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    Speedfan damage - need help!

    I don't know why but it is working right now. I just turned it on and it worked, I definitely wasn't expecting that to happen. Hopefully there aren't anymore problems. Thanks for the quick suggestion, although I saw it just about the time when my computer turned back on.
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    Speedfan damage - need help!

    Hey I need help with my computer I installed speedfan and played around with it a little and now my computer won't boot up. Obviously I'm on another comp right but I don't know what to do. It seems like I'm not supposed to change fan settings, its as if the computer can only turn on on certain...
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    Cpu fan recommendation/suggestion

    I need some advice on getting a new cpu fan. I'm not too sure how big the cooler can be for my mobo. I have an 939 athlon x2 4200. I'm concerned that a bigger cpu fan may touch the electronics around it. Here are some pics of my current cpu fan...
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    Power supply power switch

    When I shut down my comp I usually unplug my surge protector and I just realized that I've always kept my power supply's power switch (i/o) on the on position. So my question is should I turn it off when I unplug everything. I've always left it on the on position even when I replug my surge...
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    3dfx People - Check this out (pics)

    How well does it run crysis?
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    Palit GeForce 8600 GT Super 1 GB ?

    It seems like every video card that has more ram than its intended to have is the same as the video card with less ram. In other words it makes no difference.
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    Future Displays And Their Limitations

    I think what I'm really trying to put forward is (I know no one knows cause we're talking about the future) whether these screens will have other problems. In other words maybe we'll have a screen that has great colors, little to no response times and no viewing angle issues but we'll have other...
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    Yep, I got an a panel just a few weeks ago. I'm gonna stick with it. While its not that great, its definitely better than my previous panel.
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    Future Displays And Their Limitations

    Will future display technologies (oled, laser, etc.) have shortcomings? I was thinking how lcds are far from perfect with their color issues, response times and viewing angles and thought, will we ever have a display that won't have any issues? Will it be possible to have a screen that has...
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    CRT or LCD?

    Let me just say that if I knew what I know now about lcds and crts a few years ago before I got my lcd (even though it was included with my comp.), I might go with a crt. I'd stick with a crt until lcd technology improved to the point where it was as good as a crt. Now there might be a few...
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    CRT or LCD?

    Well it seems like you are willing to get an lcd but still have some issues with it. I don't know if you're willing to accept those facts (lcds responsiveness, color and viewing issues). If you get an s ips panel, thats the best lcd technology has to offer pretty much so at least youre getting a...
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    2008 Displays

    I'm wondering what will happen this year as far as lcd and other display technologies are concerned. I'm hoping new displays screens will be available for the consumers this year. Anyone have predictions?
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    8600gt and xclio 450

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    8600gt and xclio 450

    Hey I might upgrade to an 8600gt and right now I have the xclio 450. So I just want to know if I will be okay. I think I will be fine but I just want to make sure.
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    Samsung 226BW 22": 3000:1 Contrast, 2ms response time

    I also seem to have au optronics panel
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    Samsung 226BW 22": 3000:1 Contrast, 2ms response time

    How do I open the service menu?
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    Samsung 226BW 22": 3000:1 Contrast, 2ms response time

    Can you guys tell me what I have? Model Code : LS22MEHSFV/XAA Made in Zhongshan China (Dongyu) Manufactured October 2007 Color Display Unit Type No.: GH22WS Thanx
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    SAMSUNG 226BW vs. Dell SP2208WFP

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    LG L227WT

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    LG L227WT

    Anyone have info?
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    LG L227WT

    When will this be out in the u.s. and do you think it'll be one of the best 22" monitors (better than the samsung 226bw?)?
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    Just Ordered My Westinghouse L2410NM!!

    Hey can you or anyone who has this monitor post some pics please? Also is this a glossy screen? Thanks
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    Sony OLED Screen

    Pretty cool
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    Which 22" would you buy?

    If you had to get one right now it would either be a samsung 226bw or the hp 2207. The reason for the 2 instead of one is because one is glossy the other isn't so the choice is yours. Now if you can wait I would say you look at the new lg monitors that will come in November. One is 20" the other...
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    LG L246W

    Hey how do you measure the input lag. Can you send a link for the program?
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    Samsung 225MS
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    New Asus 22" This is pretty expensive, for 600 dollars you could get a 24" screen. It doesn't list the component inputs but if you look at the pic its there.
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    The Official Dell E228WFP Thread! Info, Pics, Reviews

    I don't see why you'd have a problem. You have dvi on that card right? It doesn't even matter if you don't but it'd probably be better if you have dvi. The only problem you'd have is playing games at its native resolution, well probably at least recent games because that card isn't powerful...
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    Samsung 226BW 22": 3000:1 Contrast, 2ms response time

    I think the cw model has a higher color gamut at 92% or something and maybe theyre only s panels.
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    Samsung 226BW 22": 3000:1 Contrast, 2ms response time

    So it seems like new shipments have nothing on the back. Does that mean its an s panel?
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    HDMI monitors?

    You're welcome. I think newegg is pretty good for searching these types of things, not that google is bad but maybe newegg is a little easier.
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    HDMI monitors?

    Well you could have gone to newegg and checked yourself, its not that hard, but anyway
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    HDMI monitors?

    Just a few others, not too many though. But maybe in the future it will be more common.
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    LED technology: when and should one wait/care/bother

    Yea when will these technologies be around?
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    New Samsung Monitors Coming

    Hehe yeah it looks like the monitor thats modeled after their tv.
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    New Samsung Monitors Coming

    So heres the link to the "swan monitors"
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    Samsung 226BW 22": 3000:1 Contrast, 2ms response time

    Because its smaller
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    Samsung 226BW 22": 3000:1 Contrast, 2ms response time

    Yeah you're kinda right but I don't see many differences. I mean its not like it has more inputs or looks different.
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    Samsung 226BW 22": 3000:1 Contrast, 2ms response time

    It's the same thing just a little smaller.
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    lcd backlight turn off program

    What would that do? I mean why?