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    My wallpaper thread.

    Hey Mulett, Could you make one with the Asus republic of gamers symbol on it? at 2560x1600 res? Cheers mate! :)
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    Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding, but has succesfully recovered

    OK this happend to me a few weeks ago when i upgraded my PSU to the new Corsair HX1000. I connected it all up and i was getting the same problem as you are. I tried everything, i even put in my old power supply as i thought that was the problem but nope, same black screen and driver failing msg...
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    HDD Needs to be formated all of a sudden.

    Download Handy Recovery and make it run a scan on the drive, it helped me find and recover the 40 gigs of data that windows formatted. Its an excellent software in recovering lost data from corrupted partitions, if u want PM me and i can email it to you.
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    EVGA 750i SLI FTW @ [H]

    Yeah let's hope they release the bios fix soon, other than this problem...i think this board is ace!.
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    NVIDIA 750i, 780i, 790i Graphics corruption?

    Yeah im one of the unforuntate users who gets the video corruption while playing movies. Games and DVD's are fine but if you watch avi or mpeg files....thats the only time it happens, it can for an hour fine sometimes and out of the blue it will just happen again. Hope Nvidia fix this issue...
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    EVGA 750i SLI FTW @ [H]

    I have the video corruptions problem mentioned in someones post earlier, sucks big time....only occurs while playing windows media players playing avi and mpeg files....DVDs and games are completely stable and problem free. I hope Nvidia fixes this problem quick, sinces ive heard from a few...
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    Crysis Screen shots..nothing else 56k no

    LMAO!....Nice one! hahaha
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    Crysis Screen shots..nothing else 56k no

    Are they all custom maps???...or are they ingame?...i havent completed the game yet, so i dont know...i so cannot wait to get rig up and running. The gf keeps me busy so i never have enough time!!!!!
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    Crysis Screen shots..nothing else 56k no

    Wow, looks amazing! Im upgrading to an E8400 and gonna overclock it, it has been guranteed to run at 4.1ghz and gonna 4 gigs of Ram on a 750i mobo....what res and what kind of frames are you getting on your setup?