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    Setting up 1366x768@60hz on my 8800GT?

    ok I managed to download the nvidia drivers from nvidias site instead of from xfx's it gives me the option to add a custom resolution..I put 1366x768 with 60hz refresh rate...not sure if I should put progressive or interlaced? ..the problem is that although it is brighter than with vga...
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    Setting up 1366x768@60hz on my 8800GT?

    I have my pc connected to a vizio 37" lcd using a DVI cable to the TV's hdmi port with a dvi/hdmi adapter..when I go to nvidia control panel there's no option to select the monitors 1366x768 me please how do I configure this resolution with nvidia control panel...i tested it using...
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    Best Bang for Buck Intel Motherboard

    Looking to spend $100-$130 for a good stable motherboard..I've been out of the loop for at least 6 months and I don't have much time to read all the reviews.I need your advice on a good motherboard for a new system I'm building. I know a few months ago the Gigabyte DS3 was the best deal. The...
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    passive cooling for C2D

    Is there any passive cooling device for a C2D other than Water cooling?
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    C2D E6600 and Vista 32-bit or 64-bit

    If I have this processor do I install 32-bit or 64-bit version?
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    Best reasonably priced DDR2 for Core2?

    I have a question, If I'm getting an E6600 C2D and plan to overclock at 9 * 400 = 3.6Ghz, DDR2-800 or less, as long as I keep the memory under rated specs, do I still need to buy more expensive ram, i.e. micron D9 one?
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    Motherboard with 1333mhz FSB

    Is there such a thing for C2D? I need one for a new rig so that I can get E6720 in the future.
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    So, who's getting what with the price cuts?

    So the E6600 will drop to $224 on Apr. 22nd? But when do you think places like newegg will actually have this price?
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    I need a GOOD power supply for my new rig

    Ok thanks guys I'll go with the corsair..ZZF has it for $106 shipped. I see they also have the corsair 620w, my question is it worth paying the extra for the 620w if I'm not planning to have SLI..will the 520W be enough for the vid cards coming out in the next few months? I might want to upgrade...
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    I need a GOOD power supply for my new rig

    I know I read the faq, but I'm still torn on what power supply to get. I just need a good branded power supply that will last me a few years at least and that will handle the system I'm building. The thing is I don't want to spend too much $$$ on it maybe $100-$130 the most. Any suggestions? I...
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    Antec TruePower II 480W PSU $19.99 no rebates at Circuit City B&M

    This deal is ALIVE! I went to 3 stores in Miami area..1st one was the one on 83rd ave. and they didn't have any, but the one in kendall had 3 and the one in hialeah had 3 left. I took all but one, 1 left in kendall store. So even though online it says that none of these stores carry it at all...
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    Thermaltake Cases: Kandalf - $71...Shark - $61 +Shipping

    I got my Kandalf case today..came brand new in box and not a single scratch! Too bad the deal is dead now, I was gonna buy more!
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    Best motherboard for Intel Core 2 Duo?

    I'm looking for a good motherboard for E6300..I would like it to have 1) good Overclockability 2) Supports Quad Core 3) Not too much $$. Please help me!!
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    Thermaltake Cases: Kandalf - $71...Shark - $61 +Shipping

    forget the RR ratings! I ordered today around 12 noon and my order shipped already! Should receive it by wednesday, I'll let you guys know how it goes.
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    Intel Retail Edge 2006!

    sorry double post.
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    Intel Retail Edge 2006! this the retail or oem version of the CPU and retail box?
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    Intel Retail Edge 2006!

    How's the motherboard in this bundle? Is it POS or worth keeping? Any good for OCing?
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    Opteron 165/170 VS. E6300

    I've never pushed it harder than 2.2ghz because my idle temps are 41C with XP-90. I guess I can try up to 2.4+. I play some games like CS Source, BF2, etc but mostly just basic computer usage (web surfing e-mail etc). I want a good setup for Vista though. edit: is there a site that...
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    Help choosing Speakers for PC / LCDTV

    but will a HTIB be able to hook up to PC?
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    Help choosing Speakers for PC / LCDTV

