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    GPU Passthrough and Performance

    I just set this up using esxi 6.7 It was super easy. After you creat your windows vm and passthough the vidio card this line is needed in the vm advanced configuration hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = "FALSE" I have a nvida 640 in pcie1 and a 1080ti in pcie3 it works great. i have read that this line...
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    Micro Center Will Sell You a GPU at MSRP If It’s for Gaming, Not Mining

    it is very sad. I hope prices balance out when volta gpu's come out.
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    Drone Video Shows Postal Worker Delivering Mail in Neighborhood Ravaged by Wildfire

    is it just me or does that video look fake? It really looks like something someone would create with a fallout editor. Still, it really really sucks to lose all your stuff like that.
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    Upgrading ESXi 6.0 to 6.5 with I loose NFS storage?

    lots of frustration with the web client... but it does work.
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    Should I go for an i7 7700k on thursday?

    I would go with the 7700k, zen may or may not be good. but you will be happy with the 7700k upgrade, just don't expect a huge increase in gaming performance, it will be the other features that make it worth while.
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    multiple networks 1 esxi

    I did end up figuring this out, and it is not best practice but it is what I needed for my home lab. Just attach a switch to the wan port and then you can attach VM networks to that switch, with my ISP i can get 8 public IPs that way. The whole thing was simple when I started over from...
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    Selecting the Right GTX 1080

    I also will recommend the Asus Strix, but the fans can be loud if they ever ramp up. I thought mine was broken for a bit when I had it set to turn the fans off at idle, so every few seconds they would spin up and then shut off when under small load, when under heavy load it is no issue because...
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    multiple networks 1 esxi

    2 NIC'S but i have room I could add a couple more. I was trying to do it from with in esxi, but if that is not possible i can add a NIC and go that route.
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    Building a lab machine with good graphics capabilities

    I haven't used it yet but from what I understand it gives KVM a usable user interface, and gets rid of most of the cmd line work.
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    multiple networks 1 esxi

    Hi guys/gals My internet connection provides me with 8 IP addresses and I would like to have 2 separate networks. 1 for family use, dont ever mess with it and stuff and my play network that I can totally destroy without messing with the primary network. Is there a way to have lan1 supply...
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    4770k vs 4790k

    vmware workstation should only need vt-x, vt-d is for passing hardware through to a guest operating system.
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    Turn a Xeon E3 1230v5 into an i7 6700K!

    for a while you could over clock on h87 boards, but a bios update put the kaibosh on that. still works on z87
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    Turn a Xeon E3 1230v5 into an i7 6700K!

    This looked great and I was tempted, unfortunately, if you update the bios it kills the ability to overclock Xeon processors. Which takes away the benefits.
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    I really wonder why they don't make a socketed chip with the better gfx, seems like a no-brainer to me.
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    KVM, two OS and two nVidia GPU

    Are you stuck on centos as host? I am going to do this Thursday night on a Asus rampage 4 using ArchLinux I think using this guide VFIO tips and tricks
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    Multi VM GPU pass through

    Well Linustech tips did it with kvm...
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    VM with passthrough "freezes" entire ESXi box when shutdown/rebooting guest

    Thats awesome, I wonder what the deference is, I have read about some issues with KVM hard locking with a vm reboot, but not esxi, and not for everyone. Must be a flag or check box or something that we can configure if we fine the right way to go about it.
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    Will a G3220 and a Matrix 7970 be a fair gaming rig?

    my son's computer has pentium 3258 overclocked 2 4 ghz paired with a gtx 480, and for world of warcraft and minecraft... and youtube... it should last him another year then maybe i wil turn it into a pfsence box... maybe
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    ESXI 5.5 and APC SmartUPS 1500 - Shutdown Procedure

    I have not tried this script yet, but it does look like a very simple script to run with minimal hassle. I have a router not on the battery backup that I would ping to make it work. No Joke IT: Graceful shutdown of an ESXi 5.1 host and guest VMs (free edition) using the shell/command...
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    Getting Started - update regularly

    esxi has a free version that works great for most basic setups. I have played with a few other setups and for the things I do with my server as a basic all in one, esxi is much simpler. I am looking to build a proxmox/unraid server at...
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    Unraid 6 now rolls in docker and QEMU? Easy VGA passthrough?

    I read a lot of disparaging remarks in the comments, but for the guys that want to set something up fast this is actually pretty cool, and you don't have to be very computer savvy. I have been thinking of doing this for my boys for a while, should save a little bit of cash, be plenty fast...
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    ESXI 6 on Braswell....

    on the x58 system it would still hang on at the same place.
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    ESXI 6 on Braswell....

    i wonder if it would work if you disabled the onboard gfx. I had the same issue on an evga x58 motherboard and never did figure it out.
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    Corsair Graphite Series 780T Lucky Draw!

    I am really liking the itx form factor cases i have picked up a couple for my kids computers.
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    Just Bought all This *Question

    the thing is People are buying x5650 6 core xeons for $50 on eBay and dropping it in that board and overclocing to 4.2 ghz... heck of a deal.
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    Guide: GPU Passthrough Using KVM + LVM2 + Ubuntu Gnome - From Beginning to End

    this is pretty cool and it looks like you got it working with a nvidia gfx card.
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    with 4 8gb dimms you would want a1,a2, and b1,b2 for duel channel memory
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    Windows 10 Is A Free Upgrade For All 7 And 8.1 Users

    they really need to add windows xp to the upgrade list, that would really help get people off xp.
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    Considering building a NetBurst system...

    IM pretty sure there were a few p45 boards that supported ddr3 here is an ugly gigabyte board
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    Simple upgrades for my Gateway and HP

    I feel trolled... hard
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    VM performance is seems very slow

    I was thinking that with a slog It might speed up transfers everywhere not just on the one nfs share that I have sync disabled, though I was pretty surprised to be getting 80+mbs from WD green drives.
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    VM performance is seems very slow

    thanks a bunch, that really helped, of course it opened a new can of worms... should i turn my ssd into a zil/slog. scratch that the crucial m500 120 is way to slow, but for now the sync disable works pretty good thanks.
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    VM performance is seems very slow

    hi guys. I have been playing with an all in one server for a while now, first I followed GEA's guide esxi, pfSense, Openindian +nappit, and a few other vm's for plex server, vent server, and others for fun, and learning. Motherboard: ASUS P8C ws CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1245V2 RAM...
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    Best X58 Motherboard available today?

    I wish i would have snaged one way to rich for a dead socket
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    Minions Mod

    WOW his mod is great!
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    Recommend me a Micro ATX 1150 board

    That gigabyte board was a nice find, and even less expensive at
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    Recommend me a Micro ATX 1150 board hate to post a newegg link but it is a much better price than amazon this time.