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    Is the Samsung 244t worth the premium price over the 2405FPW?

    I originally was going to go through New Egg but they were sold out.. I purchased from TigerDirect. I think it was about 50 bucks more than from New Egg. I was comfortable going 'mail order' with the Samsung 244T because of their reputation for quality etc...
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    Is the Samsung 244t worth the premium price over the 2405FPW?

    I own a 244T... about 1 month now. I love it. No dead pixels. No backlight issues. The text/fonts look great on docs, html, spreadsheets etc. The whites are bright but not annoying. I can easily sit for hours on end working with no fatigue. No ghosting on games (that I can tell). I am a casual...
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    T1 vs DSL (3Mbit)

    I would take a T1 over DSL... Although DSL may offer better bandwidth/throughput(or user perceived 'speed'), a T1 will offer a much higher degree of lower actual speed(latency - response) and overall quality of service. T1s come with an SLA (service level agreement) and are bound to Federal...
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    My Basement Datacenter (21 Pics)

    Does your wife know all of that is in the basement? :p "Honey, come look what I built...."
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    What Firewall are YOU using?

    Cisco 831(CBAC) and a layer 2 transparent IPS (Linux running Hogwash and other goodies...) ...soon to be Cisco PIX 501 and OpenBSD as a layer2 IPS "switch" just like to tinker and play...
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    UN internet governing

    I thought Al Gore invented the Internet...? :p Actually, the US military & DoD invented the internet so that the military Generals would still have access to pornography in the event of a nuclear war -- Wes Borg
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    server-build, reccomend a distro

    Don't waste money on a desktop pc. Shop eBay! I would go for a Compaq Proliant 1850r - Dual PIII, 1 GB ECC Ram, Dual Power supplies, Raid controller with 2 drives. Easily found with the above stuff for under $600. This was a workhorse server years ago, and there are tons of them out there so...
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    Westell interface login

    Most Westell gear is: admin password Although, if pre-configured from the ISP, you may have to perform a full reset to get back to the original config. dslreports has westell forum if things aren't working correctly.
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    I need to get the IP of a guy who is hijacking a friends accounts...

    What XOR said.. what happens when the IP is from China, Indonesia, or Malaysia? plan of action: Change all system and online accounts/passwords Clean up the system Fully patch the system Run/Enable a firewall Run/Enable an up to date antivirus. get back to having fun... plotting...
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    SED coming in 2006

    OK.. that is some seriously cool stuff. 100,000:1 Contrast should please the photoshopers. Less than < 1ms response should satisfy the gamers :)
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    Exchange 2003 Questions: Performance

    Your specs say 4GB physical RAM. 1. Memory fragmentation? Are you running with the recommended /3GB /USERVA=3030 kernel boot switches with your current physical memory? Have the Dump Heap Stack registry configurations for 4 GB physical RAM been set? 2. Get your DB and Logs off the Sys...
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    Confused about Plasma

    from my point of view as of today... (this stuff changes really fast). 1080p support is getting some buzz; Bluray HD DVD and native HD format. how the Dell will handle 1080p I am not sure; upsampling? but, the buzz seems to be about 1080p. As a plasma alternative; the brand new Samsung...
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    HOw do you set up a proxy?

    Install Spector or CyberSitter
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    Help removing Nortan AV

    You could try the rnav.exe from Symantec support downloads... version dependant. Symantec support also has docs on doing a full registry/directory manual clean up.
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    Spyware prevention guide for the ignorant?

    Hello Geek Squad, my internet connection seems a little slow...
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    Should I install sp2?

    I would hold off... let your dlls settle in for a week or two. You don't want to get that "waxy windows build up"
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    Google Watch?

    Google was once the love child of the geek culture.. "do no evil" meant something. Now that they are a publicly traded company, they have a board of directors and stock owners to please. Everything from here on out is about $money$ and more of it! Whatever privacy lines they decide to ride or...
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    Do you put certs in your signature?

    From my perspective: A college degree in computer science has always led one down the developer road. Back when I was in college there were no sys admin type courses. It was all applied computer language development. Today, I am aware of Masters and Doctorate course in IT Business Management...
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    User not showing in Exchange Global Distribution List?

    Not knowing your setup... a few things to look at: 1. Review the event logs on the exchange server. 2. Is AD replication occuring on a timely and error free fashion? 3. Try an RUS update or rebuild from Exchange System Manager then review the event logs for any ad sync or related issues...
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    need to combine T1 & DSL connection - how can i ?

