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    ASUS VG278H - The weirdest backlight bleeding I ever saw

    Another thing that is indicative of poor quality.... Take a look at where the bottom of the LCD panel meets the bottom of the frame. It looks uneven, as if the bottom frame is warped. Even with the problems, I enjoy watching 3D stuff on it. I was able to get rid of a majority of the...
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    120Hz IPS coming in 2012!

    A 120MHz monitor with a response time of 12ms can't be good, unless you are doing 3D CAD. For 3D gaming you'll need the old TN.
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    ASUS VG278H - The weirdest backlight bleeding I ever saw

    After 3 days... After Two Weeks... Looks like it evened-out by spreading. :p It's still darker at the top and there is a slightly darkened area below center. These pictures were taken with a crappy Samsung Captivate.
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    ASUS VG278H - The weirdest backlight bleeding I ever saw

    What settings have you been using?
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    ASUS VG278H - The weirdest backlight bleeding I ever saw

    The problem with a Tracefree setting of 100 is that it creates a ghosting image in 2D on moving objects.
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    ASUS VG278H - The weirdest backlight bleeding I ever saw

    There's alot of electronics including the speakers are in that "inner back piece". There could be a magnetic field build-up causing the problem. My problem has not gotten worse, in fact it doesn't look as bad as the picture I posted earlier. I am a little disappointed in the amount of crosstalk...
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    ASUS VG278H - The weirdest backlight bleeding I ever saw

    I don't recall seeing it when I first plugged in my monitor. I waited a long time for a decent 27" 3D monitor and I thought this was it. :(
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    ASUS VG278H - The weirdest backlight bleeding I ever saw

    I'm going to wait and see how other people's monitors turn out before I consider RMA-ing mine. The way things are looking, the monitor you get back could be even worse.
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    ASUS VG278H - The weirdest backlight bleeding I ever saw

    100 Brightness and Contrast....
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    Asus VG278H is coming soon!!!!

    I have this monitor. There is significant crosstalk on the Tomb Raider boat picture. As this is my first 3D monitor, I cannot say if it is bad or not. I skipped through the Avatar 3D movie and it looked good. Minor crosstalk on some scenes - you have to look for it. When you turn down the...
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    BenQ releases XL2410T, their first 120 Hz monitor

    Don't get too excited as people in Sweden say it has ghosting and blacklight bleed, as it must be an edge-lit LED monitor. Take a look at the reviews for other Benq LED monitors - not so hot.
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    4870X2 runs at 750MHz when windows loads

    Anyone notice that despite what the CCC says, the GPU clock runs at 750MHz when Vista64 loads and will only go down to 507MHz after a 3D game/display has been played? It's kinda annoying because the temperature difference is about 10 celsius.
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    Radeon 4870 X2: Flickering Issues?

    Have you tried AI on advanced?
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    My awful experience with the 4870X2

    During my 8.8 install, Vista64 disabled "an incompatible adapter" resulting in a black screen. I waited for the hard drive light to slow down and then started pressing keys to blindly finish the install. I pressed N, F and pressed the right arrow 4 times then pressed enter...repeated...
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    4870x2, Artifacting...Confused.

    Maybe you should give up on Palit? Just stay away from Sapphire and Diamond too.
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    Visiontek HD 4870x2 high pitched noise

    Some people claim this is normal for any high-end card, but I fortunately haven't experienced it. If your power supply is running at 80%+ while trying to feed the 4870X2, you could be starving it. I bought a Corsair HX-1000 to make sure there's lots of 'headroom'.
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    4780X2 : One core running HOT!

    My fan speed is at 40% but my RPM is at 2000. Maybe you have a fan problem? I'm using a Gigabyte card. I get about 15C difference between my cores when both run near 100%.
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    NB & SB Temp on Stock Rampage Formula to High?

    Your core temp can be around 40-45C at idle depending upon your cooler. I use realtemp. Your North Bridge temp is a little high for a non-overclocked system. I think it should be in the mid-40's. You might want to get a side fan or some type of active cooling around your NB.
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    Onboard Raid Question

    I'm currently using a Rampage Forumla which has a built in ICH9R RAID controller. If my motherboard dies, am I able to transfer the RAID-ed hard drives to a different motherboard with an ICH9R controller? Can I transfer the drives to any controller that uses Intel's Matrix Storage? Or do I lose...
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    Q9450 @3.4Ghz / 9800GX2's in SLI - how much more can I push?

