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    FBI Can Demand Consumer Data Without A Warrant

    @Icpiper, GFTO you JTRIG shill, try carrying water FOR the Constitution for a change instead of crapping on the ideals you swore to protect and defend.
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    what can be done about youtube throttling?

    $proxychains youtube-dl url or start tor then $torify proxychains youtube-dl url
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    Renaming a Domain

    Why not just make a custom DNS entry for your web server on your local DNS/DHCP server? And leave your intranet alone?
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    Hacking Team CEO: We're The 'Good Guys'

    I love this response, especially when looking at the emails where they discuss sending a death squad to kill the Lead Technologist of the ACLU. Oh the irony.
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    Even Hackers Can Get Hacked

    415GB you mean, and yes, but yara codes have all ready been submitted expect av updates and ms updates shortly.
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    Even Hackers Can Get Hacked

    All of there corpnet passwords were a variation of the word "password", they deserved what they got, for all the other reasons.
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    How Much Does Security Software Slow Down Your PC?

    AV Vendors purchase access to windows API that is hidden from normal developers, this API allows the AV Vendors to shim into the OS in such a way to allow the AV to function, those function call can be traced with tools like Ida pro, its weak protection, with the plugins Ida has assembler hasent...
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    How Much Does Security Software Slow Down Your PC?

    Trusting Trust Pandora Box Forsaken Left hand rots while the Right Slashes and burns. Popcorn time and a copy of Brave new world. We did it all for the nuggy, wha? the nuggy. TROLOLOLOLOL.
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    If I Wanted To Start A VPN Business, Where Would I Start? is why everyone always brings up the NSA now. Professionalism is gone in our government, so people bring there own personal agendas to work, you get officials targeting Americans who want to reign in Government power(Tea Party...
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    If I Wanted To Start A VPN Business, Where Would I Start?

    The Carnivore program is still in operation but has been wrapped up in other projects, just like the way of most govt projects another more expansive one gobbles up and takes over others. Use GPG. pfSense rocks. Host your own DNS server, and add DNSSEC.
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    LibreNMS Supermicro ipmi

    Your either going to need an MIB for ipmi or something on the client machines that make the ipmi data available via snmp.
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    Which encryption program for SSD?

    And I am sure he still thinks Skype communications are safe as well. :D If you are recommending anything that has inbuilt key escrow as "secure", may you be tar and feathered and branded a peddler of snake oil for the rest of your days or at least until you wake up.
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    Which encryption program for SSD?

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! HA! You do realize Bitlocker has key escrow built in right?
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    Which encryption program for SSD?

    Ubuntu has had full disk encryption built in since v11.04 iirc, at least that is how long I have been using it. Full disk encryption is not on by default, you have to set that up during the install, home dir is encrypted by default regardless of Full disk encryption. If you want one that is...
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    Odd NIC card behavior

    I ended up running wireshark on the 12 box over the weekend then grepping for the evil MAC, turns out it was a different box on the network that is "remembering the evil mac" incorrectly and trying to issue querys to that non-existent box. Upon further digging it was an app I was running on the...
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    No idea what I'm doing here Router setup / VPN

    I brought up DNSCrypt due to the common issue of DNS request leakage when using VPN's, I for one like to be sure I am going to who I intend to go to.
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    No idea what I'm doing here Router setup / VPN

    Most ISP's, hijack DNS requests so you'll need to use DNSCrypt-proxy, google "DNSCrypt-proxy", and follow there guide. Use an OpenDNS server in the US that supports DNSCrypt-proxy, they are listed in the documentation. I'd follow Syran's suggestion, and...
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    Odd NIC card behavior

    My pfSense firewall running arpwatch detected one of our ancient Server 2003 boxes doing this: May 1 10:11:54 kernel: arp: moved from XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:0c to XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:08 on bge0 May 1 10:10:46 kernel: arp: moved from XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:08 to XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:0c on bge0...
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    Stupid slow speeds with VPN enabled

    I have the same VPN provider and same ISP but different part of the US. FOIS throttles normal VPN ports, you need to use TCP port 443 for your vpn, dont use UDP, that way FOIS cant tell if this is normal https traffic or not, and PIA supports that port. I went from 1MB capped to full speed on...
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    IT Workers Of The World Unite!

