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    Is medium to high end Pc gaming becoming too niche ?

    I think yes and it will force more and more people towards consoles. I have no issues whatsoever with anyone who can afford 5k high end pcs that used to be 3k just 3 years ago. This is not a gripe at them. This is a gripe at those that are destroying the PC gaming community by overpricing the...
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    Should you pay considerably more for High end Motherboards

    So Ive been wondering....Ive always payed a premium for enthusiast pinged motherboards but Ive also tended to target stuff that has been stable and had good driver support but recently with the huge price increase in everything pc related, Ive been looking at bargains that dont break stability...
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    What Z790 Board has your interest?

    Asus has always been my go to motherboard for as long as Ive been a PC enthusiast and that goes back to their very first motherboard but lately I've been forced to consider alternatives due to ridiculous pricing and lifew changing situation but if money wasnt an issue, I would go with the Asus...
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    Great lastest gen motherboard without breaking the bank?

    So yeah...Im looking for a complete pc upgrade minus the video card(waiting for price drops) and monitor(Waiting for price drops). So Ive always been an asus fanboy cause mostly thier boards have always been rock solid for me and allowing me to OC. My current board is an Asus Rog Strix Z390-E...
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    Samsung Becomes Latest Phone Manufacturer to Unlock the FM Chip

    Woot! My Bell Canada Note 8 has an activated FM chip!! Always thought it was deactivated cause thats what I was told but just tested with supplied earbuds and it works :-)
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    Samsung Note 8

    I really cant fathom how you can come to that conclusion. I have the Note 8...theres no lag at all period...Maybe you have a defective unit or something but my Note 8 is the snappiest smartphone Ive ever had....No stutter, no lag. Everything is smooth. No crashes, no reboots...This phone has...
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    Samsung Note 8

    Response times are snappy for me. I really dont feel that this phone is either laggy or choppy. Everything is smooth and snappy for me so far.
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    Samsung Note 8

    Ive had mine now for close to 2 weeks and I adore it. Best smartphone Ive ever had and by far. My last was the Note5 and this is much better. The screen is absolutely stunning and even outside under the glaring sun, you can see the content very well. Everything about TW is silky smooth and...
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    Samsung Could Unveil the Galaxy Note 8 on August 26

    Just waiting on this phone...Nothing else matters. No other phone comes close if you want top of the line with an s-pen.
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    A Tribute to Carrie Fisher

    Ill be honest...that video had me in tears....tough seeing the people you were a fan of as you grew up, die off one by one. RIP
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    Nvidia Releases Game Ready Driver For Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    This is FAKE NEWS.....everyone knows that Nvidia make the best drivers ever and never have ANY issues whatsoever.......:shifty:
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    [H] Flashback

    Ahhh man got me in full nostalgia mode. All them hours spent playing Duke Nukem 3d and I dont think Ive had as much fun playing a game since. Had a internet cafe back then with 14 pcs. We served clients and played games non stop from noon till midnight and sometimes we...
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    Buyer's remorse... GTX 1080

    Thats where we are today with video cards. Its not like back when you went from a DX7 video card to a DX9 one. The changes used to be night and day. Now all you get is a boost in perf and for the most part it wont change your gaming exp if your prior card was all rdy giving you playable frame...
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    Facebook Bans Fake News Sites From Using Its Advertising Network

    And is all one needs for real news....
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    Facebook Bans Fake News Sites From Using Its Advertising Network

    Also people just wanna listen to news they agree with. It has nothing to do with the truth !!
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    Facebook Bans Fake News Sites From Using Its Advertising Network

    About bloody time....all these fake news sites and how gullable people are in taking them seriously.
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    Is the note series the only phones that have a stylus?

    Im a Galaxy Note user. Have been since the Note 3. I now have the Note 5 and up till the time Note 7s started having battery issues, that was the phone I was hoping to get. Now Im kinda stuck as I dont think there are any phones that are comparable atm that have a stylus.
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    "Best" android tablet (7-10″)

    Still using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5" LTE edition and have no complaints other than I think the battery needs to be changed. It seems to lose its charge far sooner than when I first acquired it.
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    Samsung To Temporarily Halt Galaxy Note 7 Production

    Its a real shame!! There are no phones even comparable to the Note series atm. Looks like I will be stuck with my Note 5 for much longer than anticipated.
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    Advice needed for a new build

    Im looking to upgrade my 4 year old + pc. Wanna change the motherboard, cpu and memory. I want something stable and over clockable. I would appreciate some advice here as Ive been out of the loop for some time. Reason for the upgrade has to do with stability. My system has been showing...
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    Acer Predator XB271HU losing connection off and on

