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    X570 or X670E

    Take a look at the Asus Proart X670E, it meets your pricerange and has USB4 and 10Gb ethernet. So it seems pretty future proof.
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    Which RTX 4090 card are you planning or consider to get?

    I wouldn't, but then there people queuing up at night to get one. And in the words of the BOFH "the only thing you should be queuing for at midnight is a kebab."
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    Which RTX 4090 card are you planning or consider to get?

    As I'm trying to max out 4k@120hz, I think I'll wait a bit and see how the partner cards do. Also interested in how much of a difference there is down to the 4080 and the not so 4080. I'm getting the custom loop itch again (haven't build one since socket 939 and gtx 7800), so in the end I might...
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    M.2 issue

    From Asus's tech spec, in the notes section: *2 M.2_2 and M.2_3 support 44-Lane CPU (Intel® Core™ i7 9000 X-Series CPU and above). So I read that as there aren't enough pcie lanes on the 7 series.
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    EVGA no longer making GPUs!

    The following is purely based on information from Steve's latest video. While the PSU business was 20% of the revenue, it made almost 50% of the profits. So yes, a whole lot of people will lose their jobs and a massive amount of knowledge is leaving. But they'll carry on making a product line...
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    Worst Game Ever?

    Ohh Galaxies brings back memories and not the fond kind. I got into the beta and was all ready and fired up. But was so empty and had zero sense of direction. It felt like a cardboard cutout or a generic bland mmorpg with Star Wars theme music.
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    LG 48CX

    Nice, just be careful with the handling. I had the wife helping, and one of her rings left a light 10" scratch in the screen coating.
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    Minecraft Bans NFTs/Blockchain, Mojang Doesn’t Want “Profiteering” or “Have and Have-Nots”

    Yeah and in a few days they'll say: In fact forget the minecraft.
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    What Game or Series would you like to see brought back to Life this Year?

    + 1 for Deus Ex and Halflife. Max Payne - but Max deserves to stay retired, so I'm not sure how they should proceed.
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    High framerate and OLED

    I don't know if it's a coincident, but 4k@138hz@12bit hits 48 Gbps...
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    Just finished Corsair 7000x distro + hardline build

    Nice build. There's a really good thread on Corsairs forum of working wc combinations. Dutt1113 perhaps you can help me with an odd question/idea: does the right hand side steel side panel fit on...
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    Battlefield 2042

    More like surprise dry anal.
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    Direct X 12 Ultimate

    Without googling it, wasn't it just a detour from the decimal naming scheme? Also I believe that it requires raytracing capable hardware.
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    Eatx / tower - suggestion

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for a new case. What I want: Lots of room - I hate cramped working conditions. Eatx case with lots of room above the board to fit water cooling. Airflow !!! - fanplacement in the front, back, top, bottom and at least one over the GPU, preferably one over the CPU...
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    LG 48CX

    I agree and just to give some pricing perspective, right now here in Denmark the few CX'es still in stock are priced at 940$ and the C1 is at 1120$ - Vat/sales tax included.
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    What do you mostly play? Single or Multiplayer games?

    95% single these days. Multi just trigger my stress response most days... my multiplayer friends will attest to my rampant ragequitting over last two years 🙃
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    Jeff Bezos to Shoot Himself Into Space

    He can take my current Boss up there, doesn't even have to fit him inside 🙃
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    Asus Rog Maximus XIII Hero No Room for a "PCIEX" card

    Option WC - find a single slot water cooling block that fits :)
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    UPS battery replacement - Europe

    I've been gifted a APC sua2200i, but I need a complete battery pack. So as this is my first ups, I need an idea of where to go for them in Europe. Is a good seller?
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    New Router Recommendation

    Or perhaps one of Mikrotik's offerings like a rb4011
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    What's the truthful reason(s) for the GPU shortage?

    Every scalping bastard:
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    Supa size your Anime Waifu {Gatebox Grande}

    Wow now I can post this and be on topic :p
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    Fittings for G1/2 and G3/8

    I'm trying to build a small test setup with an old Asetek pump I retired alongside a X58 system. The pump uses push-in fittings and I'm having trouble with minor leaks. Who are making G1/2 and G3/8 treaded soft tubing fittings these days?
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    Samsung Odyssey 1440p VA monitors 240hz curved

    Are you using HDMI or DP? I've experienced significant differences in wake up delay with them.
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    Best option for adding 2nd HDMI port w/ 3090

    I've used a passive DP to HDMI with my VIVE without issue. I don't think there are any VR systems that require HDMI 2.1 at the moment. Some have moved to DP - HP reverb v2 uses it now...
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    Using Wireless Controls (IOT) Without Internet.

    Look into it integrates a heck of a lot of different IoT thing, however I just learned about it yesterday, so I cant say a lot about it yet...
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    AMD Ryzen 3000 and Older Zen Chips Don't Support SAM Due to Hardware Limitation, Intel Chips Since Haswell Support it

    That's nice, but do we have any credible information about older GPU support? I'm interested i seeing what it might do for the minimum framerates of Vega, RX 5000, Pascal and Turing. If the architectures support it...
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    LG 48CX

    As I understand it the 9LB has dual DVB tuner, which the 6LB and 3LB doesn't have. I cant find good english information on the 3LB... But when using it as a monitor it wont matter.
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    ALC1220-VB - audio buzzing/crackle/static

    Is your monitor using a grounded power cable and is it connected to the same socket as the psu?
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    I'm a bad owner

    A good cleaning indicator is when your system becomes unstable from the thermal paste hardening and doing more insulating than conducting :) And by that time your fans might be a bit clogged as well...
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    Stability and overclocking - what do you consider stable

    Many moons ago I spent time with Prime testing, but when I got my current rig (Haswell-E) I had a hard time getting it stable - I remember something about avx loads... It turned out that prime isn't a stability indicator for my usage - gaming and browsing. So getting to the point - is it stable...
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    Der8auer Tries Out Intel's TEC Cooler on an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

    I wouldn't mind if Asetek got back into the game with a new Vapochill unit...
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    optimal case fan config?

    Just for reference, positive/negative/neutral pressure might not influence real world dust intake/build up: Dust Prevention: Positive Pressure, Negative Pressure, Does It Really Matter?
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    What are scariest characters in games?

    Me - the PC!
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    Most likely a LG CX 48", I was leaning towards Samsung's Odyssey G9 for the wide fov and thight curve but those quality issues!
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    3090 Comes with a silencer, loudener and a Speed-cocker!!
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    What do you want to see in games?

    Mod support at release. Let the communities play with your game and watch them live on for a lot longer!