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    Read-only network share, yet users can create shortcuts of listed folders and files

    Will have to get back to you later on that -- currently there are many things in a state of flux. I did do a test on, but it didn't work but that I think is because of a different [but temporary] issue (atm there are many things going on at the same time around in the entire company). I will...
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    Read-only network share, yet users can create shortcuts of listed folders and files

    What about the option "List folder contents"? (BTW, if I check this box, it will check "Read & execute" automatically.)
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    Read-only network share, yet users can create shortcuts of listed folders and files

    Greetings, I am having a problem with a network share on a new system we setup. Here is how the skeleton is structured for a single network drive users have access to: Z:\ Inside this folder, you have a folder for each international division of the whole company -- i.e. France Division...
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    AMD to Drop Vision Branding

    Probably an internal company thing that has to do with methodology/workflow/brainstorming/development processes, and decided to slap a label over it and was so proud of it they had to make the label itself public and emphasize it as part of the pride. In other words, it means nothing.
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    Steam Winter Sale Continues

    of which how many will you actually play and complete? serious question :X I know for me that many of those deals are tempting (games that I would like to have).. but know I will never play them ever, or some that I won't have time to play (and may later lose interest after too much time has...
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    Document/file workflow programs?

    We are trying to determine the best way to handle e-mail attachments and files on an internal network share. We will have say the CFO ask someone in Accounting to send a sensitive document to the manager of Sales. Normally, the best way would be to train users to just put a link in their e-mail...
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    Fortune 500 companies -- what password policies and requirements do they have?

    I am just curious: what password policies and complexity requirements do companies classified as being a Fortune 500 company have?
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    Western Digital Announces New 4TB WD Black Hard Drives

    have any anti-EMP protection? :D
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    RIAA Hammers Google With DMCA Takedown Requests

    If only all the major companies and worlds richest people banded together to nuke RIAA from orbit... :D *dream*
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    Western Digital Announces New 4TB WD Black Hard Drives

    Maybe this is why my 2TB EARX died so early. It didn't even make it past 8 months before going out. However, my 2TB EARS drive is ruling [H]ard. :D
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    RIAA Hammers Google With DMCA Takedown Requests

    So uh, what was that ex-lawyer by the name of Tom or whatever who got barred for trolling so much against the video game industry?
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    Western Digital Announces New 4TB WD Black Hard Drives

    hmm, what difference does it make to "turn off the idle head parking" and how do you do it?
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    Change boot disk without re-installing Windows?

    You need to use something like Clonezilla via PartedMagic or UBCD to "clone" your old HDD to your SSD with automatic resizing. After you do this, you will more than likely need to boot off of your Windows 7 CD to run the repair tools (very easy, doesn't take more than 5 minutes). After that...
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    Kingston Announces microSDXC 64GB Class 10 Memory Card

    Wow, the storage density is incredible! Excellent for phones. :) If you're looking for even higher or on-par density but higher performance, you have the choice of 64GB UHS-I SDXC (95 MB/s read and write) [1] [2] or 128GB UHS-I SDXC (65 MB/s read and write) [1] or 128GB UHS-I SDXC (95 MB/s read...
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    3930k Overclocking Help

    A 3930K should be able to hit 4.4GHz on air with 32GB of DDR2-1600 RAM (8x4GB) no problem. This CPU is a good and durable overclocker; many have reported hitting 5GHz on air with a breeze.
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    Looking for recommendations for WAN/packet/latency simulators

    Greetings, We're looking for either a software package or a piece of hardware that could help us simulate different conditions (and be able to see/feel what it is actually like if we were the user of such an environment) -- i.e. at a location a user may only be able to pull 200 KB/s with an...
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    Yelp Sued Over 'Best Of' Listings

    Village Voice needs to die.
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    Windows 8 Sales Rate Higher Than Windows 7

    At our office, people don't know how to design or operate Access databases. That would wind up costing more money as people who are "certified" or have qualified-enough skills and experiences. Company doesn't see enough to justify paying for Training classes/requiring it or hiring people who...
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    PayPal To Cut 325 Full-Time Jobs

    This will save PayPal at least $5,000,000 per year.
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    How are you guys liking Windows 8 so far?

    The ribbon in explorer is one of the best changes.
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    Looking for good quality DSL modems

    Greetings, Will be moving to an apartment in the city, and unfortunately the apartment management doesn't allow any ISPs on their property, so I am limited to DSL over phone lines or whatever the apartment management exclusively has (is very poor downstream speeds in comparison to local ISPs...
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    WSUS: Is there a way to mass install updates + reboot?

    Wow, that's incredible. I'm surprised they aren't charging more even for a single admin license. We'll definitely be looking into this.
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    Terminal server mass announcement program?

