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    Is a 2500k @ 4.2ghz enough for GTX 680 SLI?

    ya my 2500k @ 4.8ghz is still crushing everything i throw at it, i also run SLI but i have 570's i might upgrade the video card if the next series is impressive but i plan to stay with my 2500k for another 18 months, just no point in replacing it
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    Are all games going to become p2w?

    i have been playing video games of all kinds for over 25 years, i REFUSE to even consider playing any F2P game after my experience in lotro, it IS the BANE of any good game PERIOD over time you will all learn. if it means i no longer play games because they are all F2P then so be it i hope all...
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    Need opinions about 17.3" laptop resolutions

    well given that its a 17 inch screen and not 22+ id go with 1600x900 not only will you get better frames you stand of chance of being able to read the text, etc
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    Upgrade from i7 920 Bloomfield

    save your money for the next 2 years, there will be nothing that will limit you cpu wise for that long, then be prepared to buy the best pc that you can when the new consoles are released. that will be about the next time we will see any noticable improvements in video games anyway
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    [H]ot Newegg Plextor M3 128GB/256GB $99.99/$199.99 shipped AR

    lol my pos corsair force 3 finnally bit the dust lastnight, glad to see such a good deal on a real quality product, i bit for one
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    QUALITY... everything corsair makes is top of the line, well thought out, developed, and tested to ensure maximum satisfaction. i never have to feel like i might be wasting my money by purchasing corsair products.
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    GTX 570 overclocking: Am I going to see a FPS difference?

    got my 570 to 905/1810/2226 i did notice an increase in performance, i use msi and have the voltage at 1075mv without issue for many months now
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    Max 24/7 vcore for sandy bridge?

    ya been running mine for months now @1.42 doing just fine
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    Cougar PSU

    given same wattage go with corsiar but my 850w cougar is solid and silent, nice deal too i got it for 135 shipped
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    Virtual memory setting in Win 7 with large amount of RAM

    basically with 16gb of memory you could turn off pagefile but it wont net you any performance gain. im in same boat and i just decided to set my pagefile to 600mb and be done with it
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    Help cooling GPU's. Loads at >100C.

    zalman used to make a fan bracket that screwes into the pci card screw holders, u can then mount up to a 120mm fan over your GFX, i did this with my old 260 sli set up where my bottom card would get up to 95C after adding in a 120mm 80cfm fan over them load was 87c on the hottest card, still hot...
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    Sub-$400 Sandy Bridge Notebooks Hit the Market

    i picked up a hp 4530s 1333 memory 7200rpm drive i32300 all for $449 shipped to my door and i must say this laptop has got some legs
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    GTX 570 and battlefield 3 question.

    yes, however i think only if you overclock that cpu of yours, it should do 4ghz easy and u should be fine with a 4ghz quad and a 570
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    Corsair Force Series 3 CSSD-F120GB3-BK 120GB SATA III SSD $159 @ Newegg

    woot in for one of these, pretty sweet too didnt have to pay 235 or go through the hassle of waiting for updated firmware 180 bucks for a Sata 3 SSD with specs like this is pretty unbeatable right now
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    MSI 570 - Should I be weary to purchase?

    idk i looked this issue up before making my purchase of a reference msi 570 seemed like the people who were having issues was due to them pumping too much voltage into the card.... my impression from reviewing this issue was basically dont go past 1050 mv and your good to go so i bought one...
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    4.5Ghz Q9650 vs i7 2600k

    your a tad better off than me but we are about the same for overall system performance i would assume. and my q9550@4.0ghz isnt really challenged by anything i currently play bfbc2,mafia 2 and lotro. i run sli and my cpu is slower than yours so im sure i see more cpu bottleneck than you right...
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    Ivy Bridge Release Accelerated?

    i find it funny how people get so pissed defending their purchases
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    GTX260 SLI worth it?

    unless you plan to get a bigger monitor i would just wait, the 400 and 500 series are really kind of underwhelming and so are ati's offerings. 28nm gpu might actually be enough of a leap ahead from 260 to spend 300 bucks on. now if you do plan on getting a newer monitor another used 260 is a...
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    GTX260 SLI to single 6950 or 6970: should I?

    my 260 sli set up delivers much improved gameplay over a single 260. i never notice "unsmooth" game play in BFBC2 mafia 2 or Lotro. what gave me the upgrade itch was wanting higher levels of AA and DX11 300 bucks is worth more or less depending on who you ask, to me not worth the money just yet
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    GTX260 SLI to single 6950 or 6970: should I?

