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    Epic games?

    Metal Gear Solid 1-5.
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    i5 750 is it time ?

    I went from 760@3.9ghz to a 5930k, it's a huge leap. Pull the trigger.
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    Are the Audio Technica ATH-A900X still good for gaming? Need to replace A900's

    I have these. I love them. Sound great. A year later, they're holding up.
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    Just clarifying if this 6700k is not supported

    No such thing as a 6700k haswell.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    A door with fence posts for legs. Best desk I ever owned.
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    Does the Kraken X41 require CAM to be operational?

    CAM throttles the pump and fans based on temp. I cannot confirm whether or not it will throttle either without the software. Only one way to find out. Please report back! I own an x61.
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    Try this audio test

    3/5, xfi brauvia + a900's. Would have helped if every two seconds the recording wasn't skipping... If I remember my codecs correctly and how it works, it's hard to tell midranges lossy vs compressed. The secret is in the high notes.
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    Catalyst 15.10 Drivers!

    15.9 broke my MGSV xfire... Hopefully they fixed it with these.
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    How do you roll at a hotel?

    Laptop that doesn't play anything more intensive than Limbo. The PS Vita comes with me. Amazing underrated machine.
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    290x GPU-z 12v @ 11v

    11.63v-11.75v on my 290x's. I had 3 mining with the same psu I'm using now. It's a silverstone 1200watt strider gold evolution. I don't think the gpuz sensor is accurate.
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    Noctua NH-D15S CPU Cooler

    A buddy has one of these for his 5930k. It's fine for stock, but overclocking it just doesn't have the thermal capacity to keep up. Stick to quad cores with this heatsink.
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    What mobo should I get for i7-5930K?

    My board was shipped with 1801. Ordered two weeks ago.
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    What mobo should I get for i7-5930K?

    I like my Asus x99 Sabertooth. It has M2, sata3, sata express, usb3, usb2, usb3.1, etc. Only had it for a week or two, so far so good.
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    I went ahead and reinstalled them just in case. Same thing. Thanks though!
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    Running windows 10 with the x99 Sabertooth, I've installed all the drivers from the Asus site, all my gpu drivers, sound card drivers, everything else drivers and my device manager is still full of ! Anyone have any idea what I'm missing drivers for? Windows update can't find anything for them.
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    AMD Needs Your Help - Requesting Feedback for Catalyst Driver

    I'd like an Elite Dangerous xfire profile. The game is very popular and has been out for almost a year. An updated one for Planetside 2 would be great too. As I understand, the profile that is in use right now doesn't work right due to it being built for the beta and the game has evolved...
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    Air cooled 36 cores / 72 HT

    You can't possibly just use that for gaming. There is not way to justify that. I assume render rig?
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    i7 -5930k OC

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    Corsair Hydro Series VGA Cooling Lucky Draw

    1. Yes, I have two jet engine 290x's to cool off. 2. Yes, I have bad luck with hardware and would hate to remove the cooler in order to rma the cards.
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    Do you tighten your motherboard screws all the way?

    I use locktite on the risers, then tighten the screws down until they're snug on the mobo. I've never had an issue lining up pci(e) cards. If I did, I'd be using evga's method where you leave the screws loose, put in the cards then tighten it all up.
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    AMD Catalyst 15.8 Beta Driver for Windows is now available!

    Most importantly here, I'll be able to play MGSV: TPP.
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    AMD Needs Your Help - Requesting Feedback for Catalyst Driver

    Please make the Linux drivers work. I'd like to move off Windows onto Linux without taking a huge performance hit. 290x Xfire owner.
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    5930K w/ Asus X99 Rampage V Extreme OC

    That seems like it should be a good AIO. Curious to see how it does.
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    Fury X can barely keep up with a GTX750 in linux

    Fury X is new. My 290x was horrible until a few driver revisions. AMD seems to do this at launch. A year after they release the card, the drivers catch up to the hardware. AMD drivers never have been good in Linux. I'm hoping once SteamOS launches officially with the Steam Boxen, AMD will...
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    skylake info

    So... this is kinda where I'm at with a 760@3.9ghz... Broadwell-e SHOULD have the L4 cache. I want to see what it does before I pull the trigger on a 5820k or a 6700k. Q1 2016 I'll be making the decision. I am guessing there will finally be several games I want to play that my...
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    Is Hover Hound dead?

    Yup. Broken for me too. I had checked it, made sure it worked, then went to verify my firefox version, which was 39. While checking the version, it decided to update and when the newegg page reloaded, hover hound did not work. FWIW, the dev dark theme is broken too.
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    Socket 1150 or wait?

    Assuming you're going to be reusing your DDR3 ram, if first gen of DDR3->DDR4 is going to be anything like the DDR2->DDR3 was, I'd go ahead and get a s1150 4790k and not look back. Unless you're buying used, I don't think the price drop in parts will justify waiting if drescherjm is indeed...
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    AMD, Why is multi CPU architecture reserved for servers??

    Companies build render farms for this exact reason now. That being said, I can go on newegg and find a muli-cpu motherboard right now.
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    I5-750 to I5-4690k worth it?

    I'm sitting on my 760@3.9ghz+290x until skylake. Only issue I've had so far is that Shadow of Mordor would slow down at times. All the other games that I've played so far run great. I'll either be grabbing a 4790k or a skylake chip depending on performance and prices. I say go for it if you...
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    What DPI do you run your mouse for everyday usage?

    1980x1200+1680x1050 are my resolutions on my desktop. I run 2000dpi, 1000hz polling for non-games. For FPS games, I run 800-1200dpi.
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    Switching Operating Systems Is Almost Never The Answer

    IDK about you guys, but my i5 760 is still rocking MS DOS.
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    Are you planning to buy a 4K monitor for gaming soon?

    I'd love a 4k monitor. GPU's are just not powerful enough yet. 1950x1200 for the next few years.
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    Intel i7-920 x58 vs Haswell @1080p and above - Still no urgency to upgrade?

    I'm in a similar boat, i5 760@3.9ghz. It's the s1156 quad core version of your chip. Stock to stock the 4790k would be doubling my horsepower. Plantside 2 is the game that cpu bottle necks me running at 1950x1200 with a 290x. Shadow of Mordore(sp) had slowdowns too. My main game is PS2, and...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Work Simulator? Those graphics are amazing!!! I'm kidding, nice setup. I'd like to try out an ultra wide.
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    450w enough for R9 290?

    Yes you can run a 290 on a 450w psu. I was mining with a 430watt with my 290x. HOWEVER. You will not be able to load the cpu at all. It'll just shut off. You need to get a bigger psu if you want to do anything other than mining
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    Dell 24" UltraSharp U2415 - 1920x1200 Monitor - $319.99

    I grabbed one. My 21.6" 1680x1050 monitor is showing it's age. It'll make a great second monitor though. Replace the crappy TN panel monitor that I've been using.
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    New card or use an old one?

    Depends. Really depends on his goals. I got my Anuzentech xfi bravura from a buddy for $20. It has a headphone amp, optical out, it's amazing. I don't have any suggestions aside from trying to grab something used.
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    Highest end motherboard with AGP and ISA?

    Really curious. What's with the isa slot, and why do you NEED AGP? Is the software you're trying to run really that picky? Why is it that picky?