    I want to get some nice speakers for my gaming rig. I was thinking of buying the Logitech Z-5300e because they support THX and are cheap. But then I thought It'd be nice if I could also hook these up to my LCD TV as well. But then I thought that my TV only has component audio and these speakers...
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    Opteron 165/170 VS. E6300

    I have S939 rig and I wanna upgrade my A64 3000+ to an Opteron 165/170. Do you guys think I should just get one of these processors or move to Core 2 Duo E6300 ? Is there alot of performance difference to justify buying NEW MOBO and MEM.
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    Sceptre X32SV-Komodo 32" LCD/HDTV and Comcast cable

    I just bought this TV and it rocks. It has a built-in ASTC/NTSC and QAM tuners. I have basic analog cable with Comcast (in miami). My problem is that using basic cable I'm only able to pick up the analog local channels but NOT in HD. I thought that cable companies were REQUIRED to transmit at...
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    Best PVR card for WIN XP/MCE

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    Best digital camera under $300?

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    question about LCD tvs

    I'm thinking of getting either a 32" or 37" LCD HDTV for Christmas. I've been to many stores and have seen many great deals on them. There is only one thing stopping me from buying one and that is the quality of non HD playback. I know that LCDs have a native resolution and that if you run it...
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    GPU of PS3?

    Don't most video game systems have bugs during the 1st generation? I think if I do end up getting it , I'll wait at least 6 months before they work out the bugs.
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    GPU of PS3?

    Yeah I think the PS3 will look crappy on a regular tv, you need at least at 720p HDTV to see the nicer graphics. What kind of connector does the PS3 have?
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    GPU of PS3?

    ROFL, you know the funny thing is that to most console gamers the PS3's graphics are jaw dropping, I guess they've never played computer games at high res. I was at a Best Buy yesterday and I chuckled when I saw all the people camping out outside. I went inside to see the demo PS3 just to see...
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    GPU of PS3?

    What GPU is present in the PS3? I searched online but it doesn't say the make of it.
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    PNY 7900GS 256mb -what drivers to get?

    what version of nvidia drivers work best with this card? right now I'm using the latest from nvidia's site.
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    AM2 X2 4600+ vs. E6300 CONROE

    Well I really don't want to spend $150+ on a motherboard..The most I would spend is maybe $100-$110. Plenty AM2 motheboards at that price, are there any decent motherboards for Conroe at that price? I haven't had Intel CPU since P3, so I'm not too familiar.
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    AM2 X2 4600+ vs. E6300 CONROE

    My biggest concern is the price of the Conroe motherboards. I haven't seen a decent one for under $100.
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    AM2 X2 4600+ vs. E6300 CONROE

    I didn't know if to post this here or in INTEL side lol. A friend of mine is giving me either of these processors along with 2gb of ddr2 ram. I was just wondering performance wise (for gaming) which is better at stock speeds?
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    question about HDCP and Vista

    I signed up for the Intel Retail edge bundle that comes with E6300, motherboard, Windows Vista Ultimate. When I get it , I want to upgrade my video card as well as monitor. In order to use it with Vista, I have to get one that is HDCP compliant right? And If I don't, I won't be able to play...
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    Intel Retail Edge 2006!

    so when is windows vista gonna ship?
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    Stuttering in BF1942

    I have system in sig. below. I updated to the latest Nvidia chipset drivers and latest ATi drivers. After doing so, when I go play BF1942 the system stutters terrible. I try to move with the mouse it takes about 5-10 secs to react, so bad that is unplayable. I was wondering if anyone has this...
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    $175 to spend on a new video card

    no I have pci-express. I was wondering if it's worth saving some more for a 7900gs.
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    $175 to spend on a new video card

    Right now I'm using 9800 pro. I want to upgrade my video card. What's the best choice? 7600gt?
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    S939: Athlon X2 vs. Opteron

    I would definitely OC a bit. I've had my 3000+ running at 2.2ghz for over 8 months now. Would an XP-90 be enough cooling for the opteron?
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    S939: Athlon X2 vs. Opteron

    Ok help me decide please. I wanna upgrade my 3000+ venice to either x2 3800+/4200+ or to opteron 165/170. Both are about the same price now. Which one is the nicer deal? Is the opteron better ?