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    5800X3D official specs listed on AMD web site

    Lower base and boost clocks? Be interested to see if the cache offsets it in typical workloads.
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    Intel officially announces new $20bn fab near Columbus, OH

    It's confusing to look at Intel's production. Most of their fab lines are already in the US, assuming volume output is consistent. Though they have a bunch of "assembly facilities" elsewhere.
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    Apple Developing Mental Health Monitor for iPhone

    Everything around here is always Chicken Little. You could set your watch to it.
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    8 states to allow iphone and apple watch to be used as drivers license/state i.d.

    Tons of countries have eID/eIC already. It's gonna be okay.
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    If what I need to do in the OS takes the same number of clicks (which my vm install seems to suggest), then I don't care one way or the other about what the hot new UI design style is. Also it's Windows, so I know it has to do a million things I don't for millions of other people. Like every...
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    How is Nintendo successful?

    I should have elaborated and said their current hardware. With two exceptions, Nintendo hardware has always been at least "in the hunt" when it was released. Those two exceptions being the original Wii, and the Switch. Historically, Nintendo has cared about graphics and gave their first party...
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    How is Nintendo successful?

    I'd like to be their customer. Also I think it's a reach to say people truly like their hardware. People like the games, and are willing to deal with their hardware in order to play them. There's no question that the games would be objectively better on superior hardware.
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    How is Nintendo successful?

    I would like to buy and play some of Nintendo's games, but on someone else's hardware. Their hardware is bad and has been for years.
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    GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43 inch 4k 144 HDR1000 QLED monitor

    Micro LED is likely not the next thing, or even a mass market thing, as the production is much more like silicon wafer lithography (insanely expensive) and less like "printing." The next thing is probably QNED. Electrically conducted self-emissive quantum dots. Looks like it can be produced more...
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    A Better Way? (Dump Sound Card?)

    Not understanding is not weakness, nor is someone recognizing that a slur. My only intention was to hand over a wrench when what you asked for was a tool to turn bolts. If my direct approach came off as demeaning or insulting, I must apologize. Good luck.
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    A Better Way? (Dump Sound Card?)

    You seem to be unable to accept that something that meets ONLY your use case doesn't exist. The difference between what you want and what I suggest is a few extra inputs. Companies make products that meet a variety of use cases, and this is the tool that exists that can complete your task. If...
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    A Better Way? (Dump Sound Card?)

    You would use HDMI. So what you want is something that can amplify both 5 discrete speakers OR headphones and you can't wrap your head around why something like that doesn't exist in a smaller form factor? Okay...
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    A Better Way? (Dump Sound Card?)

    You're looking for a proper surround receiver. It will exceed all of these requirements. It's really not complicated.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Glorious GMMK TKL White Ice with (Feker)Holy Panda Switches and Aura caps. EVGA X17.
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    What key do you use to 'Move Forward'?

    G13 thumbstick. I think spreading out your directional control over multiple fingers isn't living your best life.
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    How Bethesda Quickly Fell From Grace In One Year

    I'm pretty sure anything actually developed in Maryland will still be praised. Such alarmism.
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    Another useless launcher enters the fray.

    I mean if I get to play any game I want and the developers get a higher share, what are my worst-case scenarios personally? So maybe when all these launchers get frustrating I'll have to generate shortcuts for each title I have installed and put them in a folder? Or some disk space usage when...
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    Another useless launcher enters the fray.

    I support whatever means give a higher percentage of game sales' profits to the developers themselves. And yeah, I know it's going to the publishers largely, but the devs are far more likely to get an increased cut from them than some sort of middleman.
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    Crap Wifi, tons of APs

    You could try reducing the channel width on your 5Ghz antennas. You will lose bandwidth but if reliability is what you're after it may be worth a shot.
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    Those with Fiber what is your speed tier and what is the fastest you downloaded from steam?

    I have symmetric gigabit. Past a certain threshold, Steam downloading becomes more about decryption than bandwidth, so CPU limitation becomes a factor. On my connection, an i5 6600k pulls about 65MBps, but my new 3900x effectively saturated it yesterday downloading Remnant: From the Ashes at...
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    Dropbox Changing Plans/Pricing

    I'm kinda surprised no one has bought up Backblaze. Unlimited data (though I know that word seems meaningless in many industries) for $60/year. I'll admit I haven't scoured the fine print but this pricing seems disruptive, and I believe there are competing products with identical pricing.
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    Light-based hardware

    Gravity is caused by what amounts to a bend in spacetime. Light travels along a straight path, yes, but a black hole is a really extreme bend, sort of like a pit. Also, it's possible the light may eventually escape, but as hawking radiation.
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    Anyone use MoCA?

