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    AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Video Card Review @ [H]

    I love the availability and pricing links at the end of the article. If you follow the XFX at amazon link for $499, all the cards listed are $700+ Holy crap! Talk about price inflation. For that price you could get a 1080Ti and blow this thing away at way less power, heat, noise. The AMD...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Crossing my fingers for some R5 goodness!
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    Computer turns on but Monitor doesn't detect signal

    If you pull the RAM and boot cold and you have no warning beeps, your board is having issues. (Like above, this assumes you have a speaker attached to the header to hear the tones out of.) I have a little peizo speaker that I keep transferring to new systems, and one in my tool bag for...
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    Nintendo NX will crush XB1 and mame PS4

    I really liked the WiiU as well. Problems that killed it: Under powered. It's not that console people by power really. It's that major published can't port back to it easily because it doesn't have the same capabilities as the other consoles. Even if you do a port it's going to look pretty...
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    290x worth $50 more than 290?

    Yup. I think the prices will end up like this for a June launch, with availability in the summer: 390x $500-$550 ($650CDN) 390 $400 ($550CDN) 380x (rebadged 290x) $350 ($400CDN) 380 (rebadged 290) $300 ($350CDN) So if you see a great deal on a 290x or 290 grab it! I just grabbed an ASUS R9...
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    Corsair Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Case Review @ [H]

    Does anyone have data on the impact on temps and sound that changing the solid or windowed panel to the mesh panel have?
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    Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU Cooler

    I really wish they would have put it against the Noctua NH-D14 and the Silver Arrow. If the thing is $70, those other coolers are in the ballpark. They are the incumbents in the area.
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    Rage sucks

    Exactly. But us old schoolers by now have realized that ID's strength was always in the technical. They have been revising the same game since Wolf 3D, with varying degrees of success.
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    Will I hear difference if i upgrade sound card?

    I don't really hear a difference between a modern onboard sound chip and a dedicated card. I've compared to the original X-Fi and the Revolution 7.1. The ALC889A on my Gigabyte motherboard has a SNR of 106db on the outputs. (104db on the inputs) I doubt my ears could even here the difference...
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    Is everyone using 5.1 speakers?

    I'm using Logitech 2.1 set I picked up years ago. Analog inputs, THX certified, nice quality. I can't remember what model it is. Got them for $80 at Staples while on sale, was regular $160. So I grabbed a set. Mostly using my Grado RS-80 headphones now so I don't disturb the household. The...
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    Onboard vs SB Live

    Your Live! will sound better than the on-board sound on that old motherboard. There is lots of info on how to get your Live card to work with Windows 7 out there. I know it's possible with 32bit Win7 for sure, not so sure about 64bit. If you were talking about a current board with something...
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    The (LAN)Party Is Over, For DFI

    I never owned a DFI board. (I've been a Gigabyte person, with a splash of ASUS, for 12 years.) I always has respect for the company for having active support in their forums. They had a reputation for helping people out where the larger companies tech support would have no clue. It's too bad...
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    Yahoo CEO Tells Michael Arrington to “F” Off

    Arrington has made a carreer of pushing people's buttons. His publication, Tech Crunch, is about on the same level as Gizmodo. The trashiest garbage. Some people in media and industry are starting to call him on it. Suck it down.
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    Blizzard Making Millions Selling Mounts

    @lordcalin, thanks for the clarification. I guess that makes sense.
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    Blizzard Making Millions Selling Mounts

    I kind of understand the buying in game thing from the publisher and the gamer's point. But I don't understand why there is a queue to be able to 'pick up' your virtual item. Why do you have to wait 5+ hours? Can't you just pay for it and the item would appear with your character? Is...
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    New Xbox 360 “Slim” Motherboard Spy Pics?

    If that is real, I say bravo! That is so much simpler that the previous generations of board. This will be so much easier to keep cool. I doubt that cooler config would be the final shipping product. I would expect something a bit more unconventional to fit a custom slim profile case...
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    Corsair 620HX and a Quad PII, and x-fire 4870's

    Amen to that! 300 to 450Mhz with one BIOS change. I love the transitional chips that get down rated bus speeds for marketing reasons. Same thing with my Q6600. Factory rated at 1066Mhz FSB for market segmentation. Change one setting in BIOS to 1333MHZ FSB and you have a 3Ghz monster...
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    Plants vs Zombies

    This game is awesome. I've been playing it for a bit every night since the 5th. The art and humour is awesome. I highly recommend it to those looking for some light 15 minute gaming.
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    Sony Delays PlayStation Home Again

    Now Sony realizes how hard it really is to build a compelling online game community service. It is now even more apparent why MS charges for Xbox Live gold memberships. It took MS an entire hardware generation to get it right (and it still has some down time!). By the time PS next it...
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    Disgruntled Worker Accused of Deleting $2.5M of Files

    If the loss of certain data would mean the loss of millions, or the closure of your company, you should have a backup! Holy crap!? Do people still have to be told this? Hard drives die every day by the truck load. Back up your data! @#$@#$@!!! (Guess what I do for a living...)
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    AMD says GPU physics is dead until DirectX 11

    Apparently that is exactly what Intel is doing with their new graphics solution. It's a bunch of P3 derived cores in parallel doing graphics. (It is also rumored to be doing some form of ray tracing and not standard rasterization.) I think people, even crazy enthusiasts, have a big problem...
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    Radeon HD 2900 XT: Flop or Not?

