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    Finally forced to upgrade, and unique way of cleaning old case :)

    Local computer shop used compressed air and destroyed many systems.
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    How many of you leave the your case sides off? (Open Air?)

    I leave mine off for the last few years. Easier to test parts without have to open the case up.
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    Repair RAM retention clip

    you can repair it if you can find an identical retention clip, they a friction fit.
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    Georgia Car Dealers Want Tesla Store Shut Down

    Interference with interstate commerce against federal law.
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    Dell Kicks Puny 4K Monitor to the Curb, Debuts 27” 5K Panel

    and you would need a microscope to be able to see the difference.
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    5M Gmail Passwords Leaked To Russian Bitcoin Forum

    Min e was listed. Changed password right away.
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    big hands big mouse

    Too many tiny mice. They all feel to small to me.
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    Biggest pet peeve with modern mice?

    Too Small and No real feedback form the wheel.
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    Best video card for an older (e8400) system

    I the system is doing what you need of it a cheap upgrade is worth it.
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    XP sp4?

    It is an unofficial release. But by a well known person.
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    How can I access a Dell Recovery Partition besides from F12 Menu?

    Use partitioning software to disable the main active partition and make active the recovery partition. Works for me.
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    Mounting metal stands to glass desk

    Foam double sided mounting tape?
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    How much storage space are you currently using?

    less than 250 GB at the moment on my system, but about 500GB on Backup HDs.
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    Just thought I'd share

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    Is it okay to switch power and reset buttons?

    I'ts OK, there the same internally.
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    How is your home data organized?

    1. system drive 2. programs drive 3. data 4. Backup
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    RMAing a HDD - Wipe the drive?

    I've never wiped a RMA drive.
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    hard drive upgrades?

    Get a SSD for main drive and use a regular drive for storage.
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    Can you suddenly get a toolbar just by going to a website?

    The malware is hiding on the drive somewhere and is reinstalling itself
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    Cleaning options for dusting out computers?

    My systems don't get very dirty. I clean them about one a year on average.
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    Voltages question

    they're within limits.
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    Bad packing (Newegg), will this SSD be ok?

    I been shipped things that were packaged a lot worse than that. Not a thing wrong with any of them
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    Cable Companies: Google Threatens Net Neutrality, Not Us

    Cable companies worship one thing $$$. anything else doesn't matter to them
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    U.S. Judge Is Troubled By Apple $450M E-books Deal

    Very troubling, considering Apple was the main conspirator.
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    PC Code Stripping - Is It Legal Or Not?

    The E.U. I effed up
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    Asus, Gigabyte, Asrock?

    All Are good manufacturers. find the one that has the features and cost that you prefer.
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    Best hard mouse pad?

    I made my own. 1/4 in foamboard covered in denim.
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    Ha! Ha! The old freezer trick worked!

    Never even tried it. Every HD that I've lost has let the smoke out.
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    Firefox 29 Beta (And The UI Overhaul)

    Switched to Pale Moon as soon as Austrails came out
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    Any of these keyboards pictured worth anything?

    Looks like cheap OEM crap
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    Dimmer in a computer room?

    A dimmer shouldn't cause much interference.
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    Good extension cords for PC and monitor?

    For a good extension card buy appliance extension cords almost every one is 14AWG rated for 15amps.
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    Windows 8.1 pre-activated - legit?

    Preactivated = PIRATED!!!
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    Best DVD-R or +R media out there?

    I've never had trouble with any DVD-R media, every problem has been burner trouble.
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    SSD in SATA 2 mobo?

    just try it you might like it
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    Sign of PSU needing replacement?

    Sounds like a bad PSU