    So the monitor is back at 165 hz and is stable. No loss of signal at all. Its like nothing ever happened. Completely baffled at this point but happy. I was very close to sending this monitor back to Acer at one point 2 days ago.
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    Acer Predator XB271HU losing connection off and on

    Today I redid a monitor reset. That disables the refresh rate OC so now it's at 144hz default. Played a few games for over 2 hours and didn't lose signal. Now I enabled OC and added 10hz to 155. Update: 2 hours later still working fine. Gonna up it to 165 and see. Maybe it was just a fluke...
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    Acer Predator XB271HU losing connection off and on

    Ive rmaed once in 25 years and didnt appreciate the experience and time to recover.
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    Acer Predator XB271HU losing connection off and on

    Also tried another Dp cable without change. Monitor works using HDMI but now stuck as 60Htz. I think the gsync module is the problem. Guess I will spending some time on the phone with Acer tomorrow.
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    Acer Predator XB271HU losing connection off and on

    Update: So after some time of stable running at 60hz, I decided to try and bump up the refresh rate a bit but as soon as I enabled OC to 144hz in the monitor settings, monitor started to lose connection again.
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    Acer Predator XB271HU losing connection off and on

    Yeah my monitor started losing connection recently. I uninstalled drivers, tried it on another PC with a gtx970 and still the problem persisted. I tried a monitor reset. Still nothing. Now Ive lowered the refreshrate from 165 to 60hz and seems stable. Has not disconnected yet. Gonna wait some...
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    What if 1080Ti never arrives?

    Not sure this has been posted before...looked around real quick and didnt see anything regarding this leak so here it is. Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Specs Leaked - GP102 GPU With 3328 CUDA Cores & 12GB GDDR5X
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    The Age of Apple is Over

    Oops wrong thread :banghead:
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    Is there someone else who think that nVidia prices are out of control?

    Its one thing to understand and accept why Nvidia prices there high end cards the way they do and totally another to realize that the high end is slipping away from the middle class and be angered and saddened by that.
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    Thinking that Navi will be the first real "Raja" card we see from AMD

    No it forces me to buy the way more expensive card I always buy the best at the time of purchase....if both compete at the high end, that means price will naturally go down. If only one of the 2 dominates the high end, prices will go up. So yeah, for my wallet, I would prefer both were within...
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    Thinking that Navi will be the first real "Raja" card we see from AMD

    Yeah Zen needs to be a win for sure. A win meaning they need to be close in perf to Intell at cheaper prices. Cheaper pricing cause I dont expect Zen to be faster but if it can get within 10%, that would be remarkable.
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    Thinking that Navi will be the first real "Raja" card we see from AMD

    Or the unlikely scenario where someone comes along and saves their ass with a huge investment. Its possible. AMD/ATI have some interesting IP/patents. If someone wanted to seriously launch a competitive front against Intell or Nvidia, I think they would have enough Ip to be competitive.
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    Thinking that Navi will be the first real "Raja" card we see from AMD

    For me its about competition at the highend and price. As long as Nvidia holds the crown in that respect, prices will continue to be too high.
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    Thinking that Navi will be the first real "Raja" card we see from AMD

    Yes but even before the cutbacks, R&D was lacking compared to their competitors and due to that had some tough decisions to make in regards to personnel and vision going forward in regards to developer relations and other investments. Its always been an uphill battle for AMD since aquireing ATI...
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    Thinking that Navi will be the first real "Raja" card we see from AMD

    We also need not forget that in the R&D department, AMD are severely lacking compared to their direct competitors, Nvidia and Intell. I think we tend to overlook this important fact. The cards are heavily stacked against AMD and therefore as it stands now, the chances that AMD can reverse this...
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    Thinking that Navi will be the first real "Raja" card we see from AMD

    Well I wont be setting myself up for disappointment this time around no matter how awesome the forthcoming leaks make vega look.
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: Valve's Robot Repair @ [H]

    I would still like to know why this is the case though. Is it un-optimized drivers ? Is it the game? Maybe its the hardware? Could be that its all of the above ?
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    AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance: Valve's Robot Repair @ [H]

    Yeah it would seem that way now. AMD keeps on disappointing me although all they have this gen is the mainstream 400 series so far, still you can see they have loads of work to do still. Hopefully DX12/Vulcan VR games will look better for them, but I aint holding my breath. Tired of hoping they...