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    Way to make wireless headset play only voice and sound to speakers?

    It is probably possible if you are using Ventrilo or Teamspeak, but not with the ingame voice system.
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    Intel's New Solid State Drive - Video Review @ [H]

    hey kyle im really liking the video reviews...keep it up
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    the end of consoles?

    That would be freaking awesome.
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    Well...AT&T caps too...

    Well I dont have U-verse but i have ATT DSL and my bandwidth seems to have deteriorated recently... will check it out.
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    Red Alert 3 using same DRM as Spore and ME

    Why do they do this. The cracks are usually released the day of release. It doesn't stop piracy at all. They are making it easier to pirate than to buy... :rolleyes:
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    No Mercenaries 2 love?

    Cant wait for PC release. Had fun with the first.
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    Red Alert 3 Beta now open!

    Yeah, I got that too. Im going to try IE7....:eek: edit: Tried IE, and it still took me back to the main page... I guess no beta for me :(
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    Sennheiser HD485 - Should I get an amp?

    Cool, thanks for the responses.
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    Sennheiser HD485 - Should I get an amp?

    I am running with onboard audio on a EVGA 680i mobo.
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    Sennheiser HD485 - Should I get an amp?

    Hey there, Was wondering if my HD485s would sound better if I added an amp? I've been thinking about picking up a better pair like some Grado's or new Senns, maybe I should pick up an amp now if it would be a difference, or just get some new cans. Thanks.
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    FS: Charger and Batteries for Rebel XT/XTi, PowerShot S30/40/45/50/60/70/80, G7 & G9

    they say Powwer on them. I bought them new off Amazon in April
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    Desktop as webcam

    Thanks guys. Puterguru got the right one. Although the driver won't install... Thx for timely response.
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    Desktop as webcam

    Does anybody know of some software that would allow me to show others through Skype or any other webcam service what I am doing on my computer? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
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    FT: 3 NB-2LH Batteries w/ charger (for Rebel XT/XTi, Powershot, G7, G9)

    Would like to trade the Canon charger, Canon Battery, and 2 off brand batteries. They are lightly used, only been charged a few times. Works with Digital Rebel XT/XTi, PowerShot S30/40/45/50/60/70/80, G7 & G9. Retail value: $105 Would like to trade for a 16GB SDHC or Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II...
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    keyboard/mouse vs controller for first person shooters

    Start a flamewar why dont ya:o
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    WTTF: DSLR with Lens

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    WTTF: DSLR with Lens

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    WTTF: DSLR with Lens

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    WTTF: DSLR with Lens

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    WTTF: DSLR with Lens

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    WTTF: DSLR with Lens

    good morning bump
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    WTTF: DSLR with Lens

    I've been getting in to photography more and more, and want to get a DSLR . Looking to trade a combination of the following things for a DSLR in excellent condition: Canon Powershot G9 12.1 MP w/ battery and 2gb card, and charger.(Excellent condition) Minolta Maxxum 7000 35mm SLR with Maxxum...