal paste and super glue. Thus, no money would be spent. Thank you for your idea Mr.K6.
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    Would making a thermal transfer epoxy out of standard heatsink compound and super glue work? (I'm OCing the video card in my #4 machine just for fun and want to add cooling without spending any money) I would spend money, but it's my number 4 machine (soon to be #5 because apple notebook is...
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    How many fans do you have in your case?

    PSU=2 Rear Exhaust=2 side intake=1 front intake=2 Hard drive cooler=2 CPU=1 GPU=1 Total = 11
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    Computer Zonked...need help to troubleshoot

    I recently had a similar problem with bad memory.
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    Bad DIMM slots, help please

    Well, first of all you've got to make sure it isn't the RAM itself that is dead. You should put thos sticks in slots 1 and 2 and run a testing program such as Windows Memory Diagnostic or memtest86. If it turns out that is is the slots, make sure they're clean and the RAM is seated in the slot...
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    6800 - Speed Gain With Unlocking

    How'd you get such an AMAZING deal? I was exstatic when I got my 6800 for $200. (although they were $300 back then)
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    WTB: laserdisc player/star wars laserdics

    I SO KNOW A GUY WITH THIS STUFF! He would never part with Star Wars stuff though.
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    [H]ot Barebones (TigerDirect)

    This seems to be a complete system to me. (you also get a video card)
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    Best card $50 or less...

    I'm going to agree with 9600 5500 9250 5200 MX4000/440 The MX440 and MX4000 are the same card. They basically rnamed the MX440 the MX4000 for release with the FX line.
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    Free Sleeve of Golf Balls - Bridgestone

    I received mine today.
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    remove shroud+addfan?

    ahhh... thank you. Now... do you think a fan mounted on the heatsing would make it cooler?
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    remove shroud+addfan?

    Well, the reasons I would bother are that I want to overclock the card soon, I have tons of fans lying around, and I'm bored. I'm not really sure of the temp of my card. How can I check that?
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    remove shroud+addfan?

    Would it be wise to remove the fan shroud from my 6800 and just mount a fan directly upon the heatsink. I removed the shroud on Saturday for some cleaning and noticed that the heatsink is rather small. So...Would adding a fan directly to the heatsink provide better cooling, or not?