    i was considering this upgrade from my 260 216sp SLI set up but its really just a side grade, and at 300 bucks an expensive one, ill hang on to my current set up for another year and be just fine in all the games i play anyway. then ill build a 6-8 core SB with a 28nm GPU in about a year, THAT...
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    SLI 260s to 6950 2gb a worthy upgrade?

    i have two 216sp 260s in sli right now and performance is acceptable however i cannot get the AA i want in games like BFBC2 or lotro online during pvp. the limiting factor seems to be Vram. so would i notice a worth while performace boost to warrent the 280 bucks? or should i just continue to...
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    Advice for cooling SLI 280's in close quarters

    zalman used to make a bracket that screwed into the same place your video card does and allows you to position a fan over the cards or your NB or whatever, i use it to place a 120mm 85cfm can over my 260s' in sli, dropped load temps by 9c! hope that helps
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    HBO Would Want Netflix to Charge $20 a Month

    all in all alot of greedy companies are starting to feel the pinch of netflix, cable companies have raised internet prices just to offset the losses in TV subs, lol i mean really is cable TV worth 80 bucks a month?? hell no barely even worth half that
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    HBO Would Want Netflix to Charge $20 a Month

    THIS kind of greed from HBO is reason enough for me not to give them one red cent of my money.....they can shove their exclusive content up their greedy asses
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    last 775 upgrade - wait or buy what now?

    grabed a q9550 on ebay for 190 a few months ago and Overclocked it to 4ghz :) any quad at 4ghz is doing pretty well in most cases and should for the next year
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    GTX 470 vs. 6870

    STILL sitting on 2 260s in sli and most cards that come out are either way to expensive or underwhelming performance wise
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    Who else thinks DLC is just an evil money grab lacking content?

    game companies are moving from small and independant to corporation style with all the greedy practices that follow
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    LGA 775 mobo + Q9650 + GTX 460 SLI benchmarks

    nice my rig hits about 21500 and i have a q9550 and 260 sli, hoping to sli a pair of nvidia fermi refresh cards this spring :D
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    Socket 775 with Gtx 460 SLI??

    idk i paid 60 bucks for my MB used and another 75 for a used 260, then i overclocked my quad to 4ghz on said 775 board and i am not wanting for performance one little bit, later next year ill be going with 2 dx11 cards in sli and there will be no cpu bottleneck after i sold my old MB this...
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    Socket 775 with Gtx 460 SLI??

    once i realized how long the wait would be for 6-8 core intel processors i got a used 780i and a used 260 to sli, now im hunkered down for the wait
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    Best upgrade from HD 4870??

    id also hold out for whatever comes after the 6000 series
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    The $60 truth - game prices on a decline

    what i dont like is paying for DL content that was withheld from the game to make extra $ or this f2p crap trend where mmos try to get more money from subscribers, i think the game companies are gettign even more greedy not less
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    H70 vs. H50

    from what i have seen most sites steer clear of comparing a stock h70 vs a h50 with an extra fan in push pull..... why? corsair wants to sell some h70s and sites want to keep doing reviews of corsairs products..... is the h70 better than the h50 YES! is the small difference worth 80-100 dollars...
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    Star Wars: TOR... Lowering My Expectations Yet Again...

    ill never play a MMO where you can complete the whole game while never grouping MMO stand for Massive MULTIPLAYER
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    LOTRO f2p starts on Sept 8th and 10th

    very good description of f2p with this game, its just a gimped demo
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    LOTRO f2p starts on Sept 8th and 10th

    however they have been and will remain the biggest seller at the store so expect more character improving tomes in the next updates, furthering lotro down a shaky path
  37. R Deals 9/22

    agreed the egg has just plain sucked over the last few quarters
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    H50 Still Worth It?

    ya when u compare the h70 and the h50 BOTH using 2 fans the results are 3-6c difference, not worth the $110+ to me
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    Which software to download for stability testing?

    i personally do not consider my pc stable untill it has done 3+ hours OCCT ,60 passes of IBT @ max, passes at least 500% of memtest and finally 9 plus hours of prime 95 just to be sure. all these tests strain my rig in different ways i have had everything pass and get to the final prime 95...
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    Asus 1GB GTX 460 $175

    i got really excited about this until i realized in 2 months it will regularly sell for this price or less anyway lol