    There are cases of people killing their E8400's with 1.34 volts or higher. What about the Q9450's? This guy is already over Intel's maximum voltage.
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    CPU Voltage - What to trust - CPU-Z or Motheboard Bios?

    I have a similar situation with my Asus Rampage Formula. There should be a separate section in the BIOS that shows the current, true voltage and it's probably the same thing that you see in CPU-Z.
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    X48 DDR2 - Asus vs Gigabyte?

    I've only seen the LT version and the only add-on cooling I can see is that Northbridge tower they had on the X38. It's also a tweakers board while the Asus and Gigabyte are easier for novices to overclock.
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    ASUS Rampage Formula @ [H]

    The Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6 comes with 4 external eSATA slots and 2 4-pin power connectors. Does that make it better than the Rampage Formula? The Gigabyte board's back heatsink can be removed for coolers that require a backplate. Does anyone know if the Rampage has a large back heatsink that...
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    Blu-ray Outsells HD-DVD Format in Europe

    Two problems....the first is the cost - when will it come down to a reasonable level? Maybe in 5 years? Secondly, Sony is an entertainment monopoly that will not flip on itself. They will keep cramming Blu-ray down our throats for many years to come.
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    Official BenQ FP241W Thread !!! Info, Pictures, Reviews

    I own a Benq FP241VW. Shortly after purchasing it, it began to blackout a few times per day. I purchased a 10-foot Belkin dual-link DVI cable [Note: the regular version not the expensive PureAV] and now the only time it occasionally blacks out is when I first login to Windows - I think it's the...
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    ATI HD3870 3dmark06 / crisis demo benchmarks

    Look at distant reflections and you'll see that the 8800GT creates a mirror-like reflection no matter how far away you are. This is unnatural. I haven't had a chance to check out refractions.
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    ATI HD3870 3dmark06 / crisis demo benchmarks

    This review demonstrates that Nvidia, as usual, is cheating with its drivers. Not only is the minimum FPS in Crysis very low, but the water reflections and refractions are wrong. This is not the first reviewer to notice that. Clearly, Nvidia's drivers are taking shortcuts with water...
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    samsung 275T

    I considered this monitor but when seeing it side-by-side with 24" monitors it didn't look like it was worth double the price. It's almost the cost of a high quality 32" Sharp 1080p TV that has a much better picture (but kinda sucks for web-browsing). But you don't buy a 27" because you want...
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    OFFICIAL: Acer P223WAD / P241WBD Thread *Added Pictures*

    I guess glossy screens bring out some primitive instinct in us from way back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and glossy CRT screens were all we had. I don't get it...I hate gives me headaches.
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    LG W2600A

    26" S-IPS Matt screen 1920x1200 3000:1 Dynamic Contrast 400 cd/m2 2ms response 1:1 pixel mapping HDMI, D-Sub, Component WCG-CCFL Backlight - 115% NTSC Spectrum Release: March '08 Looks nice, but how much will it cost?
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    LG L246WH

    This monitor is apparently available in Europe... 24" TN 2000:1...
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    HannsG 27.5" LCD at BestBuy... anyone know anything? Not sure what the difference is but they are both listed. The "J" version appears to have a height adjustment.
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    Gateway XHD3000 - 30" Widescreen Extreme HD Display

    $1700 for a 30" HDTV...are you nuts? The contrast ratio sucks.
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    I digress!'s possible that some regions are getting an S-PVA panel with their monitor....
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    I digress!

    Some people think the stats on Hyundai's site are a misprint and that it is using a TN panel and has a 160 degree vertical viewing angle. You can see here that it is using a 24" A-Si TN TFT/Active Matrix...
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    Got a Dell 2707WFP & a Viewsonic VX2835WM For Testing

    What about the Samsung 275T? It's a little cheaper than the Dell, probably because of the stand.
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    Mini-Review: Sharp Aquos LC32D62U 1080p (loads of pics)

    Sears Canada is selling them for $1200 until Sept 19th.
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    BenQ FP241VW or equivalent

    Not solved and will never be solved for North American consumers.
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    Viewsonic LCD not recognized by Windows

    When you boot your computer, you should see the POST info scroll by at startup. If you can't see that then there's a hardware problem. Maybe a cable problem?
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    I just want to see a *monitor* with an HDMI that WORKS properly, along with component, so that I can plug in consoles and HD-DVD/Blueray players without getting a crappy display or no display. Dell has failed, Benq has failed, Samsung has failed, LG has failed. Will NEC get it right?