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    Check out this guy's photo

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    What does +/-RW mean on a dvd drive?

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    Anyone importing a PSP from Japan?

    I know japanese so I have been planning to get an import for almost a year now. I am really looking foward to it!
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    Post your Steam friends handle!!

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    *spoliers* hl2 sadness

    The game has changed since early 2003, the part with the blinds flipping up after being shot at is still there but the level just changed. I watched the e3 videos so much that I got weird deja vu several times in the game when I saw the reworked areas. I must say though, the AI and the storyline...
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    Can't connect to it my fault?

    Turns out it was a problem on there end, i finally am unlocking my game files. Slowly. Very slowly
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    Can't connect to it my fault?

    I get the message that I "Could not connect to the steam network". I am wondering if it is a problem with my connection, even though I can access the net, do I have to unblock some port or do something like that? I don't know anything about "ports." The steam website is crawling but the server...
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    Steam Problem....

    It says in the box how to do it without logging into steam. You have to select "remember my password" and then an offline mode will be available. I took that from the little orange insert in the box.
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    I love watching the half life 2 bink videos

    I just watch these things over and over. I love the music of the Coast video, and I love the ravenholm and trainstation vids. And anything with striders in it is a must see. It's so pathetic that I am salivating over just videos...I can't wait until the game comes out! Does anybody know...
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    Nintendo DS: Price Announced! Final Specs, Launch Date, New Images

    I am looking forward to the PSP. I think the dual screens of the DS are not going to be very useful, and the wireless chat capability looks a little lame. Up to 100ft? Why would I be text messaging someone 100ft away? It was mentioned "do it in class" but that's not very viable either, easier...
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    BSOD errors

    Hey, I've got a problem I haven't had to deal with before. My computer keeps giving me stop errors (on a blue screen, of BSOD fame) saying that the files win32k.sys and ntoskrnl.exe are doing something (bad, presumably). It says at the top, "KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED". What does all this...
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    PC building: Is this potential system ok?

    I am helping my younger brother build a pc, and I want to make sure I don't have any incompatibilities before I order everything... Asus A7V600 VIA KT600 AGP DDR AMD Athlon Xp 3200 512mb DDR PC2700 Seagate 120GB 7200RPM 8mb buffer hard drive some cd/dvd drive Radeon X800 Pro 256mb...
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    What does +/-RW mean on a dvd drive?

    Thanks. And the way I got here without knowing this is twofold: I posted 90% of my messages about 3-4 years ago, then dropped out of the PC world for a while. Also, I usually post in the games, displays, and photography/art sections.
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    What does +/-RW mean on a dvd drive?

    I found a samsung drive that looks pretty good but it says DVD+/-RW. I don't know what that means, + or -?? Can someone explain this to me?
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    Is this a good monitor?

    Specifications: Panel Type: a-si TFT/PVA LCD Native Resolution: SXGA 1280x1024 Pixel Pitch: 0.294 mm Brightness: 260cd/m2 Contrast Ratio: 1000 : 1 Response Time: 25 ms View Angle: 170 / 170 (Horizontal / Vertical) Input Connectors: 15pin D-Sub, DVI-D Dimensions & Weight: 16.4" x 16.7"...
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    How to choose motherboard?

    Hello, I am trying to help my bro build a new comp, and I was wondering how I should decide on a motherboard? I figure picking out everything else is simple enough, but how do I guarantee compatibility with the cpu and mobo? Thanks
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    I played it for the first month it was out, but then gave it up. I might have gotten back into it, but I don:t have any time for it.
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    PSP release date

    I am in japan right now, and will be until mid august, and I really want to pre order a japanese psp. Unfortunately, unlike the american retailers, these places wont let me pre order it until sony makes a release date (i wish they were like EB, who will let people lay down cash for games that...
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    Check out this guy's photo scroll down to see Dr. Micheal Hollick's highly photoshop worthy portrait.
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    What's some good games to take on a laptop for a trip?

    Angband, a "rouge-like" game. Or try, the "troubles of middle earth"
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    I wish Settlers III had better AI

    I've been playing this game a ton recently, but I just wish the comps (the only things I play against) had more diverse AI. When I play against 16 of them, they all use the same tactics all the time. The game is limited enough that it can be expected they'd only use a very few tactics, but, it...
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    City of Heroes - Best MMO EVar!!!!1!

    Instead of adding something in an expansion that is so important, it should be there to begin with. Too bad the internet has made it so people can buy just part of a game and then buy the other parts later, whether they are bug patches or actual important features of the game!
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    96KB game that will make your computer beg for mercy

    That boggles my ignorant mind, that the compression is so high.
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    Dos games under win 2000?

    I have been using the DosBox emulator but that is way too slow, even though I am just playing x-com apocalypse, from 1994 for goodness sake. Is there anyway to actually play a dos game, at a decent speed, under win 2000?
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    Anyway to play a dos game on win2000?

    I have been using the DosBox emulator but that is way too slow. Is there anyway to actually play a dos game, at a decent speed, under win 2000?
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    XCOM Apocalypse

    Dosbox worked, although it was tought to use it to load the right folder. Thanks
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    How do I boot win2000 in Dos mode?

    I'm trying to play an old game (xcom apocalypse) that has trouble with windows, and I was wondering if I there is a key I can hold down during startup of win2000 that will make it boot into dos, so the game can work, since I can't find a compatibility mode. Thanks
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    XCOM Apocalypse

    I can't choose a compatibility mode from right clicking the .exe. Also, in the setup program (which runs ok) it doesn't recognize my soundcard and some of my other hardware because the game was made before my stuff, and it only has a short list of compatible things. I choose "no sound" and...
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    XCOM Apocalypse

    That sounds familiar. Where would I find it?
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    New Sims2 Screenshots

    I once saw a screenshot of a kid growing some seedlings in what looked like a dorm room. I still think that must be a hoax. College? That seems like a bit much.
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    XCOM Apocalypse

    How can I get this thing to run under windows 2000? It tells me something like I have 2 megs of ram (i have 128) and doesn't seem to be able to handle the "incredible" (compared to its release date) system specs of my comp. Any suggestions? I really want to retrogame this thing, I've had a...
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    Deus Ex:IW Worth Buying?

    I didn't even beat the game, I got to ellis island and just stopped playing. Buy system shock 2 instead (or get it free of the net, I believe it's abandonware). System shock 2 = doubleplusgood.
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    Farcry on DVD only

    This'll be interesting, I wonder what it'll do in a movie player. (sorry if someone else said this)
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    How about the sexiest game ever??

    Ya leisure suit larry 7 is probably #1. If you haven't played it you can just download it, it's pretty great, be sure to get a walkthrough from
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    That's pretty good that you were at the dam after 30 min. It takes me FOR FREAKIN EVER to do ANYTHING because walking around is so &%# slow. Ugh. She takes stairs like I tackle my math homework...slow and hesitantly, with long long pauses before starting. Anyway, after playing it for maybe...
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    So how low can game magazines go these days?

    I stopped reading EGM a few years ago, when it really really started to get consistently vulgar and disgusting (references to genitals are absolute taboo). For time reference, it was about 2-4 months after "shoe" became the editor, I remember feeling a lot of blame toward him because in his...