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    [FS] [ Shop] 25% off any item with a gift option

    How many times can you use the 25% off?
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    Intel i7 8700k $330 @ ebay/Monoprice

    Better deal going through Microcenter with MB purchase
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    FS: 1080ti, ram, ssd, etc

    Hhhhmmmmmmm.... getting more tempting.
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    FS: 1080ti, ram, ssd, etc

    Do I dare go SLI with that 1080ti? What's shipping run to San Diego,Ca.?
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    SoldFS: Destiny 2(Nvidia GTX 1080/GTX 1080ti code) $40

    For sale is the Destiny 2 code that Nvidia is giving away. Make sure you meet the requirements to redeem it BEFORE you buy. To redeem your promotional code for Destiny 2 please follow the steps below: 1. Install your qualified graphics card and update or install the latest version of...
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    ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 1 with Free Case $249

    ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 1 LGA1151 DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 USB 3.1 Z270 ATX Motherboard Free Phanteks P400 ATX Case w/ purchase, limited offer* soooooooooo 249.99 plus tax of course
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    [Best Buy] Titanfall 2 $24.99.

    What's better for 25 bucks GTA5 or Titanfall 2?
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    Lucky Draw - SilverStone ST80F-TI 800W Power Supply

    No because I think it will vanish like firewire
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    FS I7 3770K / MATX Maximus Gene Z / 16GB

    Thanks for giving me dibs on the motherboard but it's priced higher than I'm willing to pay. GLWS
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    FS I7 3770K / MATX Maximus Gene Z / 16GB

    Dang I'm too early
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    FS I7 3770K / MATX Maximus Gene Z / 16GB

    I'll be watching
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    PC hard reboots in certain games within an hour, runs stress tests all night

    Sounds like a software prob. Updated drivers recently?
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    Input Lag 4K TV

    Yeah sorry. I did mean HDMI cable quality. And yes in my case it did. I tried a bunch of cheap HDMI cable and they all introduced lag except a higher quality one from rocket fish of all brands. I didn't adjust any settings a side from the output label (done through the TV menu) to pc which is...
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    FS I7 3770K / MATX Maximus Gene Z / 16GB

    Omg I want that Mobo. GLWS
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    Input Lag 4K TV

    Try different cables as well. It took me a couple of tries before I found a cable that was high enough quality that basically nulified the lag I had on my 40in Samsung 4ktv
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    OK, This One is on Me

    How ironic I was at Fry's electronics the other day and saw that Aroozi desk and liked it enough to look for someone to tell me the price since the tag was missing. I didn't find anybody to help me though what did I expect it's Fry's.
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    OK, This One is on Me

    You win!!!
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    FS : Nvidia GTX 1070 Founders Edition (Samsung Nand)

    To bad not PayPal:asad:
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    Antec S10 Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case $139.99usdARC

    Found this on the EGG. $139.00 after $50.00 rebate card Good deal for a solid case with lots of room.
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    Kaby Lake 7700K vs Sandy Bridge 2600K IPC Review @ [H]

    I'm currently running a 2600k @4.0ghz and really don't want to upgrade but I want to move to matx and can't find a z77 motherboard at a decent price. So that might force me to make the jump to Kaby.
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    R9 Fury 4gb $240AR

    Not to knock on your find but 240 before rebate would be a "hot deal". The lack of HDMI 2.0 though makes me Furious. Did you see did you see what I did there?
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    T-Mobile CEO Offers To Pay For Fire Fighters' $73K Verizon Bill

    I agree I think large company like this should have a community service discount. As long as it IS a legitimate community service. Not some smoke shop that says we sell weed because people are stressed and need to relax that's a community service right bro? No bro it's not.
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    Warm: Better than Black Friday Logitech G910, G933, G900 for $206+tax at BestBuy YMMV

    Damn good price son! To bad for me i already got a g810 keyboard but I really need that g900 mouse.
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    FS: i7 2600k combo

    Damn good deal
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    Samsung UN65KU6300 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV $999 @Amazon

    You got to go 8000 Series or higher to be really worth it. I've seen a lot of the lower end 4k TV's being returned to Best buy.
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    The Farmer Who Built Her Own Broadband

    I didn't watch the video but I already know how she did it. LIKE A BOSS IS HOW.
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    Free Batman: The Tellale Series in WIndows Store

    Tied to the windows store.
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    Logitech G Pro gaming mouse 35.00

    Best Buy has all their Logitech gaming half off with PCGAMEDEAL promo code.
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    Intel Retail Edge 2016 "Holiday Deal" i7-6850K starting $169.00+ship, i7-6700K starting $109.00+ship

    I miss those deals. Since I'm out of a eligible retail now. Maybe I should get a very limited part time gig at best buy.
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    [BestBuy@eBay] GTX 1080 FE - $449

    Like everyone else will likely say depending on the game and the quality setting. If you want to hit 144hz or so then I think you might have to jump up to a Ti if you play 1440p maxed out in something like Battlefield 1. My 1080 does about high 70s to around 110ish at 1440p maxed and 65-70fps at...
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    [BestBuy@eBay] GTX 1080 FE - $449

    I know I have a buddy that works at best buy as a manger and he would have hooked it up but got called into work on my day off. So I freaken missed out. Have one already and wanted to SLI badly.
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    i7-6700K $259 At Microcenter !

    Damn this deal is sooo tempting but i dont feel like it would be a worth while upgrade from my 2600k.
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    Are you happy with your Pascal investment?

    Though I think the 1080 is great I play at 4K a lot of Battlefield 1 and I'm disappointed I can't play with ultra settings with better than 65 frames per second I have to bump the resolution down to 1440 which looks good but I bought 4K to play at 4k. I'll just end up selling my card when the ti...