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  1. J

    Help me upgrade my Acer x223w

    Could you do a 27" 1920x1080?
  2. J

    Looking for advice on new monitor

    Should be pretty good if you're just looking for an everyday monitor and just looking for extra display real-estate
  3. J

    60" TV or Projector for living room???

    If you can wait a couple more months... I think prices will continue to drop. This holiday season sale wasn't very good and retailers will react by probably aggressively discounting further on the next holiday..
  4. J

    60Hz or 120Hz for PC gaming ?

    Hahaha yeah... especially if you're going to be playing FPS games. It really depends on what types of games you're going to be playing exactly..
  5. J

    The beauty that is dual 19 inchers

    What happens when the keys start popping out without being able to stick them back in? Super glue? :p
  6. J

    My venture / leap out of the IPS world

    I think that may be because of WLED back-lighting.
  7. J

    Apple Cinema Display 27 for gaming?

    Yeah I've used the older version of Apple 27" cinema displays for gaming via PC as well. It is mind blowing.... The colors are very vibrant.. but I hear that if get a U3011 it's so much more worth it..
  8. J

    Most 2012 LG TV to use IPS?

    What state is that? California?
  9. J

    Looking to upgrade my monitor

    Um.. if you're looking for good colors I would recommend you to do IPS or VA... TN would be the fastest for FPS gaming, but I wouldn't exactly consider BF3 and skyrim FPS games, but then that would depend on your own perspective. If you want FPS monitors then it's pretty much TN based 120hz...
  10. J

    Good but cheap monitor

    I agree to go with Dell, but not necessarily true about the service. Because whatever brand you get you will only have valid warranty within the United States, therefore Dell Canada will not provide warranty for your monitor. Unless policies have changed recently, I believe that should still be...
  11. J

    U2412M or Something else?

    Have you thought about VA panel based monitors? They're not as good for heavy FPS gaming, but it sounds like that isn't your main focus anyway. Although most people complain about VA panel's ghosting and what not, I use one for gaming myself and don't see any ghosting or lag. Perhaps because I'm...
  12. J

    Smallest Size, highest resolution.

    Seriously?! Have you actually seen one? That sounds a bit unlikely to be true... given it's I doubt it's legit. And that would cost a fortune to manufacture because that is really customized panel sizes which are not scaled for production...
  13. J

    What monitor should I get for gaming?

    Take a look at the BenQ XL2420T, it's brand new. And it has some cool features that most monitors don't have. They have a scaling system which lets you adjust through the OSD to change the screen size from widescreen to 4:3. Also they have a new black equalizer system which allows you to...
  14. J

    Any quality LCD Monitors 23"-27" with white bezels?

    Some old monitors such as the V2400 Eco is all white if you interested. I think they'd be hard to find nowadays too haha
  15. J

    Looking to upgrade my monitor

    What are you going to mainly use the monitor for? It sounds like you're probably looking for IPS Dell Ultrasharp?
  16. J

    New monitor for gaming questions

    Have you checked out the new XL2420T? It's got some pretty cool new features. And they redesigned it so now you can do eyefinity setups! I think one of the cool features is the onboard black equalizer which allows you to specifically target dark areas on the screen and brighten them...
  17. J

    Is there a perfect monitor?

    Lol, so true.. learn to keep be happy with what you have, otherwise you'll always be miserable about what you don't have. My wife reminds me that I should keep that in mind with what I have with her so I don't go around with 'others' :D
  18. J

    Advice for a 23-24" monitor for movies (IPS or PVA, MVA)

    The EW2430 is a great monitor and it'll produce the great picture quality that you'd want for high def movies. Since you don't game then this monitor will provide you with all the things you need. Gaming is the monitor's weak point because a lot of people feel that the response time isn't fast...
  19. J

    Um.. is this real? The BenQ XL2420?

    Awesome!! Let us know what you think when you receive it :)
  20. J

    best monitor to minimize eye strain - text based work

    I believe that VA is the best for text reading. VA LED backlit. LED will help with longer duration of reading and cause less eyestrain. VA helps with extremely accurate and sharp detail, better than TN or IPS
  21. J

    Deciding between a TN, *VA, and IPS?