    Greetings, Wondering if anyone knows of a good program that could mass "Send message" to all logged in users on a list of terminal servers? Seeking possible alternatives to using the intercom paging system. Suggestions appreciated!
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    Steps-recording program (but in video format, not screenshots)

    Greetings, We're looking for something that could record steps we take to complete a task and would produce this in the form of a video. The purpose is to produce a series of training videos for the ERP system that the company is using, and will have audio narration alongside the video...
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    Very long DKIM record - did I do this right and is my zone file valid?

    Hello! I think I did this right, but I am not sure: $ttl 600 $ORIGIN com. company IN SOA ( 2012102201 7200 7200 1209600 600 ) IN NS IN NS IN MX 10 IN MX...
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    University Edition of Office 365 Offered Via Subscription

    This, and to add to it, if you need dedicated professional support the open-source community is a POS in quality and reliability. For business, this would be too much of a liability and costy solution to support.
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    How do I allow e-mail to be relayed through this MTA?

    Thanks Dark Shade! I think this is the solution. Unfortunately, Fluid Hosting can't do this for us on their shared e-mail service hosting. Would need a dedicated e-mail service via VPS or dedicated box or cloud/clustered setup to be able to do it. :)
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    How do I allow e-mail to be relayed through this MTA?

    When I try to send an e-mail using authenticationless relay via telnet, I receive an error message "553 sorry, that domain isn't allowed to be relayed thru this MTA (#5.7.1) rcpt". How can I allow a specific domain to be whitelisted and allowed through the MTA...
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    Suggestions for external microphone hookup for Smart HDTV for Skype usage?

    Greetings, Planning on getting a TelyHD camera for a Smart TV, but have been wondering if it is possible to have an external microphone hookup somehow just in case. I haven't had any success with Google. Any suggestions or ideas? We have a $1000 budget per Skype conference setup. :(
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    New member, lots of questions.

    Totally understandable ;o
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    New member, lots of questions.

    Heh, okie dokie. At our company, we use Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions. It has certainly saved a lot of money, especially considering how often Adobe has major updates/releases for a fee and what it would all cost collectively otherwise for the full blown Creative Suite (every program and...
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    New member, lots of questions.

    Or... get Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to get access to all Adobe CS6 products with the latest and greatest versions. I pay $30/mo (student discounted) and have everything. A lot cheaper than buying full blown retail product. On the same subscription, I have it installed on two computers...
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    Alternatives to Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500? -- need TWAIN driver or RDP tunneling

    Greetings, We use Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500's around the company. Only problem is that they do not have TWAIN drivers / cannot be redirected through RDP to a TS/RDS server and used in such a multi-user environment like that. I'm looking for product suggestions from people who have experience...
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    Looking for recommendations for Teradici-supporting PCoIP ZeroClients

    VMware ESXi v5.x in clusters around the world at 4+ DCs. 500-1000 employee count company, will be doing RDS and VDIs. Right now I have open as tabs: * EVGA PD05 (PD06 using TERA2 isn't out yet) * Dell Wyse P25 * 10ZiG V9000 * Leadtek WinFast VP200 (may not support Teradici) EDIT: Teradici's...
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    How does a winkydink Teradici offer high res, full FPS, 3D rendering on ESXi 5 VDIs?

    Could be wrong, but you could use EVGA's PCI-E Host card ( an Ethernet-based extension of your workstation. Look at -- it is illustrated with a workstation containing this card. Then, over an existing...
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    Looking for recommendations for Teradici-supporting PCoIP ZeroClients

    Greetings, We are looking for recommendations for Teradici-supporting PCoIP ZeroClients. We have some users that use up to 6 monitors (though I am sure most/all PCoIP ZeroClients would support that and be cakewalk over it), needs to have USB, and Audio out + Mic ports. Just wanting some input...
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    How does a winkydink Teradici offer high res, full FPS, 3D rendering on ESXi 5 VDIs?

    How does a wimpy-looking Teradici card offer high resolution, full FPS 3D graphics (1:38) for ESXi 5.0/5.1 VDI environments? We're shooting for an AutoCAD/SolidWorks/YouTube 1080p capable environment. I can't see how...
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    Intel to Discontinue..

    1. If only NSA joined F@H and harnessed all their computing power for the good of things 2. FPGAs and parallel CPUs man ("parallel CPUs" <-- not GPUs, not your common desktop/server CPU, but a chip with CPUs in true parallelism like GPUs are but as CPUs) Look at NASA's budget. Compare that to...
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    Students Break Land Speed Record with Cheese-Byproduct

    Soon we will have equal rights pursuing anti-discimination on odor.