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    HP BlackBird New

    bump for good seller.
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    West 22'' WS Best Buy 219$

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    Graphical Corruption, Unexplainable.

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    FS: AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 , PNY 7950GT , GA-M59SLI-S5 , Battlefield 2142

    the humpty dance is your chance to do the hump.
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    FS: AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 , PNY 7950GT , GA-M59SLI-S5 , Battlefield 2142

    Another bump for one of the best Battlefield players.
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    FS: AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 , PNY 7950GT , GA-M59SLI-S5 , Battlefield 2142

    Bump for one of the best bf2 players.
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    Just bought Intel 630, XP or XP64?

    stick with 32bit, intels performance in 32bit windows will exceed its 64bit performance with that CPU.
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    Adrian's Rojak Pot - ATI Trashes NVIDIA In Physics Article

    I think Terra works for Ageia.
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    Anand re-examines Conroe benchmarks

    I always have to laugh at these threads where all the intel guys running the terrible Pentium 4 series start to talk some trash, haha. All I'm currently running is intel, so dont bother flaming me.
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    does this qualify for an RMA?? (Eclipse, if you're out there!)

    if it can't pass memtest at rated SPD and voltage then RMA it.
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    LCD's vs CRT's

    Im using a Samsung 930b LCD panel, 8ms refresh and 700:1 contrast ratio, and I have absolutely no problems with blurryness or ghosting playing BF2 @ 75hz with DVI. The only thing which is far different from my CRT is trying to read players names when you and the other players are moving.
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    Google Desktop = Goobuntu?

    Distro, on top of a Distro, on top of a Distro?
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    Replacing a dying video card for dad

    Kruelz, out of the two cards you first posted, the only difference is 128mb vs 256mb, which is negligible for games unless he plays at higher resolutions. Again, I remember the 9800SE cards could be unlocked into 9800 pro's, which means between the two versions you posted, one could yield...
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    A8N32-SLI questions Memory tab will tell you your memory speed and SPD timings and current timings.
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    Jump the gun on my OC?

    I download coolbits, let it find optimal frequencies, then adjust from there.
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    VIA systems

    They're not really meant for gaming, as most of the boards don't come with a graphics card slot, just standard pci. I work with a guy who bought one of the mini-atx ones, slightly bigger than the nano atx ones, and he's putting it in his car apparently.
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    Do I need to send this X850XT-PE back or upgrade cooling? Errors or no errors?

    It's a driver issue yet to be fixed.
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    completeley new to ubuntu need lil help

    You didn't burn the the file as an disc image to the disc.
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    1000+ Kb/s DOWNLOAD SPEEDS!?

    I'm embarassed for us both.
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    Where to put an extra $100 bucks in new system?

    You're sure it's not overheating?
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    1000+ Kb/s DOWNLOAD SPEEDS!?

    What a terrible thread.
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    Being hacked!

    OrgName: Verizon Internet Services Inc. OrgID: VRIS Address: 1880 Campus Commons Dr City: Reston StateProv: VA PostalCode: 20191 Country: US NetRange: - CIDR: NetName: VIS-BLOCK NetHandle: NET-71-240-0-0-1...
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    X1600XT or 6800GS?

    Case Closed. 6800GS wins.
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    Two OS on one HDD?

    start-->run-->msconfig Start.ini tab Delete the dud OS.
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    noob overclocker TOTALLY overwhelemed.

    I'd try loosening memory timings or upping memory voltage before I'd use a divider.
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    Ok BFG You've beyond lost a customer...CARD #5 DOA!!!!

    Go to bestbuy, buy 6800gt off the shelf, test. Return next day.
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    ATI Catalyst 5.12's discussion

    since CCC is a pile of garbage, I just downloaded the driver only portion of the 5.12's, and downloaded the 5.11 control panel, installed the display drivers, restarted and then installed the CP. My CSS benchmark dropped 14 fps, 112fps down to 98. Yet my games seem to run smooth. System...
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    Ati 5.12 Betas Give some feedback, wondering if I should install them and see if theres any improvement for my dual xeons
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    My BFG Tech RMA Nightmare (pics in thread)

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    What is the command to...

    Hilarious Results?
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    Why can't I overclock without crashing... ugh. ( plz help, newb )

    Why did you go from 200 BUS to 250? Thats a huge fucking jump.
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    stupid question ... X850 XT vs. 7800 GT

    7800GT > x850 series
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    Graphical Corruption, Unexplainable.

    The other one overheated. The motherboard is fine, I've tried several other cards on it too. I just can't explain why the hell it does this.
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    Graphical Corruption, Unexplainable.

    Still the same with stock bios settings.
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    Graphical Corruption, Unexplainable.

    Like I said, the card performs flawlessly after I do the 'reboot'.
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    Graphical Corruption, Unexplainable.

    After a videocard swap (with the same model) I have been receiving graphical corruption on my desktop. Now this is the weird part, right after the swap, it was fine, no corruption at all. Shut the computer down for the night, cold boot, screen is corrupted. Now this frustrated me, I...
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    Xbox's 360 ATI video card is faster than my BFG 6800?

    Are you kidding me? A lot of OpenGL games run faster in Linux than in Windows.
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    Problem playing WMV video with X1800XT

    in the driver options turn off WMV acceleration.
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    2 versions of windows when rebooting

    Start-->Run-->msconfig boot.ini delete the partition at fault.