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  1. J

    RTX 3000 Series - Founder's or AIB?

    Will get an AIB because the founders will sell out before I can get one.
  2. J

    Router with Parental Controls.

    Asus and netgear are the top two routers just about all of them have better controls than the ISP crap they give us.
  3. J

    Did nvidia throw a 1-2 punch to AMD with Ampere?

    I hope AMD has something good this time around it's been far too long since AMD was on top.
  4. J

    Big Ubisoft showcase coming September 10

    I'm waiting for FarCry 6. Been playing them over and over for years.
  5. J

    Crysis Remastered System Requirements Published - New "Can it Run Crysis? Mode Announced

    I hope it runs smoother than the first one did.
  6. J

    Is it time to say goodbye to 1440p?

    Stay with 1440p but get a high refresh rate. I have been looking a 144hz 1440p for a bit but still waiting for funds to clear for it.
  7. J

    What happens to the existing stock of Turing cards?

    That's partly why the price went up on the 2k cards.
  8. J

    Doom Eternal

    I did play most of the others older than doom that played like this one don't know what the name was.
  9. J

    Free Far Cry 3 Ubisoft

    Haven't played the game in forever. Going to download it again and see if I still like it.
  10. J

    The NVidia 3080 FE and 3090 FE Cooler design. Will no one think of the CPUs!

    Better have good case air flow. I might have to go back to my old case if temps are bad in this one. It may not be as bad as it seems tho depending on the case.
  11. J

    Max price of a 3070ti with 16 GB vram

    $650 max for a beast on a card.
  12. J

    Best Gaming CPU

    10700k for bang for buck. 10900k for all out.
  13. J

    So buy Ampere or wait for AMD response?

    That's what I was wondering. They have never done that. AMD must have something good coming.
  14. J

    ASUS Announces ROG Strix, TUF Gaming and Dual NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs

    I like the TUF heatsink. Will be getting an asus card if I can.
  15. J

    So buy Ampere or wait for AMD response?

    Buy now and sell when amd has something better.
  16. J

    EVGA Announces their Ampere cards

    Looks like they are just going with the RGB craze right now.
  17. J

    3D Mark has lost its way - 2020 update

    The only thing that matters is the score man.
  18. J

    Anyone out there know what I’d need to run Destiny 2 @ a solid 144 frames?

    Nvidia for streaming for sure. 2070 super at a minimum to keep the stream smooth.
  19. J

    (Rumor) NVIDIA Ampere Launch Window Leak

    Would be good to get a new card before the holidays.
  20. J

    9700K vs 9900K in gaming 1440P only!

    1440P go with the 9700k that way you can save money for a better graphics card/monitor.
  21. J

    Which controller do you prefer for PC gaming, PS4 or Xbox One?

    I have a ps4 and an xbox controller the xbox gets used more.
  22. J

    Jailbreaking does any noone else do it anymore

    Not worth it anymore. IOS has most everything you need.
  23. J

    Custom 3D Printed fans (Its a thing!)

    Has some crazy designs on his channel that actually work for the most part.
  24. J

    Delied Tool

    I made something at home to delid my 7700k worked just fine. I didn't see the point in buying something I would only use once.
  25. J

    Siri - a sack of bricks

    I don't use siri much but it works 90% of the time for me.
  26. J

    Need a graphics card to complement my processor.

    Wait for the new cards to come out and get something then. Keep saving and you will be able to get an even better card.
  27. J

    Doom Eternal

    Played though the game and didn't like it much. The game was not what I was hoping for I guess.
  28. J

    What do you want to see in games?

    I would love to see smarter AI in a few games. Graphics are getting very good but they could be better if they would stop using dx11 already.
  29. J

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Dell multimedia keyboard and a Logitech 502 Hero mouse. Really like this mouse over my Logitech G5 it replaced.
  30. J

    My first build since 2008-2010!

    Nice build One heck of an upgrade for sure.
  31. J

    water cooling GPUs. worth it?

    Yes you should water cool the gpu if you are able to. Everything runs cooler. Adding a gpu to the water loop won't change the overall temp much you will reach delta faster tho but most will never notice a difference.
  32. J

    Fitbit lawsuit alleges heart rate monitors are inaccurate, misleading

    My wife's charge 2 is pretty close. She has had it a few years.
  33. J

    Is it a bad idea to SLI sub cards of the same GPU type?

    SLI with two different cards is not worth the hassle. Even SLI with the same cards is not worth it anymore.
  34. J

    If you can read the pump RPMs, do you still need a flow indicator?

    Save the money for a flow indicator for something else. They will all stop working at some point and they will restrict flow to a small degree.
  35. J

    Microsoft returning to Flight Simulator in 2020

    32gb may not be enough for this sim. I am looking at getting a flight controller for this soon. May have to wait for a restock.
  36. J

    Destiny 2

    Have the game and have no idea how do get anywhere in it. Played for 72min
  37. J

    Power supply shortage forced my hand...

    Will be a beast when 30XX come out. I canceled my order on newegg for a psu recently because it had been 30+ days backorder already. That psu will work fine for 30XX I would hope anyway they do seem to be power hungry but we will see.
  38. J

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    I think I broke it. Ultra settings only.
  39. J

    AIOs - you're mounting them wrong

    I seen that the other day but have always wondered about that because my brother has an aio and you can hear the air gap in it. He has the rad mounted at the same height as the pump. Everything is working as it should so far.
  40. J

    Noctua changed their dye or something

    I have 4 noctua fans in my system and they are all very close to the same. 2 black and 2 brown The black fans are a bit quieter tho.