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    Anthem Is a Buggy Mess

    I’m not seeing any of those issues on the PC version and my friend with a physical copy on his PS4 has also not had any of those issues. I have experienced a couple bugs, but aside from having to restart the game because the sound cut out (happened twice so far) I haven’t come across anything...
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    Announcing the Epic Games Store

    I’m on board for some competition, especially if it makes price drops quicker and sales more often! What’s the difference between managing a handful of game launchers and managing every single game individually through their own desktop icons like in the old days? I added the games...
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    Smart Clothing Is Becoming Better at Collecting Our Data

    I suppose if you are “dumb” enough to leave your coat behind than you are “dumb” enough to leave your “dumb” keys in that coat and having a “dumb” house won’t save you. (But that’s not where I leave my keys!!!) my point still stands. Don’t leave your shit laying around for others to pick up...
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    New Alienware 7.1 Surround Wireless Gaming Headset - AW988

    Your first post says all headsets are surround sound and your second post says they aren’t actually surround they’re both in your mind? I’m well aware of what the numbers mean. If you just want to argue the semantics of the definition of “surround sound” you are on your own because I...
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    New Alienware 7.1 Surround Wireless Gaming Headset - AW988

    Surround sound is generally referring to 5.1 channels or more. You can still get 2 or 2.1 channel headsets which are stereo and not surround sound.
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    Loot Boxes are now Illegal in Belgium

    Fortunately it’s not a problem, it’s just an excuse for people to complain about something trivial that they don’t agree with. I don’t let other people buying in-game items stop me from enjoying the game. If you are willing to skip playing them altogether for something you believe in then more...
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    Loot Boxes are now Illegal in Belgium

    I don’t do any research into whether a game has micro transactions or not. I don’t care at all if it does. I buy the games I want to play and I play them and I don’t spend any money on in-game items. Doesn’t bother me at all that they offer them or if others spend money on them...I’m not going...
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    Students Protest Apple Addiction as 911 Calls Pick Up

    You would think they would just implement harsher j-walking laws and have cops standing around to write tickets. Besides, the people walking out into traffic don’t really need saving anyway.
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    OKCupid Will Make People Use Real Names on Their Dating Profiles

    I would recommend going forward that you don't use OKC and this won't apply to you. The people that aren't bothered by any of this can continue to use OKC. Everybody is happy. People need to understand that if they put personal information on the internet it is now, or someday will be, public...
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    Steam No Longer Accepting Bitcoin Payments

    Strange move by Steam. I wonder how much the bitcoins they have received have appreciated since they received them? If someone bought a $60 game a couple months ago Steam would have $120 worth of bitcoins for it today.
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    New Google Guidelines Prevent Apps from Collecting Unnecessary Data

    Does Apple have a similar policy? Not trying to start an Apple vs Google war in here, but if Apple doesn't do this and Google does that could almost convince me to look at Android devices again next update.
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    State Legislator Wants to Ban Kids from Buying Video Game Loot Boxes

    Why would a video game company, especially EA, even care about a law like this? All they need to do is release a "kid friendly" version of the game that doesn't allow loot boxes along with the release of the normal version of the game. Maybe the ESRB bumps up the rating on the normal version...
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    Bungie Changes Destiny 2 XP System after Players Discover It Was Rigged

    Lol! It's not for everyone, that's for sure.
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    How Loot Boxes Led to Never-Ending Games (And Always-Paying Players)

    For you maybe, I'll play it before I write it off. The kicker here is, by the time I get around to playing it, even the people who did the grind and didn't pay to win will already have all the good stuff anyway, so who cares!?
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    How Loot Boxes Led to Never-Ending Games (And Always-Paying Players)

    Oh, ok. I played the BF2 beta for like 20 minutes and never played the first one cause it looked like garbage. The second one looks like a fun game, hopefully EA doesn't screw it up on technicalities like loot boxes.
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    How Loot Boxes Led to Never-Ending Games (And Always-Paying Players)

    Serious question, not trying to be a jerk...Isn't the possibility of you getting wrecked by a team of Vaders the same as you being placed on a team of Vaders and your team wrecking the other team? Doesn't that balance out the pay to win or is that not how it works?
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    EA’s Defense of Star Wars: Battlefront II is Now Reddit’s Most Downvoted Comment person using their valuation of something isn't a blanket response that covers everybody's opinion. Not to mention what happens to the games that I don't put 200-400 hours into (or whatever arbitrary value you want to assign a game before it's "worth it")? What happens to a game...
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    EA’s Defense of Star Wars: Battlefront II is Now Reddit’s Most Downvoted Comment

    Same here. I was talking to a friend about this earlier and said if I do actually buy this game, which is only somewhat likely, I will buy a used copy. Same with WWII.
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    Take-Two Plans to Only Release Games with Microtransactions

    I guess I consider myself lucky that I value games and content differently than you do. To me, if it doesn't effect gameplay I don't worry about it. All the cosmetic stuff is, indeed, just extra. I get it, it's different for you and I'm not trying to change your mind and it probably sucks to...
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    Take-Two Plans to Only Release Games with Microtransactions

    I guess I'm in the minority by not seeing a problem with this. If you want to spend real money on in game items than you have that option. If you don't want to spend real money on in game items than nobody is forcing you to. If you still want all the shiny items and don't want to spend money on...
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    The PC Version of “Doom” Absolutely Wrecks the Competition

    Are the PC only hermits finally going to stop blaming consoles for ruining PC gaming? I know, I know...not gonna happen lol.
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    Grand Theft Auto V is Now the Best-Selling Game of All Time in the US

    I have two copies, one for Xbox 360 and one for XB1, so that should knock it down to 24.9999999% of the US. Got the achievement for 100% completion on both systems too. I loved the game when I played it, haven't picked it up for a while though.
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    Mazda’s Rotary Sports Car Delayed until after 2020

    I'll give a pass for referring to the RX-7 as "legendary"....but the RX-8? The best thing that pile of crap ever did was become another chassis to swap an LS into.