    I wouldn't call it a flop yet. Just not what everyone was waiting for and expecting. This part badly needs a die shrink to get power consumption down. There is a possibility that with all the crazy new shader hardware and memory scheme that it will be really strong in DX10 titles. But if...
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    PCI-X Cards

    I'm pretty sure you have various PCI-E slots, unless your computer is a mac or was meant for a workstation or server application. PCI-X and PCI-E are totally different things. PCI-X is used in servers for high speed disk controllers and high performance network adapters. PCI-E is found...
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    Hey Kyle, question for you

    I would say Kyle doesn't have a preference. He would recommend which ever make provides the most performance and stability for the least amount of money. The last few years that has been AMD, since Core2 it's been Intel. It's not like either dual core processor is a bad choice, and if...
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    What's the best sound you've heard in a game?

    Battlefield 2 - X-Fi mode is pretty cool. Call of Duty series WarHammer 40k RTS series - the sounds are very impressive when a huge firefight breaks out. Big arty hitting, lots of ballistic and laser weapons going off, big robots and vehicles thumping around. Very nice with the base and a...
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    My bfg 7950gt

    Congrats! I just bought a 7950GT with my "getting out of AGP land" upgrade. I would have went with an ATI based motherboard and crossfire, but I couldn't find one with good price and the features I want. So instead of an X2/ATI 1950/xfire capable system I went X2/nvidia/SLI capable. The...
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    What's the most powerful AGP videocard out?

    I'd pick up a x1950 Pro AGP for sure. My socket 754 A64 3000 isn't ready to die yet. But I could use some more graphics poop than my x800xl can push out. I've got to run at 1280x1024 and I'd like to have more AA/AF than I do right now. So I'd put down $200 for a non crippled AGP version.
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    help please

    Honestly people! It says AMD Athlon right on the thing. It's a Slot A. Could be between 500-800mhz. cpu-z to i.d. as above. Unless you have to comptia A+ for your job don't bother. It's a silly little test that takes a knowledgeable, in-practice person about 10 minutes to write.
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    X800pro vs. 6800GS

    Why an 800pro? Why not an x800xl? or for a bit more x850pro? Very, very close to 6800GT performance and very cheap for how far it gets you. I think the x800pro is the wrong match up in this case.
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    [H]'s ABS Mayhem G4 Laptop Evaluation

    I have some big issues with this review. First off, you can't knock points of for unpublished benchmark scores. Either tell us what they were or don't mention it. I didn't like the fact that the system got a low mark because of a video editing package. This strikes me as odd, because the...
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    Hard to find AGP cards now :(

    ATI said it wasn't going to make the x800xl in AGP when it first came out either.... things change due to market demand. If there are a million AGP owners asking them for resonably fast board with the latest features, they'll make one. After all they already have the bridge chips.... I...
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    Hard to find AGP cards now :(

    Personally I'm not ready to give up my S754 A64 3000, which is on an AGP board. So I picked up an x800xl AGP. No problem. It performs like a champ with tons of goodies turned on at my 1280x1024 LCD native res. I guess I could have bought an S754 motherboard with PCI-E and a PCI-E card...
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    problems are the first thing in your halflife 2 experience

    Bah! Buried. I'd really like some input on the questions at the bottom. Cheers all.
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    problems are the first thing in your halflife 2 experience

    I have a SB Audigy 2. I get 5.1 sound. But calling it working would be a stretch. I get skipping sound every time it loads a new scene. Highly annoying. I also had it crash the first few times I played it. Then I couldn't get the saved games to load. (It would just return to the menu...
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    Attention! You do not need antivirus!

    I'm sorry, but in this day and age if you are on a 'high speed' line and aren't behind a firewall and have AV running you're asking for it. That would be like an F-1 driver racing without a helmet, harness or fire gear on. Just stupid. I've long been of the opinion that people who get a...
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    Bose 3-2-1 DVD H.E.S...?

    re: thanks. No problem, that's what we hang around here to do. You won't be able to find a surround receiver without ProLogic I or II. They all have it, it's the most basic form of surround sound. The only problem with using spdif output from the computer is that no surround will work...
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    Bose 3-2-1 DVD H.E.S...?

    DTS-ES is 6.1 channel DTS sound support. 1 centre front,1 sub, 2 fronts, 2 rears, 1 rear centre. Not really nesessary, not a lot of movies support DTS, even less support DTS-ES. So it shouldn't be considered a make or break feature. Remember you need to buy a second centre channel speaker...
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    Audigy 2 Value? Is this card still around?

    The Audigy 2 Value is most likely an Audigy 2 OEM (bulk) card - the 1934 port. But in a retail box. So if you want that card just go and find a Audigy 2 bulk white box card at a local store.
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    Need budget 5.1 speaker selection advice

    Creative Inspire T5400. After having a set of Z-640s crap out on me I tried these and they produce some excellent sound for the price. As good or slightly better than the Logitechs. One nice thing about the set is that volume, bass level and headphone jack are on a wired module that you...
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    Soundmax and Logitech Z-640

    Unless the game is specificly designed for positional audio, or you are running upmixing /mirroring software, you won't hear sound out of all of your speakers. The Chaintech is super cheap. You can also pick up an Audigy LS or ES for a lot less than a 2 or 2 ZS. All of them have at least...