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    Using 3D Print Technology To Restore A Child’s Nose

    can't wait for the future. Gonna 3d print me a new face to replace my wrinkly one.
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    Man, Distracted by Electronic Device, Walks Off Cliff

    it's hard to believe people don't have any peripheral vision when looking at their phones
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    F The Internet

    made me nostalgic for 1989. that was a good year
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    Time Warner Cable Joins The Rate Hike Season Festivities

    competition my ass. this is collusion. my area has ATT and TWC competing. Rather than holding prices steady, they just tell each other to hike prices without adding value.
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    Doubling RAM On Smartphones Is "Silly"

    I will give that writer my 1gb ram android and see how he likes it. I can't even run ONE app without the shit lagging within a few minutes. Chrome browser lags to hell after several websites visited.
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    AT&T: We've Shelved Ideas Thanks To Net Neutrality Rules

    yeah, fuck ATT. I left ATT half a year ago. They still serve slow ass Uverse in my upper middle class neighborhood. I have no doubt they shelved some shitty ideas. Net neutrality has probably kept ATT's shitty products from becoming shittier
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    Why People Are Giving Up On The Apple Watch

    all wearables make you look douchey
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    Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Too Sexist For Europe And US

    animated tits and ass don't do it for me
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    Best Buy Shows Electronics Aren’t Going To Save Christmas Either

    i would buy a 4k tv.... if my laptop could output to it. i'd prefer 1 4k tv to 4 monitors.
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    Facebook Blocks Man Named Phuc Dat Bich

    viet names are the best
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    Samsung Announces New Flip Phone

    when you run out of ideas, go retro
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    Nexus 6P Performs Poorly In Durability Test?

    I was gonna give the benefit of the doubt before I played the video But the phone truly does suck, especially if you keep your phone in the butt pocket.
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    Facebook Changes 'Real Name' Policy Rules After Public Outcry

    never used my real name either. It's just a facade to make farcebook look legit. There are millions of fake name accounts inflating farcebook user stats, just so they can charge advertisers more.
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    Droid Turbo 2 Survives 70 Drops To Concrete Floor

    and according to reviews, clarity sucks
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    Droid Turbo 2 Survives 70 Drops To Concrete Floor

    you're right. It's plastic. will still need screen protector film.
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    Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon Give Wall Street Reason To Cheer

    bull market is back in full swing i see
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    Low Wages And Long Hours Persist At iPhone Factory

    really, who gives a shit. Your android phone is made with the same cheap labor. shut up and enjoy your phone already.
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    Former New Delhi Uber Driver Convicted Of Rape

    rapists need to pony up the cash and go fuck prostitutes.
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    PC Does What!?

    this is not going to change anyone's perception of the clunky pc
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    YouTube Will Make You Pay To See Some Of Its New Videos

    I'm betting it will work. There are PLENTY of idiots who are loyal to these content creators. I wouldn't be surprised if the same idiots who subscribe to poopeepie will be the same who pay for shitty youtube content.
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    Theater Owners Are Furious About Netflix’s New Movie

    so no more stink, sticky floors, babies crying, cell phones ringing, people chewing with their mouth open. Theaters are angry?
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    Online Ad Industry Admits “We Messed Up”

    fucking pages full of flash ads that hose my cpu. Hate those. whatever happened to animated gif ads?
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    Has The PC Hit Rock Bottom?

    my dual core celeron laptop from 2009 can barely handle the internet now. Other than that, my AMD llano laptop from 2011 is still going strong, and my athlon x4 from 2009 also works fine. I am contributing to this slump
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    Sprint Set To Throttle Unlimited Data Hogs

    these hogs must be powering their whole home network with their cell phone
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    AMD Reports 2015 Third Quarter Results

    how many more years can they go before all the money is depleted?
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    Friday the 13th: The Game Kickstarter

    I want to play as the dude with the porn mustache
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    Intel, Microsoft, HP, Dell and Lenovo Unite for Big PC Advertising Push

    Kiss my wha? people don't care what a pc does, as long as they can check email and watch porn. old pc's can do that already
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    Playboy To Drop Nudity As Internet Fills Demand

    and too many of the women featured these last few years have been silicone filled. where the fuck are the naturals... The sad part is that my old aging dad will probably continue to subscribe.
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    Antioxidants May Make Cancer Worse

    vitamin industry is just a big scam anyway. just have a balanced diet.
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    YouTube Star Buys $4.5M Home

    so many assumptions made by you guys. Lemme add some more. He was already well off as a kid. Most of that 4.5M is not from youtube.
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    Adobe Shares Slump As 2016 Forecast Disappoints

    no wonder they were giving away $10 off $10 for amex card holders I was looking at that offer and wondering WTF I could buy at Nothing.
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    Valve Employee Uses VR Headset To Propose To Girlfriend

    virtual ring is better than diamond. Save that money for something else.
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    Minecraft Player Live Streams House Fire

    i noticed that a lot of asian people are clumsy like this.
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    Transformers 5, 6, 7, And 8 Confirmed By Hasbro

    and fast and furious 8, 9, 10, 11....... They need to get more hot underrated girls on transformers. Megan fox is not the hottest of them. I would not like to see them recycle women on sequels
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    iPhone 6S Plus Vs. Galaxy Note 5 Speed Test

    what are you implying? which will come out ahead?
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    iPhone 6S Plus Vs. Galaxy Note 5 Speed Test

    8 cores is like AMD bulldozer. slow as shit for daily tasks that can't full utilize all the cores.
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    iPhone 6S Plus Vs. Galaxy Note 5 Speed Test

    agree. But it's an idiot test that will get people to buy the iphone. I just saw an article that apple sold 13 million iphone 6s's the first weekend. Samsung wishes they sold that many
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    iPhone 6S Plus Vs. Galaxy Note 5 Speed Test

    you're a special case. WTF are you doing with 50 tabs open anyway? 50 different hardforum threads waiting to be read?