    Assuming you're in a house, it would be a (likely gray) box on the outside near the electric meter and such. Though it's been a while since I dealt with any of this stuff, I believe the correct way it should be grounded is a fairly heavy gauge solid core wire should be coming off the coax...
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    Anyone use MoCA?

    It's possible the coax is not properly grounded in the external box.
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    The Outer Worlds (New Obsidian RPG)

    While I tend to agree that availability on multiple storefronts is beneficial for price purposes, the reality was that it wasn't happening. For the large majority of titles on pc, your choice of platform has been one. This is just a different... one. Maybe when the Epic store becomes more...
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    The Outer Worlds (New Obsidian RPG)

    Some of you guys are awfully triggered by the concept of competition... Epic is giving developers bigger cuts of the profits on their own titles in order to increase penetration of Epic's new platform. A platform that exists after years of criticisms of the overwhelmingly dominant Steam. It's...
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    Intel Uses Extreme Cooling for Their "Cryoprober"

    Helium on Earth is mostly produced via alpha decay of heavier elements in the Earth's crust and is largely extracted as a byproduct of natural gas harvesting. The market demand has really reached a saturation point. It will continue to be produced for eons but will most likely start to be...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Will Be "As Refined as Red Dead Redemption 2"

    And with one tenth the development staff, to boot.
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    CL DSL woes...

    As someone who worked in the field on both copper (dsl) and fiber lines, I can tell you that dsl is, unfortunately, garbage tech. Fundamentally inferior to coax ip. You wouldn't believe how old some of the lines and terminals are. On the other side, the telcos have this statistic they use that...
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    Please recommend a 10Gbps NIC for my home system.

    You may want to reconsider your objective until you can justify the need. Meaning, you may want to see that you can ever saturate that bandwidth across a single physical interface. I say this as a person with multiple years of gigabit speed at home and I still have an incredible difficulty...
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    VR Shipments Decreased 33% Due to a Lack of Bundling and Discounts in 2018

    I'm actually of a different opinion than most. I don't think the hardware is necessarily lacking, but rather the software. I'm probably the target demographic. I could afford a vr set at will, have a top end gpu, and even have experience playing the thing at a friend's place. The problem for...
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    4K, 144Hz Monitors Reportedly Use Chroma Subsampling When Running in 144Hz

    There's nothing stopping the panel or scaler from displaying properly. The problem is the bandwidth limitation on the current displayport spec.
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    Which is the best messaging platform in your opinion, and why?

    This is why the telco fuckwits and other walled gardeners need to get out of the way of RCS so we can all have nice things.
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    Apple Invents Keyless Keyboards for Macs and iPad Pro

    Typical Apple form over function
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    Farewell, Android Pay. We Hardly Tapped You

    I've been using it as much as I can lately. My Chase Freedom card has been giving me 5% back on all purchases made through the app.
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    Final Fantasy XV Will Support Cross-Platform Co-Op

    I think there's some suspicion that in their continuing support of the game, SE may be working toward making the campaign co-op. If they do, I'll re-buy on PC.
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    Confirmed: Apple to Add Wireless Charging to the iPhone 8

    Who seriously gives a shit? "Wireless charging" is really just zero insertion charging. You still have to physically place your phone where there would be a (much less bulky) micro/lightning/c connector. It saves you what? 1.4 seconds? All while charging slower than plugging in, and effectively...
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    Amazon Opens “Instant Pickup” Points in US Brick-and-Mortar Push

    I'm by no means antisocial, but if I can get into a place and out quickly without experiencing the "sales tactics" these places employ then I'm happy. I'd like to think I'm a polite person, but retail employees tend to force me to be impolite to get them to disengage.
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    FS: 4X PowerColor AMD Radeon R9 280X OC 3GB

    For sale quantity 4 (four) Powercolor AMD Radeon R9 280x OC 3GB video cards. I am the original owner and have had two cards each in two machines for the past 2 years. They have never been used to mine cryptocurrency and have been...