    Down with Eurasia!
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    Tor Mainly Used For Drug Forums And Pedophilia Sites?

    This is blateant propaganda from Wired to stop people from using Tor, NSA/GCHQ has a much lower success rate of tracking a user while they use Tor, the more people that use it the better. Don't forget Wired was has also run several OpEd's from Snowden haters, while I am all for hearing all...
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    Need a guide for IPsec-RSA setup on pfSense

    So since MSK is toast, switching to RSA, and I can not find a guild for pfSense anywhere. Has anyone accomplished this? When creating the crts what identifying information is needed and with what encoding tag? I tried following a moonwall setup that was posted to the pfSense docs and ended...
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    US Lawmaker Asks Sony For Details On Data Breach

    They should ask DHS and DOD,
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    Upgrading DD-WRT

    I just switched from DD-WRT to pfSense and I would recomend you do the same if you have a spare box with 2 nic's. Here is the thing with DD-WRT and VPN's, the various builds use different versions of OpenVPN and to have it work with your VPN provider you will have to try multiple builds, it...
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    Seasonic Black Friday Lucky Draw

    Da Plane Da Plane.
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    US-CERT Regin Malware Alert

    Actually he was not jokeing, Look at the report from Kaspersky and Symantec again, look where the malware is NOT.
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    Detekt catches HackingTeam impersonating a bookmark software. Get Detekt:
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    Spy hardware detection

    Thank you Nicklebon, for the JTRIG Operation example.
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    Spy hardware detection

    Hardware implants are unlikely after you have possession of the device, LEO's don't bother with them at all now if the device is in the targets possession, they will however interdict packages enroute to the targets. Look on youtube for the 30c3 presentation given by Jacob Applebaum titled "To...
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    White House Urges FCC to Implement Stronger Net Neutrality Rules

    Ok then why is no one saying BREAK UP THE CURRENT ISP's into baby bells again. I dont think that alone is the solution, I do think we need at least an acknowledgement that we do as ISP consumers have thr right to have a connection that the ISP is not data mining, throttleing, traffic...
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    White House Urges FCC to Implement Stronger Net Neutrality Rules

    How about a compromise, make ISP's Title 2, and appoint the EFF as the sole NGO watchdog of them, and give the EFF a chair on the FCC with Veto power.
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    Why is NoScript eating all my bandwidth?

    Might want to get good look at the memory next time this happens.
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    HP 1810-8G v2 vs Netgear ProSAFE GS108T

    Stay away from Netgear for the time being, they are stalling on releasing patches to fix for Shellshock for the ProSAFE Lines.
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    Middlebox Issue?

    ... Its not my router. Asus RT-N16 running DD-WRT. Gets 25/15+ from business accnt same provider. On residential accn gets 1/1. ...
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    Security audit/probe for Desktops.

    Nexpos enterprise 14day trial.
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    Middlebox Issue?

    I have been trying to diagnose an issue with my VPN b/c according to Verizon they do not do any traffic shaping or throttleing, and it HAS to be my hardware becuse there screen tells them my router is fine. /s So I am paying for 50/25 and only getting 1/1 with my VPN, is this a common...
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    Bill Gates Says Government Spying Isn’t Always Bad

    He sure as hell did. I had a screensaver around 95 for win95 with his mug and a wave file that played the quote before the screensaver stars to distort his face. It sure as shit happened.
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    Bill Gates Says Government Spying Isn’t Always Bad

    This from the guy who said 640k should be enough memory for everyone.
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    Report: Dell Layoffs Are About To Hit and Could Be Huge

    They cant afford to keep anyone around that helped the NSA design the HOWLERMONKEY jtag implants. Personally I think any company that intentionally sold compromised hardware should DIAF. FU DELL/HP/CISCO.
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    NSA Programs Could Be Redesigned To Prevent Abuses

    Anyone know the name of the PR firm the NSA hired? They seem to be doing a wonderful job. Spin-doctor of the year award imo.