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    WIndows 8 Storage Spaces

    Have any of you tried ? Apparently it's based on LVM.
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    WIndows 8 Storage Spaces

    Most of the instabilities that I've found seem to be coming from the Win8 CP. I found a wiki entry better describing the Win8 RP version of storage spaces...
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    WIndows 8 Storage Spaces

    I'm considering building a system to hold a number of drives. I'm on a budget, so I would prefer if it were easily expandable in the future, while still providing redundancy. So far, the only systems that I know of that can manage mirroring/parity on varying size drives are integrated solutions...
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    always works, even if its the bottom line stuff
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    Galaxy 7th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    My power usage is unmetered =)
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    Google Wave invites

    same, I would love to try the service out, but signed up for the preview quite late. Thanks in advance!
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    Weird DirectX Problem

    i seem to have fixed the problem. Installing the newest chipset drivers gets rid of the corruption
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    Weird DirectX Problem

    Hi, I've been having some problems with DirectX producing video corruption when running in fullscreen. I'm running Vista 64 with all the latest updates and latest DirectX updates. I'm using a Q6600 and a 7600gt. For some reason, when not in full screen, there are no problems with the display. Do...
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    New Apple Keyboard Questions

    Hi, thanks for all the help guys. I recently got a wired version of the keyboard, but i'm having trouble getting the volume buttons and the other buttons on the function keys to work. Are there any programs that I should be installing to get these keys to work? What do you recommend?
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    New Apple Keyboard Questions

    Just wanted to say thanks to all of you for replying to my post. I have decided to get the wired keyboard after all =).
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    FS/FREE: Almost Everything I Have!

    Bump for great items and PM
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    WTB New Apple Keyboard

    Hi, I'm looking for one of the new wired apple keyboards (aluminum ones) in a new or like-new condition. If you have one you want to sell, fire off a PM. If you PM, a bump is much appreciated. Thanks
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    New Apple Keyboard Questions

    Hi, I was wondering for those that have one of the newer apple keyboards (the slim ones), how good is it for typing? I have a preference for laptop type keyboards, and am thinking of picking up one of these keyboards. Do you find any problems with them or major differences from a windows...
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    IPod Touch Video Converters

    I just ordered an IPod Touch, and am wondering what is a good video converter for the touch. I'm looking mostly for simplicity and speed, with some type of automation. Open source or one with plugins is a plus, or even a command line client would be good. (For windows though) Thanks.
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    Weird Vista Problem (Code 12 graphics error)

    I'm getting a really weird problem after installing vista business. Under windows XP and 2003 the problem is inexistent. Currently, hardware acceleration isn't being detected, and aero won't run, nor will directx. I installed vista on a clean partition and it boots up fine. I installed the...
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    Schools District Ditching Macs

    This is actually what my school does. Our computers in our library have a sort of hardware based imaging system where it doesn't commit any changes forever. On reboot, it reloads from the image and its as good as clean. (from spyware, viruses, etc). It also helps since people can get admin level...
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    Schools District Ditching Macs

    I guess I'm one of the lucky ones in my school. In my school, we have a whole mess of Windows, OS X, Debian and Ubuntu. I guess that it does make support kind of hard in my school, but I can say that high schoolers have the ability to pick up anything technologically related. Its also kinda cool...
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    How to map keys on a remote?

    I have a generic Dell media center remote, but do not have winxp media center edition. I was wondering if there is a program out there that would show the key number/name when pressed so I can get the codes for the button presses on the remote. Thanks.
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    Anyone using a seperate computer for a media server?

    There arn't too many diadvantages, but the advantages are enormous. If you upload all your media onto another server, your hard drive will be free to do other things in the background. It also provides a centralized area to throw ur files and read your files from. The only disadvantage that I...
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    Cable TV with Cable Internet - Theft of Service?

    My friend is thinking about buying Cable Internet instead of DSL. He is also thinking about taking the line they install and hooking it up to a TV to get basic Cable TV. I was wondering if this consitutes cable theft. His arguement is that because the frequencies are being sent over the line...
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    Best Bang for the Buck (5.1)

    hmm i think ill get those x-530's... i mean, i don't listen to very loud music, and don't need thundering bass, but i rather just have an affordable solution. Thanks for all the input guys.
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    Best Bang for the Buck (5.1)

    so i guess speakers like the creative inspire are crap but are the z-5500's good? or the z-5300e? or the gigaworks G500?
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    Best Bang for the Buck (5.1)

    Does anyone know the best performance for your dollar 5.1 speaker system? It would be great to get an affordable one, for around $100-150, but I'm afraid that they're crap. So what do you think is a good speaker set?
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    CPU throttling

    speedstep won't work, but u could try a program called RMclock. I use it to manage the speeds of my Pentium M (you can undervolt it too). I heard it has support for other processors, but just google RMclock.
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    Need Opinions -- Spilled Water on Notebook

    was it on when u spilled water on it? if it was, it may be dead. Check the motherboard to see if theres any black spots on it :eek:
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    Does such a laptop as this exist?

    I agree, 64-bit is a waste right now. Also, the turon eats up a lot more power than the Pentium-M. I think they preform about the same, but theres really no point to it. By the time 64-bit compatible programs become mainstream, the next generation of processors will roll along. It won't...
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    Why not sony?

    I can tell you, that laptop thats shown there is AWSOME. MY doctor has it, and its beautiful and super light. I compared it to my 700m and my 700m is huge compared to it. The size of the keyboard on it isn't so bad either. I can type full speed on it. If u compare that to a 700m, its like...
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    Laptop Insurance? Safeware?

    well yeah, but are there any that arn't so much of an "asshat." It would be really nice.
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    Laptop Insurance? Safeware?

    thanks. But is safeware a good insurance company?
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    Laptop Insurance? Safeware?

    I need some accidential care insurance for my laptop that will soon be arriving from dell. Unfornunately, dell does not sell accidential care insurance to NY which kind of sucks. Anyways, I heard about a company called Safeware that insures laptops and various other tech stuff. I was...
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    Just need a bit of php help with link indexing

    Is there any way that I can get a script to index all of the <a href="..."> (the thing in the quotes)? Also is there a way that you can get it to store in an array?
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    Need someone for an interview

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    Chat while browsing Hardforums! my project

    it would of been great if it was open sourced or you make a opensource version... neways its AWSOME.. it just needs protection from spam
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    increasing hard drive space

    I think that its probably either a bios update u need or... You probably need SP2. There isn't really a tool for it, it just allows bigger hard drive addressing.
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    how to auto-arrange all folders?

    nvm i figured it out yay
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    how to auto-arrange all folders?

    is there a way to make all folders automatically auto-arrange, without going to each folder and clicking auto-arrange? (windows xp)
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    is this a good heatsink/fan?

    Well it would be helpful if its cheap, so the artic cooling and the kingwin are nice if they are good enough. But for my system, I want to try to get the best performance/lowest temperatures possible, for maibe under $20-30. If any of you have any other reccomendations ill gladly take them...
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    is this a good heatsink/fan?

    i'm planning to OC an AMD 64 3200+ and was wondering if the $47 Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu is worth the money. ( if not are there other good ones that are cheaper?