    The following companies have routers that load balance two wans(for speed) for sure on the downloads, not sure about upload. I think prices range from $200 to $600+ HotBrick Xincom EdiMax ZyXel
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    Good, cheap blocker?

    CyberSitter is cheap, easy to setup, 30 day demo, PCMag editor's choice...
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    Hardware AntiSpam/AntiVirus options?

    We tested Barracuda, while nice, it couldn't do inbound and outbound at the same time. Barracuda told us to wait for upgrades to the OS, or buy two... it may not be an issue anymore. Our current running setup; VamSoft ORF on the gateway doing Directory filtering, blacklist/whitelist, and...
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    vista. what do you guys think about it?

    Amen to that! But Microsoft is only half of the problem. Intel is also supporting all of this Big Brother stuff with the Fritz chip & Palladium movement etc. We just installed a new HP server that has the deny code execution chip available. If enabled, Windows Server 2003 w/SP1 will only allow...
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    Do you put certs in your signature?

    when you get to this level you can put your certs in your sig.... 4 CCIEs and then some... check out his home lab... YIKES :eek: :cool: thread Resurrection... sorry :D
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    Scroll button under Slackware does not work

    What HHunt said should do it... On Slackware 10.1, I added/changed the following on my xorg.conf: Changed protocol to IMPS/2 Added: Option "Buttons" "5" Added: Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5" log out of KDE, and a "startx" should do it.
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    Automation Scripts

    Using vbscript with wsh & logon scripts you can create the outlook profile for your users. See TechNet or one of the MS Windows Script Host books... Or, something like: does it for you... ...if you are comfortable with basic logon...
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    Best way to wire up a shop 300 feet away from house.

    Huh? me no understand... please clarify for me? Fiber + pair of media converters like Allied Telesyns etc, provide power, a network connection, and access to the interweb if already available from his network. :eek:
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    Best way to wire up a shop 300 feet away from house.

    I'm on a fiber kick as of late Run fiber and put some media converters at each end... you'll be happier :cool:
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    Building a NOC

    I would ante up for an Enterasys Dragon system $ :)
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    Windows 2003 Server and MS SQL 2000 not playing nice

    Is this an Event ID 17055, with the SQL Error description being 17310? Have you checked the SQL Logs for a more complete dump report? Sort your event log by source "MSSQLSERVER" and check for more related errors.
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    linux vs windows?

    .... he's a funny guy actually. A nice sarcastic and subtle anti Microsoft rant :)
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    Windows A.D. vs Samba

    You are comparing apples to oranges... AD is an x.500 directory database; used to create a database of network objects and network resources with a centralized point of administration I would investigate Active Directory vs OpenLDAP vs Novell's eDirectory/NDS... Window's File and Print...
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    Cheapest Place for Cat5e or Cat6 Spools

    I usually go here when buying online...
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    IBM officially kills OS/2

    thanks, that reminds me... I should "check in" on our company voice response telephone system; running on OS/2. Its been about a year since I logged onto it... I think it is still running :eek: :p
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    Dell 2405FPW and Windows Longhorn: not good

    From what I can tell.. current DVDs etc won't be affected. Its the new High Definition DVDs and 1080i content starting to roll out that conform to this protection crap. For all the pieces to work with DRM the host OS aka Windows Longhorn has to support it. Without a "compliant" monitor, it...
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    Dell 2405FPW and Windows Longhorn: not good

    It appears that the DRM (digital rights security) movement has muscled into Monitor technology. Windows Longhorn supports this technology for Monitors Its called - PVP-OPM (Protected Video Path – Output Protection Management). The Dell 2405FPW does not support this hooey.... It translates...
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    Microsoft violates trust with AntiSpyware

    Microsoft's AntiSpyware (in beta) app now allows the GAIN crap-ware to stay on a pc... This occured during the same time Microsoft shows signs of a buy out of Gator/Gain/Claria,1895,1834607,00.asp...
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    Can I use Exchange?

    I have used the POP3 connector from GFI to pull user e-mail from external servers into an Exchange server with success.
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    5 instances of svchost.exe running

    Those are generic service host processes. You would need a service/process explorer to drill down and see who/what has launched or owns the process. The are few free apps from Sysinternals that do this.
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    Actual Cat5 speeds

    Cat5 is rated up to 100 MHz over a 100 meter distance. Cat5e is rated up to 350 MHz over a 100 meter distance Anything over 155 Mbps on Cat5 over an extended run will result in higher collisions and reduced performance. Cat5e is made with more twists and higher quality to reduce...