    Well in that case it's a no brainer, go for the Dell :)
  22. J

    Is LG Cinema 3D 2342P a good 3D gaming display?

    Sorry, I should have further broke it down, but 3D gaming or 120hz gaming? Because although most all 120hz monitors are equipped with 3D gaming capabilities. Not all of them are great for 3D gaming... some models are better than others. Same with 120hz.
  23. J

    new monitor, i need advises

    LOL. Btw, check out VA paneled monitors. They can be in the sub $300 range!
  24. J

    Need advice on my upgrade

    Define affordable... What is your price range?
  25. J

    Display for pro-photo/publishing work?

    Dell U2410
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    Is LG Cinema 3D 2342P a good 3D gaming display?

    Um... I think you should tell us what is your priority of buying your next monitor? Is it for gaming or for watching 3D movies?
  27. J

    Finally joining the 3D gaming display revolution. Please help.

    The XL2420TX will be perfect for your needs and it'll come in true 24" :) Since you have multiple consoles this monitor will also be perfect since it has so many ports. It has dual HDMI so you can connect your Xbox360 and PS3 through those, and DVI to your PC and you'll still have display port...
  28. J

    I wonder when.. Flexible LCD's

    That's when we'll have OLED newspapers like in minority report :)
  29. J

    Single Monitor VS Surround Gaming

    That's nice... I wish money wasn't an issue for my setups as well haha. But yes, 20" x 30" x 20" is nice. My boss has that at the office... I envy him...
  30. J

    24" Monitor Suggestions

    I would definitely recommend the XL2420T. I just realized that it is probably the most versatile and adaptable gaming out there. The sweet part about this new model is that it's truly 24" (most 120hz are 23.6") and is still LED backlit. It offers all sorts of display inputs. I know not many...
  31. J

    20" 30" 20" Eyefinity

    Wow, what's your budget set aside to run that setup? I'm curious as what monitors did you have in mind for all that?
  32. J

    Help me find the perfect monitor.

    Yeah, it's not a TN panel monitor. Plus I don't think the MD230 would be great for gaming, if FPS gaming is what you play... response is a bit slow... that's the downside of VA panels. Have you considered 120hz TN monitors?
  33. J

    HP p1230 or xl24240t

    Wow, seriously? The HP P1230 is like a tank man... it's over 60 pounds LOL. I remember the days when I had a CRT. I hated them... I'd personally give up the slightly faster response (even if it really is) and take a 120hz LED backlit LCD, but that's just me. I mean I guess the major plus is that...
  34. J

    AW2310 vs. ? - Explorer.exe 120hz or IPS?

    I would look at the XL2410T if you're looking for a bargain 120hz monitor. The XL2420T is going to be released soon and I'm pretty sure they're going to almost certainly lower the price for the XL2410T. It's already at a bargain rate at the moment. I've always thought that the AW2310 is a bit...
  35. J

    BenQ new VW2420/EW2420 VA panel with LED backlight.

    I think there isn't any new VA panel monitor from BenQ recently? They have the new XL2420T which is pretty cool though! Is there something you want to update with pitbull haha
  36. J

    Upgrading a monitor's panel?

    LOL... this is the funniest post I've seen in a while.
  37. J

    PVA font issue? What about PLS?

    I know, but isn't PVA supposed to be really sharp and accurate now. Not in the past. Or have I got my facts wrong.
  38. J

    Are any of these LCD monitors good?

    Honestly on 2nd thoughts, go with Samsung. I would imagine they have much better position in America and offer better customer service and repair stations if something were to go wrong.
  39. J

    Any VA recommendations?

    BenQ has has numerous series of VA paneled monitors... Are you interested in going back to them? For example I have the EW2420 and it's a great monitor. I'm sure it'll produce similar or superior experience to what you had with your old FP241W. It's LED backlit so the colors should last a bit...
  40. J

    Need advice for triple monitors

    WHy you getting e-IPS if you're gaming?